Sewing Month Celebrations

Back in 1982 President Ronald Regan declared the month of September, National Sewing Month. I always knew I liked the man; now I love him. Of course, if you’re a frequent sewer your life probably feels like national sewing month. But there’s no reason we can’t celebrate!

* If you’ve never sewn in your life but have always wanted to…sign-up for a sewing class at your nearby college or hound down a patient sewing friend and ask her to show you the ropes.
* If you’re new to sewing, pick out a fresh project and set a goal to finish it by the end of September.
* If there’s a pile of half-finished projects you continue to ignore as you cut into a fresh yard of colorful cotton (insert “Dana” here)….tackle one of them! Finish it off and share your creation with others.
* If you’ve been sewing for years, keep going!
* If you don’t have a blog to share your ideas, consider starting one. You’ll be amazed at how blogging can motivate your sewing.

And if you need a little more sewing motivation, here are some celebrations you can be a part of…

* National Sewing is holding daily giveaways, tutorials, and other ideas.

* No Big Dill is celebrating for the entire month of September with clever clothing ideas, tutorials, simple sewing info, fun stories, and giveaways. Um…does this photo say enough?
How about this? I never tire of Katy’s photography (both images from No Big Dill)
* Elsie Marley is at it again with KCWC (sounds like an npr station)….but it’s the Kids Clothes Week Challenge!
Back in the spring, Meg held a week-long challenge where anyone who wanted to join-in spent the week sewing and finishing kids clothing projects. Meg shared links to tons of tutorials and patterns, showed her own creations throughout the week, and created a flickr group for participants to post their projects.
Ready to take the challenge? It’s all happening again the week of Sept 20-26. Grab a button from her site; join the fun.

* Whipstitch is holding their second annual Sew-A-Thon! If you live anywhere near Atlanta, sign-up and plan to stay up ALL NIGHT sewing your heart out.
Seriously, I wish I was closer than a 14 hour drive or I would be clanking away with the rest of you. Be ready for a series of challenges, lightening rounds, and plenty ‘o sewing. Totally fun.

and finally… on MADE we’ll be celebrating a bit too! It won’t be entirely focused on sewing and it won’t be as involved as our other Celebrations, but a mini-celebration is in order. More info coming later in the week! (oh wait, it’s Thursday already…..maybe over the weekend).

Happy Sewing Month to all!

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