Sew Classic Clothes for Girls

If you’re still Christmas shopping, here’s one more item to add to the list!
It’s the book Sew Classic Clothes for Girls by Lindsay Wilkes (also known as the Cottage Mama).  And it’s filled 20 girls’ dresses, outfits, and accessories….which means more excuses to use bias tape and piping. Yay!
This book is so pretty.
From the gorgeous photos, to the well-thought out and detailed patterns, to the cheery fabrics, you just want to keep turning pages to learn all of Lindsay’s secrets.
She starts with the basics, the tools needed, some basic how-to’s.
And then she jumps into the projects.
And there’s something for everybody…from beginner to advanced.

She pretty much had me at the Little Lady Coat.
I mean will you look at that??
I can’t stop looking.
And paired with little purple britches??  Darling!
This book is a such a beautiful nod to the past with a modern twist.
Would you like to try it out?
Today we’re giving away one copy of Sew Classic Clothes for Girls.
And It’s open to international readers!

• Leave a comment, that’s it.
• Only one entry per person.
• Open to Anyone!
• One winner will be picked via
• This Giveaway is now closed

Thank you Lindsay for a wonderful book!

  1. 2) Liliana

    Wow! That book looks amazing!

  2. 5) Karleen

    Sooo pretty!
    It would be perfect to make something new for my cousins

  3. 6) Rachel

    This book looks great! I love her blog.

  4. 7) martetxu

    Love your blog, dana!

  5. 8) Liesel

    This would be so fun to look through! I love sewing for my girls.

  6. 9) Lauralee

    Beautiful book! I love sewing books that feature little girl clothing – it’s fun to sew for my 5 yo and 20 month old!

  7. 10) darci

    The coat looks awesome in the large AMH print.

  8. 11) Lisa McGriff

    Are you kidding? Would I like to win this book? MORE than anything, YES I WOULD!

  9. 13) Isabel A.

    I love that book!

  10. 15) shana

    i love the pictures in the book!

  11. 16) sewperstitious

    Would love to win!

  12. 17) Ashley

    with a bunch of new girls coming into my world, this book would be great

  13. 19) Jamie

    What a wonderful giveaway!

  14. 20) Angie

    I am about to have my first baby girl and just bought a new sewing machine. I would love this book! I haven’t made her clothes yet, just curtains 🙂

  15. 21) Karen

    I would love this!

  16. 22) windie d

    the pockets on that coat are so cute! love it!

  17. 24) Annette

    Lovely. And so nice it’s open worldwide.

  18. 25) amy

    so pretty! would give me some great ideas for my girls.

  19. 26) Margaret


  20. 27) Jill

    This would be so much fun to ‘sew through’!

  21. 28) Emma

    So cute!! I would love to make some of these for my daughter! Thanks!

  22. 29) Sarah

    Darling! Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. 31) Katie T

    So beautiful! I would love this! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  24. 32) SPatterson

    Love classic patterns for children!

  25. 33) Hannah

    Great looking book! Perfect for this mom of 2 girls.

  26. 34) Emmy

    So much cuteness! I would love a copy of this book.

  27. 35) Sheena

    I NEED this book! So adorable!

  28. 36) Quinn Savona

    Beautiful book! I’m alway looking for more patterns and inspiration to sew for my girl:)

  29. 37) Mary M

    This looks wonderful! Thanks for the chance to win!

  30. What a wonderful book! Love that little jacket!

  31. 40) Leah B

    This book looks like so much fun! thanks

  32. 41) Heidi L

    This looks like a wonderful book. I would love to win it, but will find a copy even if I don’t. Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. I want this book so bad to sew for my little ladies!

  34. 44) Karli

    Looks like a great book. Would be fun to sew some matching outfits for my girls!

  35. 45) Alicia

    What a beautiful book!

  36. 46) Angelina

    That looks WONDERFUL! My little girl needs more handmade in her life.

  37. 47) Jenn B. in AK

    This looks like a fun book!

  38. 48) Grace

    My name is already on the list for this at the library, but I would be very happy to cancel my request if I won! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  39. 49) Nathalie B.

    Looks like a great book to have in one’s sewing room !

