sewing for Senorita-ita

Not sure why I didn’t think of this last week….but how cute would it have been to make mini-fiesta skirts for all the girls’ dolls at Lucy’s party??
….be all matchy-matchy, senorita-y, ita-y.
I’m sure that’s the proper term.
And I’m sure I would have stayed up till 3am too many nights sewing.
But.  Cute!

The mini-version didn’t dawn on me till Lucy was invited to a birthday party for her friend and the theme was American Girl Dolls.  I noticed that her friend had worn her purple Fiesta Skirt (from Lucy’s party) to school a few times, with an orange and white striped tank top.  And her mom said she loves that little skirt.   So….duh.  Doll clothes for the birthday girl!

And then because I just couldn’t stop, I sewed a little outfit for Lucy’s doll too.

It wasn’t quite as involved as the wardrobe for Twinkles:

But I realized that I really love sewing doll clothes!  They come together so quickly and take so little fabric, it’s hard not to love.

So, first I started with the fiesta skirt.  Thankfully I had about 1/4 yard of fabric leftover from the original skirt.  I sewed a couple trims to the bottom, added 1/2 inch wide elastic and done!

For the tank, I couldn’t believe I had an orange and white stripey knit, similar to what her friend was wearing in real life.  Meant to be.  I sewed the shirt in three sections with a strip of velcro in the back.  And if it hadn’t been such a slinky rayon knit it might look a little nicer.  But you appreciate my wonky moments, right?

Then we definitely needed accessories.  I made a miniature version of the Wallflowers using napkins, and hot-glued a hair clip to the back.

We stuck an Easter Egg Maraca in her hands and she was set!  Senorita-ita.  Ole!

Then we wrapped it up in a little box, so it felt like the boxed clothing sets at the American Girl store. And her friend was all smiles when she opened it up and realized it matched her own skirt.  Yay!

For miss Lucy, or should I say….for her doll, Lexi (which was a gift from Grandma for her birthday ) I made another little tank and skirt.  I couldn’t resist the big bow.

I surprised Lucy with the shirt (sewing it while she was sleeping)

And I asked for her input on the skirt.  She looked at the fabric and said, “hmmm…..3 gray buttons in the front.”  Love her!  I was thinking the same thing.

Now Lexi’s ready for her own summer party.

And now I keep thinking….maybe I should sell doll clothing patterns?

Seriously, I have so much fun making this stuff and I know you guys do too.  Would anyone be interested in that?


  1. So cute! My little one is not into dolls yet, but perhaps I can sew her a few clothes for her bears. Love the skirt with buttons!

  2. 2) Brenda

    I would love some easy 18″ doll clothes patterns! We have looked at some books, but so many of them are complicated.

  3. I love sewing doll clothes. I’m in the middle of sewing and knitting baby doll clothes right now. Cute (and fairly straight forward) patterns aren’t that easy to come by, so I’d definitely be interested in patterns. I’ve sew lots of clothes for 18″ American Girl dolls but now am making clothes for a 15/16″ AG Bitty Baby.

  4. Yes! You should, good doll patterns are hard to come by.

  5. I’m in awe of your sewing talent! The skirts you made for the girls are adorable and now sweet doll clothes! It’s too much cuteness! I’m also a bit envious of the skirts… I want one in my size. 🙂

  6. 7) Liasa

    My daughter just got an American Girl Doll for her birthday and I can’t wait to start making clothes for her! Patterns from you would be awesome!!!!

  7. You are KILLING me with the cute. And I would buy a zillion doll clothes patterns–for American Girl, Barbie, you name it. After M got a Vintage Barbie Christmas this year, I meant to take photos of her wardrobe–some of her things are so amazing! Our girls would treasure tiny handmade outfits, like the ones my great-grandmother made for my mother that I played with as a girl. You’re making family history right now! 🙂

  8. 9) Lesley

    Handsewing Barbie clothes was how I learned to sew. I did it well past ‘playing with dolls’ age. I’d still be doing today if I hadn’t had two boys. So I’ve recently decided to start sewing 18″ doll clothes to sell at my craft show table to get my fix. They are a lot of patterns starting to be sold by the major pattern companies which is nice but there’s room for some variety.

