Doll Blanket

With Christmas approaching, I’m sure some of you have procrastinated the gift-making (like me). So how about a few simple handmade gift ideas (that won’t have you sewing till 2am every night)? Over the next two weeks, I’ll share a few ideas from my sewing room. Because really, what is better than a handmade gift? They truly are great! Even that hard-to-shop-for or “she has everything” kind of person appreciates a piece of art that came from your hands.
Okay, we’ll start super easy….Pillowcase to doll blanket.
You know I’m not a quilter but this is something I can easily do!
I started with this vintage pillowcase, which was so extremely soft and worn that it had to be purchased.
Next, cut quilt batting the same size as the pillowcase (a 1/4 inch shorter on all sides works best)
Stuff the batting inside and smooth it out.
Pin the top of the pillowcase closed. I also pinned random spots all over the pillowcase to hold it together. Then sew the top of the case closed and continue sewing all the way around the pillowcase to make a border (I actually did this a few times to make a thicker border of sewn lines).
Use the print of the pillowcase to determine what sort of “quilting” you’d like on top. If you have shapes, you might outline some of the shapes. If the print is simple, maybe use diagonal lines to create a diamond pattern. I used the floral pattern of this pillowcase to create wavy vertical lines. I just followed the pattern of the print to sew wavy lines and drew a few of my own lines with a fabric marker (then sewed on top).
And in 30 minutes, you have a doll blanket!
Perfect for a sleeping babe,
or hanging out in the high chair.
This little blanket is going to Grandma’s playroom, along with the thrifted high-chair above. I’m sure yours will find a happy home too!

  1. 1) Sheila

    What a cute idea and so easy! I will be making several for my granddaughter and my sister’s granddaughters. Thanks

  2. 3) O

    thank you soo much for tis very helpful website i love it!

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