sewing: Lucy’s brown jumper

This week and next the Kindergarten classes are celebrating color. So each day the kids get to wear a different color of clothing (Monday was red day, Tuesday–blue, Wednesday–yellow, etc.) Of course Lucy loved this idea and couldn’t wait to tell me each afternoon what color she’d be wearing the next day. And I’m so silly for not taking a picture of her colorful outfits. She really looked cute decked out in her version (with my editing) of each color.

So today, Friday, the color was: brown.

Lucy doesn’t have a lot of brown in her wardrobe–aside from a simple t-shirt–which would work. But there’s something extra special about brown day…it’s also the Teddy Bear Parade and Tea Party! I’m not sure what it all involves but the kids get to bring their teddy bears to school and enjoy a party together. I figured that deserved an extra special outfit.

So yesterday after school I pulled out 3 brown fabrics, some buttons, bias tape and let Lucy choose which fabric she’d like for a little jumper dress. I secretly hoped she’s choose the gingham, and she did!

It’s the same fabric I used for Owen’s Kid Shorts.

I went for a basic A-line dress and found yet another excuse to use bias tape to finish off the armholes, neckline, and straps.

I debated over adding a lining–since I wanted the dress to be as cool and lightweight as possible. But the cotton fabric was clinging to her shirt and bunching up around her waist. So, I grabbed poly-satin from my stash (thank goodness I had brown) and cut/sewed the exact same dress for a lining.

I put the two together, pinned the heck out of them, and sewed it all up.


Brown jumper for brown teddy bear day.

Lucy was thrilled.

Which made me happy.

And what an easy dress! Maybe I should make a pattern for it?

I couldn’t help but accessorize her friend too.

I like to run ideas by Lucy while I’m sewing because even at 5 years old she often has great input. Today, however, she wasn’t sure about adding a white pocket to the front of the dress. Of course I always get the last say in the matter, so I try to spin it in a direction she’ll like. And when I told her the pocket was her little bear, she was totally on-board.

“Oh, it’s so cute mom! I love it!”

My favorite parts are the chunky buttons and silky lining. I’m so glad I added the lining. The dress hangs nicely and feels cool against her skinny legs.


She’s off to school!

Can’t wait to hear how the parade and party went.


In other “Back To School clothes” news….Project Run and Play just started up again. It’s an online sewing competition for kid’s clothing. And this season I get to be a guest judge. Head over for some cool creations and to vote for your favorite:

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