    • 10) Jen

      Lesley, That’s how I learned to sew! My Mom still has a few of them too at her house. She kept a few Barbies and clothes for when my girls come over. It’s fun seeing my girls play with the dolls and the clothes I made for myself.

  9. 11) Jamie

    I think a lot of people would love doll clothes patterns.

  10. My baby is not into American Dolls yet, and I cannot find any patterns for her baby – the Corelle Calin doll. I think it’s a 12″, but there is nothing out there!

    So, yes! I’d be interested! 🙂

    • 13) Stephanie

      Yes I agree smaller dolls are hard to find cute things for. My girls play with my old doll (and another vintage one) that are 12″. An adjustable pattern would be awesome. Like you did for the IKEA bear. 🙂

  11. 14) Rachel

    Yes Yes Yes! I must admit I bought my daughter an AG doll for her birthday largely so that we could sew clothes for her together! I’d love reasonably priced downloadable patterns (I can’t justify $15 on a pattern for a doll). Even better if they match kid-sized patterns!

  12. 15) Cheyenne

    Yes we would love AG patterns!! Especially if they matched an outfit for my daughter! She is Lucy’s age and size so pattern-make away!! 🙂

  13. 16) netty

    yes please to the doll clothes patterns!

  14. Is it bad that I want my own American Girl doll to make clothing for? LOL! My Inner Child speaking there. 🙂 I hope my sister has another baby and it’s a girl. Because I really want to make some doll clothes. It’s a great way to use up scraps of material.

  15. Forgot to say that I love the outfits you made. The gift for Lucy’s friend is so cool because you made it to match her outfit.

  16. So darling! I spent my afternoon yesterday doing just this…the girls picked out fabric from the scrap bin and i sewed them per their instructions. We made my little pony skirts, too 🙂 I love the flower hair clip idea…we have a friend’s birthday coming up and this sweet outfit would be a perfect gift!

  17. 21) Paige W

    Were you and Lucy really thinking the same thing with the buttons?! Those outfits are completely inspiring.

  18. uuuuuuum….YES!

    I remember being a girl and reading out loud to my mom while she sewed clothes for my American Girl doll (one of the originals and discontinued now!). I can’t wait to start the tradition with my own little girl in a couple years.

  19. 23) lak

    Patterns for the “señorititas” would be amazing. Those tiny seams and hems make my head spin, so any help with that would be greatly appreciated. Double bonus if the patterns coordinated with the lovely ones you’ve created for our señoritas!

  20. 24) Erika

    I love this idea. The clothes are too cute. I would love a quick tutorial on how you did the Velcro; it’s the one thing I just can’t seem to manage. No matter what size Velcro I use, what needle, what type of thread, settings on my machine, etc. I just can’t get it where it looks good & not tangled. Thanks for the cute dolly inspirations.

  21. Yes! patterns! I have little boys myself, but a few months ago I went looking for American Girl clothing patterns for a gift for a friend’s 8 yo daughter. I was really surprised how little I found on the Internet… and what I did find was not very stylish. I would certainly buy patterns if you sold them, these little doll clothes make such sweet gifts (and so fun to sew!)

  22. 26) Jenny

    I would SO buy patterns for American girl dolls! My daughter got into them this year and I am already sewing up a storm. But I need more!! 🙂

  23. 28) Anne

    Yes! Definitely for the AG dolls and I second the request on the Carole calin dolls, so hard to find patterns for a little girls baby doll.

    • 29) Cary

      I agree with the calin dolls too, a 12 inch doll pattern would be great!

  24. 30) Aimee

    I love sewing for the dolls! I have used your tutorials in order to make my own pattern for my daughter to make her matching outfits. Your ideas for accessories are priceless! Love the flower and maraca! I would never think of that, you are so creative! Thanks for the inspiration!

  25. 31) Nicole

    Yes to a pattern! I keep seeing your darling tops and dresses for dolls and want to make some. My daughter will get her first full size American Girl doll for Christmas (she has bitty babies) and I’d love to give her a cute little wardrobe too!

  26. Those clothes are adorable! I would love to have more patterns for our brood of Bitty Babies and AG dolls (including my 25-year-old Kirsten doll).

