jersey knit beach dress

Before leaving on our summer trip I wanted a new beach coverup for myself. I kept going back and forth between using another towel (similar to the Beach Towel Dress) or going with cotton fabric. But then I remembered some hot-pink jersey knit fabric sitting in my closet (from my last visit to FIDM). It’s very soft, drapes well, and I just love the bright pink shade.
So, the night before our flight I shirred it up and voila! Simple beach dress!
The pattern is The Summer Vacation Dress and Shortie (which walks you through the details of elastic thread, how to sew with it, how to “shir”, and how to make 5 different summer dress looks). It really can be used for all ages. I adjusted my ratio measurements to about 1 to 1.75 (chest width to fabric width).
I added a spin this time using twisted fabric to make the straps….
…and formed them into a V in the front. I was first going to have them tie around the neck but then I remembered how much I hate things that tie around my neck, since it pulls on my back/neck. I have a swimsuit that does this and every time I wear it, I wonder why I did.
So instead I brought the straps straight down in the back, which also gives the dress more support and keeps it from slipping down.
Twisting the straps was super easy–I’ll make a tutorial for it. Just didn’t have time before the trip. I sewed the front V on by-hand in a few spots, which looks nicer than if I’d used a machine.
And I really love how it turned out. Of all the beach coverups I’ve had, it’s my favorite. I actually feel sort of….elegant in it. Silly, I know. The reality is, I’m sweating in the sun, picking up kids in the sand, spilling sunscreen on the dress, and helping kids take a potty break. Nothing elegant about that. But hey, the dress is also super comfy and dries fast!

It was perfect for an outing at the lake.
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  1. 1) Ashley

    I just bought an Old Navy long maxi dress nwt for $3 at goodwill. I pulled this post up b/c I googled images for straps and didn’t like what I saw but remember loving this. The dress is strapless but that is a little risky with kids that yank on me all day šŸ˜‰

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