six years of jumping

Yesterday our Lucy turned SIX.
I know the past two weeks have gone by quickly….but the past six years? Wow.
She went from being a newborn-Clara-look-alike (or vice versa?) to reading, writing, and jumping rope at school. She’s super patient with her brother. She wholeheartedly loves life. And she is a complete ball of energy–rarely stops moving.
With a new baby in the house we took the easy route this year and just had a small family party. I told her that next year we’d do a friends party again. We took cupcakes to school (using the lowfat cake-mix trick) and spent an evening at Chuck E. Cheese. How lame is that?
She loved it.

And we pulled out the “Being Lucy” DVD that Casey made a couple years, capturing the first few years of her life. Lucy and Owen love watching that thing and it’s so much better to have snippets of home videos put together than scrolling through hours and hours of footage.
So in honor of our big Lucy girl, here’s a 1 minute video for you (hopefully the music doesn’t get shut down).
Jumping Lucy:

  1. 1) Rosalyn

    OMGoodness… I love that video! Happiest of Birthdays to your first born!

  2. That video is just too funny! It’s amazing how fast the years go by. As a long-time reader, I think it’s really neat to see the kids grow up in your photos. Happy birthday to Lucy. πŸ™‚

  3. 3) Laurin

    Oh. My. Goodness. Cutest thing ever!!! Love the video and love the cute little girl jumping around!

  4. LOL! We have a jumping bean at our house also. Happy Birthday Lucy!

  5. 5) Amanda D

    Haha!!! I was laughing that entire time! So cute! Does she still using jumping as her first choice or excitement? πŸ™‚

  6. 6) Karin

    Awesome video! Happy 6th birthday, Lucy!

  7. 7) Amber

    That is so sweet….and AWESOME!

  8. 8) Laura J.

    What a wonderful video! It will be something she can look back on all her life! I have got to put together something like that for my little one.

  9. 10) Heather

    So cute! AND I spotted a jumping little Jeremy too! ; )

  10. 11) Louise

    that was soooo adorable…what a great idea..happy birthday to Lucy
    and keep on jumping for joy!

  11. 12) Angela

    My 3 year old took a break from his movie to jump along, awesome video. Happy Birthday to a cute girl.

  12. 13) Julie Phillips

    That video is super sweet! Made me smile on a grumpy Thursday. Best wishes to the birthday girl.

  13. 14) Mara

    Hello Dana! Congrats!! Clara is adorable, the three of them are so lovely!!!
    We laugh a lot with Lucy jumping and jumping!!!
    You are such a lucky girl, you know that, isnΒ΄t it?
    I hope you understand my argentinian english!
    And I did not forget the milanesas and other recipes, but I have a lot of work with my little mister, who is in that age when everything happens (walk, teeth, etc etc) and the older girl, who is turning five at the same time her little brother is turning one, so I have a big double colorfull party to organize!!!
    Love you!!!
    (and excuse the english again!!!)
    Mara from Argentina

  14. Happy Birthday Lucy. I hate chuck e cheese but my kids LOVE it too. I’m sure she felt very well celebrated.

  15. Dana. That was the most adorable, cutest, precious video. So fun and cheery. The music was perfect. I particularly loved the stop to go over the train tracks. πŸ™‚

  16. Oh man. This is the best thing I’ve seen all day. I may or may not have gigged so hard I started crying. That birthday girl of yours is awesome.

  17. Oh and that video of Lucy is awesome! What a cute little jumping bean. πŸ˜‰

  18. *Giggled. Yeesh. Apparently I can’t see what I’m typing on account of the TEARS OF MIRTH running down my face.

  19. That video is adorable! Great mid-day diversion in the midst of work deadlines. Happy birthday, Lucy!

  20. 21) Andrea

    That video is awesome!! What a jummper! We do those videos too through One True Media and the girls watch them over and over and over.. they take some time bu t SO worth it. How cool would it be to have video like that to see when you are older πŸ™‚

  21. That’s awesome!! Happy Birthday, Lucy. Btw, I think my wiener dog approves of the music. He — who “sings enthusiastically” (read: sounds like he’s being tortured) with our piano — hummed along as I watched this. πŸ™‚

  22. 23) Alyssa

    Love the video! You have encouraged me to put together something for my girls.