  27. Patterns yes, or tutorials; we have the 23″ My Twinn dolls. We have other dolls sizes, too, but no 18″ (we just can’t seem to do things like everyone else ;-)). So a how-to on drafting patterns for dolls would be cool. Or pre-made patterns for a variety of sizes. Just made some leggings last week from your tute. 🙂

  28. 34) Christina Poynter

    My little two-year-old loves taking her dolls’ clothes off….and then bringing them to me to put them on again! On again, off again. I’ve definitely considered coming up with an easier system that she can handle. Now you make it look like so much fun to sew for them, I want to go do it right now!

  29. 35) iHeartQuilting

    Very cute! I’ve made clothes for our American Girl Doll, usually using purchased pattterns from McCalls, etc. I pick them up when they go for a dollar at the local Joann’s. I love them because they are really fast to whip up. Lucy’s doll has much better hair than ours, lol. My K’s doll was originally one of my older girls, and is about 25 years old now, and you can tell from the hair it has been much-loved. I would definitely check out doll clothes patterns if you offered them.

  30. Superbe!! et oui, c’est une bonne idée de proposer des patrons pour poupées!!

  31. 37) Valerie D.

    Yes! I would love a pattern for clothes that fit an American Girl doll. My three daughters would go crazy! Thank you for teaching me how to sew. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!

  32. yes, yes and yes! Dana, you should do this 🙂 Because it’s so fun to see you in this whole process 😉

  33. 39) Kelly O.

    yes. I would buy a AG doll clothes pattern that was easy.

  34. 40) Penny

    Super cute doll clothes!!! I am obsessed with making 18″ doll clothes – so (sew) much fun!! you have a knack for detail – I would’ve never thought to put buttons down the skirt – so cool. loved that bow on the top, too. great job, Dana – you rock immensly!!!

  35. 41) Amber Wheeler

    Yes, I would definitely buy doll clothes patterns. I can’t seem to spend $20 to buy another outfit for my 3yr olds Madame Alexander doll! I am learning to sew via your blog! Thank you for your attention to detail, it helps me tremendously!

  36. I’ve been wanting to make some doll clothes but not sure where to start – I’d buy a pattern.

  37. 43) Tiffany

    I would love for you to sale doll patterns! I have two little girls who are always begging for doll clothes to match theirs but somehow I get a little stumped with the small versions.

  38. I would so buy a doll clothes pattern! Growing up, my grandma made me dresses for my American Girl dolls. I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to play with them. 🙂

  39. I would love if AG clothes patterns were available! Maybe even for Bitty Baby too. For AG, some items that could be somewhat historical (basic, but could fit the theme of the characters) would be so great. 🙂

  40. 46) Cherie

    Yes, Please!!

  41. Please please do doll patterns!! I have had my American girl since i was 8 (a year shy of 20 years) and im looking forward to my baby girl getting old enough to take care of her. I hope she is into it because i plab to do many matching outfits! I still have our matching purple letterman jackets! I would definately buy! And if you offered matching girl patterns *hint hint* or direct the buyer to a way to make a bigger version… Ok. You got me excited!

  42. I say, go for it !!! My nieces would diiiiiiie for that !!!

  43. 49) RaeLyn

    totally interested Dana!

  44. 50) Cherie

    Most definitely yes! My daughter loves her 18″ dolls, and I love to sew. So, it’s a win win situation!

  45. 51) Jen

    So cute, McKenna and her AG doll Courtney would LOVE to have matching outfits. I need to put that on my to do list!

  46. 52) Megan

    YES, I would LOVE some American Doll clothing patterns!!

  47. A big yes please to the doll clothes patterns. My 7-year old twins have Maplelea dolls – the Canadian equivalent to American Girl dolls. We’ve been looking for cool sewing patterns for them and coming up quite short. Would love to see what you can come up with! I’m sure it would be great.

  48. 54) tiffany

    Oh yes please! My daughter is a pretty hip chick, but none of the patterns I’ve found to try for her doll are very cool… she’d flip for outfits that actually look more like the clothes she wears. Sign me up!

  49. I would definitely be interested in some American Girl Doll patterns. I’ve been sewing some doll clothes for my grand-daughter and really would love some new patterns!!! Hurry, hurry! 🙂 ~ Dori ~

  50. 56) Jill

    The cuteness on your blog is amazing! Yes — please hurry and get doll clothes patterns for us. Much cuter than anything I’ve been able to find.