  40. This looks like a beautiful and useful book!

  41. 51) Jen W.

    What a beautiful book!

  42. 52) Alina

    I’d love to win this to treat myself for the holidays!

  43. 53) Tracie S

    I would love to have this for my little girl!

  44. 54) Sean C

    What a lovely book. Thanks for the opportunity.

  45. 55) Natalie

    This book is beautiful!

  46. 56) Manu

    Wow, that book looks amazing! Thank you for the giveaway!

  47. 57) Kellene

    This book looks great, thanks for the giveaway!

  48. 60) Micaela

    I would love to win this book!

  49. 61) tamara

    looks like a great book!

  50. 62) Jacquie

    Would love to win the book.

  51. 64) Megan E.

    I would love this book! I’ve been dreaming of having a little girl to sew for, but I’ll have to keep sewing for the nieces until then!

  52. 65) Meghan D

    I have two little girls and this would be perfect!

  53. 66) Stephanie

    Looks cute! Thanks for the giveaway

  54. 67) Lisa Moenaert

    This book really looks like a ‘I-want-that-book’ kind of book 🙂

  55. Would be great to win. We have one smal lady,

  56. So many cute little outfits. And I love a giveaway that’s easy to enter! thanks 🙂

  57. 70) Tracy Meeks

    Love to have this awesome book !

  58. That book looks delicious! Would love to win it. Are we seeing that Little Lady Coat on Lucy soon?

  59. 72) Brittany E

    This book looks amazing!

  60. 73) Jessica

    I have a brand new girl to sew for; would love to win this!

  61. 74) Jessica J

    Would love to win!

  62. 76) Ruth

    Beautiful book!

  63. 77) Liene

    I have three daughters and they always want me to make more clothes! Love it!!!

  64. 79) Leanne

    That book looks awesome!

  65. 81) Dawn Simon

    I have 2 little girls and this would be perfect. Love the classic vintage looks!

  66. 82) Tiffany

    What a great book!

  67. 83) kelly t.

    That little coat really is adorable. 🙂

  68. 84) Meredith

    Looks great!

  69. 85) martha

    I’m happy to learn about this book

  70. 87) Bethany

    I have so many little girls in my life, I’d love to have some dress patterns.

  71. 88) Irene

    I would so LOVE this book, so I can do beautiful clothes for my twin 3 yr old girls!

  72. 89) Sarah

    Love this!

  73. 90) Sarah

    love this! thanks!

  74. 91) Shannon

    beautiful book!

  75. 92) Kelly

    Me please!

  76. 93) Rebekah

    I love to sew, but I have way more nephews than nieces… I would love this book to work with some new projects 🙂

  77. 94) goldsud

    thanks for the giveaways

  78. 95) Rocío Rosas

    Aah! Quiero este libro!!! Thank you for the giveaway!

  79. 96) Linda

    Love this book! Would live to win one!

  80. 97) April Rieger

    I love your site and all your patterns (I have mos of them) and this book would make a great addition!! Thanks!

  81. 98) Emily

    Would love this book!

  82. 99) AbsolutelyKathy

    I would love to get this my daughter loves dresses.

  83. 100) Randi Parton

    I want this book so bad! I am dying over that jacket!!

  84. 101) Lourdes

    Gorgeous! Thanks for the giveaway.

  85. love the classic patterns in this book! Thanks for a chance to win 🙂

  86. 103) AmyL

    love the style of clothes in the book. thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  87. 104) emily

    Looks like a wonderful book! Thank you! 🙂

  88. 105) Kayleen Runyan

    I LOVE this! I sew for my 3 girls all the time!

  89. 107) Jill F

    Wow thank you for the chance to win. Love the look of this book.

  90. 108) Heidi K

    Such a cute book. Love the Cottage Home blog.

  91. 109) Corinne

    What a great book! It would be perfect for me and my five girls!

  92. 110) Ana

    I want, I want!!!

  93. 111) Colleen

    Looks like it would be a great addition to my sewing library! Thanks!

  94. 112) WendyP

    Ooo, pick me! What a fantastic book!

  95. 113) Laura J.

    Dana, I want you to make something from the book! I would love to see your twist on Lindsay’s projects.