  23. holy jumper! that is so so adorable and her little pigtails are to die for!

  24. she reminds me of my niece, always moving, bouncing, skipping…love that video!!

  25. Oh, my gosh, she’s Tigger! Adorable.

  26. Happy 6th birthday, Lucy! That video was too cute! What frosting recipe did you use for those delicious-looking cupcakes? Thanks in advance.

  27. 30) Melissa John

    Awesome Video!! Happy Birthday Lucy:)

  28. that is so adorable, thanks for sharing!!! Happy Birthday Lucy!!

  29. What a cute cute video!! Thanks for sharing and happy birthday Lucy!

  30. 33) Ivonne

    Lol! Cute video!

  31. AHHHH wow she loves to jump!! awesome veido to have for her and your family!!

  32. That video could not be cuter! Hope she had a great birthday πŸ™‚

  33. Happy birthday Lucy! Love the video; rope skipping would be the ideal hobby for her πŸ˜‰

  34. 38) dawnk

    soo stinkin’ cute! love it!! happy b-day lucy!!

  35. 40) candice

    i dont think i’ve ever commented on your site before… ive read it for a few years…but that video was sooooooooooooooo funny. i giggled throughout the entire thing. thanks for sharing and happy birthday to lucy!

  36. Oh my, that video is the CUTEST. Happy Birthday, Lucy!

  37. Ha! That’s AWESOME! I can’t believe you have that much footage of her jumping. That is hilarious. She is such a cute little girl. Happy B-day Lucy!

  38. I LOVE that video. She is just the cutest!
    What software did you use to make it?

  39. Go Lucy Go!!! And keep on jumping!!!
    Happy Birthday! πŸ˜‰

  40. Not lame, perfect πŸ™‚ What kid doesn’t love Chuck E. Cheese…now only if they could make their food taste good!

  41. 49) Jen

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! LOL at “Hang on a sec”. Cute video!

  42. So adorable! Happy birthday, Lucy!

  43. 51) Rocio Estrada

    Happy Birthday Lucy! I feel like I got a workout from watching the video!!!! She’s too cute!!!!

  44. 52) Tonya

    That is so freakin cute!!!! Great video!

  45. 53) Sara

    That video is hilarious. Kenna keeps asking to watch it over and over again. Happy birthday Lucy!! We love you! Can’t believe you are six already! Holy cow!!

  46. Aww, Lucy-goose. Love it! Elliot and Clementine watched it with me and thought it was great!!!

  47. 56) Lisa

    lol! that video is so cute! Happy Birthday to your big girl!

  48. 57) Maria

    Yes, she is pretty jumpy girl! Happy birthday, Lucy!

  49. 58) Celine

    That was AWESOME!!!! and good call on Criss-Cross! : ) Happy birthday to Lucy!

  50. That video was amazingly fun. My 2 year old son just watched it with me and I can tell we are going to have to watch it again…and again. Good thing it’s adorable. Happy Birthday Lucy!

  51. 62) tukimu

    i love ‘ jumping lucy’ video!!!!!
    little girl is growing up.
    happy birthday lucy Δ± love u so much you are very cute girl!

  52. Happy birthday, Lucy! What a sweet video… love that idea! I desperately want a video camera for our seven month old.

  53. That video is so damn cute! I laughed so hard when the music played!! I had to get my husband to come look. Well done mummy + daddy!

  54. 65) Julia Ruddell

    I love the video! she was a little jumping bean…congratulations on Clara, she’s beautiful!

  55. 66) Sue

    Happy Birthday Lucy!!! I love your cupcake shirt.

  56. 67) Connie

    BRAHAHAHAHA!!! What a great little video!! Loved it…..what a treasure for Lucy to have and watch as she grows. Thanks for posting it.

  57. 68) forever you

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM:) ALSO because when you have first baby its special to witness all of those moments πŸ™‚ and then remember them for as long as you live!!!!