  51. 57) Gweny

    Yes please !!! that would be awesome.. My daughter is 19 yrs old now and she has 3 AG dolls that we will save for her future daughters. ( God willing) lol. The little girls at my church are crazy over AG dolls so yes please do. I would love to make some for the little ones at church.
    Blessings, Gweny

  52. DOLL CLOTHING PATTERNS YES PLEASE! I bought two really cute dolls for Edison, they’re a bit quirky but they’re similar size to your American Girl dolls. I am SUPER KEEN FOR THIS IDEA.

    Also, I think I would totally wear both those doll outfits 😀

  53. YES!!! I remember my mom would make clothes for me and my sister’s barbies and it blew our minds. I would buy doll clothing patterns from you in a heartbeat. My girls would loooove it!

  54. 60) Wendy H.

    Yes yes yes! I would buy them up for sure! You make the cutest doll clothes!

  55. Um..YES!!! My little one is only two, but I love making little outfits for her babies. I know the AG doll obsession will be upon us before we know it.

  56. 62) Mary Kay

    Dana – that would be so awesome – my daughter has several AG Dolls but she is much too old to play with them now – but she wants to put them on display and dress them according to the seasons. So some period dresses would be so cute too!!

  57. We would LOVE to see more doll clothes! We have a doll blog and would love to learn how to make new clothes for our dolls – please share!

  58. 64) Corrine

    Yes!! Please.

  59. So cute! Patterns would be fun! My kiddo has a Goetz doll which is similar in size to the AG dolls so I’d love to be able to make some clothes for her 🙂

  60. 66) Sarah

    This is seriously so much happy and cheerfulness. Love it! Yes, patterns would be SO FUN! Thank you, Dana! 🙂

  61. 67) Michelle

    i would love some patterns for the 18″ dolls. thank you for thinking of us.
    love your blog. michelle

  62. 68) Susan

    I have never made doll clothes but my niece has been begging me to make her some. I love your patterns and tutorials and they are easy to follow and you take some great pics of each step. So, YES PLEASE sell the doll patterns 🙂

  63. 69) Jessica

    That would be fabulous! We have several AG dolls and they all need updated outfits (they are all hand-me-down dolls from when I was a girl. Thanks!

  64. 70) Teresa

    My Sweet Pea would love this for her Kit doll!

  65. 71) Cary

    heck yes, please, please, please, I keep hoping you will put patterns up, I would be happy to pay for them. My girls would go crazy if I sewed doll clothes and my daughter would be over the moon to make some too. I just am not good at drafting patterns (yet!!!) Both for American girl sizes and Bitty Babies would be great too!

  66. 73) Valerie Nelson

    I would be!!! 🙂

  67. 75) Hannah

    Yes! These are adorable! Tutorial please! I have so many American girl dolls but the clothes are super expensive. And I love sewing, but I’m not very good to just be able to make up my own pattern.

  68. 76) lena

    Would love patterns! Great idea.

  69. Yes do! Sell doll clothing patterns I mean. These outfits are darling!

  70. 78) Melanie P

    I love sewing doll clothes too! Well, so far I’ve only managed a doll wedding dress, because my daughter randomly asked Santa for one, but I loved doing it! This post has motivated me to make more!
    I would also LOVE some tips on sewing with knit fabrics without a serger. Do you have any old posts that I could look at? Thanks Dana!!

  71. 79) Nadeen

    You should do what you love, and, yes, I think any doll clothes pattern you create will sell. Good luck!

  72. 80) Lisa

    Adorable outfits! I can’t wait to take my daughter to the American Girl store in Chicago!

  73. 81) Lindsey

    you should!! I bought a Butterick (or one of those brands) at Joann’s on sale but some of the pieces seemed a bit over complicated. And they didn’t really have all the staples grouped together. You could sell individual patterns for cheaper and then a pack of them for a bit more. I would buy them. Or make them companion patterns for your child clothes, also cute.

  74. 82) Mariah

    Oh my god! So cute! I would LOVE for you to make doll clothes patterns! That would be awesome!