  58. I can’t believe it. My twins turned 6 yesterday too :^)

    They don’t jump as Lucy (hilarious and oh so sweet video) but time has flown for me too. They were so tiny six years ago, and now they are… well they are determined and witty and so clever.

    Wow, it’s just so funny to think we were both giving birth at the same time in such distant corners of the world.

    The best of lives to your beautiful Lucy!

  59. Happy, happy birthday to Lucy who always makes me smile with her fun poses and faces in pics! God bless you, Lucy!!!

  60. 71) Mandy

    Love it! Happy Birthday Lucy!

  61. Happy birthday Lucy! That video is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time. πŸ™‚ (and those pigtails!).

  62. 73) Brenda

    Happy Birthday Lucy! Thanks for posting that adorable video. My 4 year old wanted to watch it again and again.

  63. 75) Randi

    Happy birthday Lucy!
    I find it very interesting that my eldest daughter will also be 6 this week, tomorrow, in fact, Feb 24th. not only that, but I gave birth to our third child on Feb 7th… πŸ˜€ Pretty cool!
    Love little Clara btw!

  64. 77) hotdish

    BWAHAHAHAHA!!! That was a freakin’ AWESOME video!! I love it!! That is going on my list of Things That Make Me Smile. ….geez, could your hubby come organise our videos like that??

  65. 78) Robyn

    That video is hilarious! Your little (big) girl is definitely a ball of energy and I loved watching her boogie. Happy Birthday to Lucy!

  66. 79) Janelle

    wonderful! She’s so sweet – and, with 5 kids and DAYS of footage of them all, I could really use your hub’s eye to help me pare down the vids to help express who they really are – great job!

  67. That video is SO adorable! You’ve inspired me to take a lot of videos like that when I have kids and make them into DVDs. πŸ™‚

  68. Thank you for posting that! Oh my goodness, I can’t stop smiling.
    Happy birthday to your big girl.
    It goes quick…especially when you jump that much. LOL

  69. 82) Laura * Suman

    cute, cute, cute! we love that little jumping bean! happy birthday, lucy!

  70. 84) Nica Evs

    Total Cuteness! How does it get better than that? So amazing she could jump at such a little age-she would have totally fit in here in Australia! Lol. Happy B-Day!

  71. What a darling video! I smiled the whole way through. That girl has jumping beans in her bones! Loved it, thanks for sharing!

  72. 86) Becky

    Cracks me up!!!

  73. 87) Sarah K.

    Awesome video! We need to take our camera out WAY more! Happy birthday to Lucy, and to you too, Dana! Birthdays mean so many more memories to celebrate as a mom. πŸ™‚

  74. 88) Lauren

    OMG I literally just bought that shirt for my daughter yesterday! I love target. And your adorable kids! Happy birthday Lucy!

  75. 89) ira lee

    oh my goodness!!! that was great! even though now that will be stuck in my head all day! loved the ‘hold up’ part on the tracks!!!

  76. 91) Marichucky

    She’s so cute and has oh so much energy! I’ve cried watching this video, i’ve laughed a lot!

  77. That mini-movie is the cutest/funniest thing I have seen in a long time – thanks for sharing Dana!

  78. I love that our kids are the same ages! Hooray for 6 year olds. Happy Birthday, Lucy. I hope you get to jump lots and lots.

  79. 94) Lucy

    Happy birthday Lucy! What a great video, it totally cheered up my day!
    Keep jumping!

  80. That video is so cute! I loved it. I am going to resolve to get my video camera out more often.

  81. Holy cow that was THE best video. haha!
    Happy 6th Birthday, Lucy.

  82. 97) Christina

    First time commenter but I must say that video is AwEsOmE! Too Cute!! LOL! πŸ™‚

  83. 98) KP

    That video was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen hahaha it made me want to get up and start jumping! So cute

  84. Happy birthday to Lucy! One of these days we have got to get our Miss M and Lucy together–they’re only 4 months apart in age, and cut from the same cloth. So glad you guys had a nice, quiet party at home–those relaxed family parties are really great some years!

  85. loved it! I so remember having House of Pain’s tape back in the day lol!!

  86. 101) Elise

    Oh man that video was hysterical–especially the slo mo at the end. She is so cute! Happy 6th birthday to Lucy!

  87. 102) becky

    happy birthday sweet lucy…you are the bestest big sis to have…God bless you

  88. 103) Patti

    ok that video is the most hysterical video I have ever seen!! Way To funny!!!! I am going to show my kids when they get home from school cuz they will LOVE it! They love babies and my goodness she was a funny baby. I love this memory that you have of her as she looks like a ball of fun!
    Enjoy your new little bundle of jumping joy over there!! Shes precious!
    patti from Indiana
    p.s. i have never commented before but I like check you every day! Wish I knew your creative self in real life but since I live over in Indiana, your blog will have to do! Thanks for all your tutorials as my girls wear your skirts and for all your crafty ideas!!

  89. 104) Gabi Cooper

    That video of her is so funny! It seems like that is all she does!
    Now every time I see her on your blog I will picture her jumping.
    Anyway, Congrats on both her completion of the 6th year of life and your new baby’s 2 weeks! Love seeing your posts and everything.

  90. 105) Destiny

    Loved your video! πŸ˜€ Turned my horrible day around!! Can’t wait till I have kids to make memories with.

  91. 106) sabrina

    Congratulations, mama! How nice to experience “experienced” motherhood & new motherhood all at the same time! πŸ™‚ Enjoy!

  92. omg. omg. omg. that is the cutest video ever! best!


    & that song is contagious. thanks a lot. now i’m going to be singing it all day today & plan on driving my husband crazy!

    happy bday to your little lucy. she’s a doll. can she come over?

  94. 110) Sally S.

    Thanks for a great laugh out loud moment! What a great video πŸ™‚ Happy Birthday Lucy!

  95. 111) Melanie

    That was just so awesome! My daughter just turned six on February 20 and like Lucy she just can not stop moving so I thoroughly enjoyed that! And I love your blog too!

  96. 112) Sarah

    That is such a sweet video! What a great way to capture her personality! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  97. Happy Birthday, Lucy!! And that video is so cute!!!! It’s true, she’s always moving around. Maybe that’s why Lyndon likes her so much!

  98. 115) Jean


  99. 116) Leisha

    Sooo Cute!

  100. so cute! Can’t believe they are 6 now — wow. Didn’t we just have babies?! Your pics are making me want a cupcake right now. Happy birthday Lucy!

  101. Happy birthday, little lady!

    Isn’t it crazy how fast time goes?! My oldest turned 6 on the 20th! Wish there was a way to slow down time.

  102. 120) Nickie

    Her and I share a birthday! No wonder she’s a one-of-a-kind. πŸ™‚

  103. 122) Beth D.

    Thank you so much for that video! It made my day : ) That was totally me a a child.

  104. 123) Marion

    Too cute and funny!!! Happy belated Birthday Lucie :))

  105. πŸ˜€ Great compilation!

    Lucy, I wish you all the best! Take good care of your brother and sister and… continue jumping! πŸ™‚

  106. 125) Amie

    Oh my goodness, that’s hilarious! I just love it!!! I wish I could get around to making somethign brilliant with our snippetts of video. No, scratch that . . . I wish my HUBBY would! πŸ™‚

  107. 126) Tara

    Very sweet- Watched over and over. Great clips and awesome song. She is so happy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  108. 127) Jennifer

    That is just precious! Thank you for sharing. A very happy birthday to your beautiful girl.

  109. 128) gaby

    Happy Birthday Lucy!!!, and congrats for Dana you have a Beautiful family!!!

  110. 129) Karly

    My little girl Aevarie was born on your Lucy’s first birthday! I LOVE your blog and your kids are adorable!!

  111. 130) Ioana

    Happy mom, best regards from Romania, where another little 6 years monkey (her birthday is on February, 7) shows a gorgeous smile to your adorable Lucy. Congratulations for your interesting blog, absolutely I have much to learn from you !

  112. 131) kate

    This has to be the absolute cutest video ever!

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