  75. totally interested in doll clothes patterns. I have searched and searched the web and just haven’t found the right ones. But I know if it came from you it would be perfect! I end up making my own versions too but its always nice to have a “made” pattern!

  76. 85) Mary

    Yes yes yes! Please do some doll clothes patterns. Love your stuff 🙂 and I appreciate all the tutorials! Thank you!

  77. They’re beautiful. Doll clothes patterns would be awesome from you. No fuss simple to follow. What a dream.

  78. I really like to be able to get doll patterns of the same type of outfit I have kid patterns for. I love making kid and doll matching outfits. 🙂

  79. 88) Nurul

    Loving what you are doing here! Been wondering though, what is the doll type and model etc? The size seems right for a littlr girl to play. I have been searching for my daughter and the one i found in toys shop here is either too small for me to sew clothing for them or too big and doesnt suit my petite daughter 🙁

  80. 89) darcy

    Yes to the patterns. Only if they are easy like you usually do. Some of them are so complicated.

  81. I say go for it!!! I love sewing for my daughter’s dolls to. In fact I have a tutorial (which I haven’t posted yet) of little skirts and dress that I made a while back for her 20 inch cole table doll. Because she’s a cow table she’s bigger than the aca rage 18 inch doll, therefor making it super hard to find any clothing for her.

  82. 92) Terri Miller

    Yes, please!!! My girls have AG dolls too…I would love to surprise them with cute handmade doll outfits!

  83. 94) Jeni Baker

    Yes please!!! I would definitely buy doll clothes patterns from you!! You make it looks so cute and fun!!!

  84. 95) Giovanna Hammond

    YES! I would love to have some patterns for AE dolls.
    And Dana, I want to thank you because you saved me when in the same week I had to pull together a pilgrim outfit and a cowgirl outfit! I made the frontier vest for both!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
    Also, your rollie pollie pattern is great. I made four of them for Christmas 2012!

  85. 96) Giovanna Hammond

    I meant to say AG dolls… oops!

  86. I love it!
    My mom did a lot of cute clothes for my dolls when I was young.

  87. 98) Linnea

    These outfits are so cute! Patterns would be great. There are a few free patterns for AG dolls at, along with ones you can purchase at various price points. She does a good job with fit, and offers patterns from a lot of different people, so maybe you could get some onto that site as well?

  88. 99) Camille Eisenbise

    cute! I’m sure Anna will be into dolls like that one day and we will need cute little doll clothes. Ok, that fushia shirt with the big yellow bow totally looks like the curtains I made for Anna’s Lalaloopsy party. I love that combo. I don’t know if you ever saw a pic, but I made huge yellow fabric bows just like those to hold the curtains back (that were also the same fushia color)…funny. it was so cute and I’ve saved them thinking that I might actually put them in anna’s room (if it doesn’t look too cartoony).

  89. 100) Sabrina

    Would love if you did.

  90. 101) Natalie

    Um….YES!!!! I make up patterns all the time. Wonky, Wonky, Wonky. My daughters would love it if someone like you did the hard work, so the dolly clothes were cuter. I would love it if someone like you did the hard work, so I got it right the first time:)

  91. 102) Sandy Miller

    You are so talented. Your attention to detail sets your work apart from others and raises it to another level. Yes, yes, yes! Please design doll patterns.

  92. 103) Deby

    Si si patrones para muñecas seria barbaro. Gracias!!!!!

  93. 104) Arlene

    I don’t have an AG doll at my home but I want to make some clothes for one. Can you tell me the length of the skirts, not to long. Also what is the width around the waist. I will wait to make the tops until you make the patterns….OK? Don’t wait to long I’m getting older fast (only kidding) but I am…

  94. 105) Kelly O.

    I read every post of yours in hopes of doll clothes patterns on the horizon 🙂

  95. 106) Meghan

    Yes please to doll clothes, and in Cabbage Patch size too!

  96. 107) Pauline

    Just found you! Did you decide to make doll patterns for us to use? I would love some reasonably priced or free doll patterns. The clothes you made are gorgeous!

  97. 108) Abbijoy

    I would love some pretty simple ones. I have 3 granddaughters, plus one not quite old enough yet, and we have craft nights while their mommy and daddy have a date night.

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