  96. 114) Patricia Marzán Díaz

    I love your blog and the things you make. Thank you for the give away from Spain!

  97. When you give you really receive… Select me and I will create something from the book and donate it to a local nonprofit group for mama’s/children.

  98. 116) Megan

    Such a cute book! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  99. 117) Linda

    It sure would be nice to win.

  100. I’m seeing more and more things I want to sew every time I see this book! Love the jacket too!

  101. i have three daughters, 3 years old and under. this book would be great!

  102. 120) Julie R.

    I don’t yet have a little girl, but I have a niece who would love a few pieces from this book!

  103. 121) Sara Speight

    I have been trying to win this book on several blogs! It looks awesome!

  104. 122) Donna Hassett

    Wicked awesome! I have 6 DGDs ( so far) and could really use this!

  105. 123) Julia

    Oh so cute!
    Greetings from germany.

  106. 124) Aubrey

    Pick me! The projects look like fun 🙂

  107. 125) Tami Brown

    Hope I’m lucky … this book looks amazing! Thanks for the opportunity.

  108. 127) Renee

    Looks wonderful!

  109. 128) Elisabeth

    Gorgeous! So many cute patterns for little ladies!
    I hope I’m lucky!
    Greetings and have a great christmas time from Austria

  110. 129) Sona Jacob

    Oh, please pick me… I have been wanting it since Lindsay announced that it was in the works!

  111. I love the patterns! I just found out I’m having my second girl in April, how much fun would it be to make dresses for them both!

  112. 131) Liesbet Rombaut

    I would like to join!

  113. 133) Jenni S.

    Wow, I would love this to sew clothes for my daughter!

  114. 134) Sara


  115. It was the peter pan collared dress that did me in… must sew 60’s shirt dresses!

  116. 136) Kristi Andres

    I have to girls and would love to win this book!

  117. 137) Ruby

    Looks great! X

  118. 138) Sabrina

    Oh wow!I Love it!!And it would be Perfect for my Little Girl!!

  119. 139) LeAnn

    Lovely book!

  120. This book looks very, very good!

  121. Oh, I’m smitten with these! Honestly, any piece of girls’ clothing that in no way resembles something a bratz doll would wear is very welcome and refreshing (this is why we can’t shop in stores!).

  122. 142) Tanya B

    The Little Lady Coat is SO cute! It looks like a fabulous book.

  123. I just adore Lindsay’s style, such a great book!

  124. 144) Carrie Alexander

    Seeing as my two year old has lived in Carter’s and hand-me-downs her whole life, it’s time to inject some handmade style into her wardrobe! What a cute book!

  125. 145) Ines&Victor

    Oh, these are lovely patterns, just what my little girl could need! Thanks for the chance to win!

  126. Cute book! Makes me wish I had more daughters! I’ll have to settle for a bigger closet for the one I’m blessed with!

  127. 148) Sarah

    This book looks awesome! I totally want to make that coat for my niece!

  128. 149) Linda50

    Would love a copy of this book!

  129. 150) Megan W.

    Wow! Those look gorgeous and fun! Thanks for the chance!

  130. 151) Melissa

    Ohhh – love that coat! Thanks for the chance.

  131. 152) Rachel

    I would love to get my hands on this book. We are expecting our first little girl in 2 days (we have a 4 year old son) and I can’t wait to sew sweet little girl things!!!

  132. 153) Richa Agarwal

    lovely collection of classic designs.

  133. 154) Lisa

    looks beautiful!

  134. 155) bdaiss

    Oh yes please! My daughter has started asking me to make more clothes for her – how wonderful a feeling is that? And a coat was specifically on her list. Thanks for the chance!

  135. 156) hilary

    looks amazing! thanks for the opportunity!

  136. 157) sarah w

    these patterns look gorgeous and my little one would look rather cute in the little lady coat.

  137. 158) Becky T

    I love that coat 🙂

  138. 159) Olivia Walker

    This book looks gorgeous!! I would love to try out the patterns on my 3 girls!! 🙂

  139. 160) Lynn

    I would love to win this book–great ideas for little girls!

  140. 161) Bess Bauer

    As a mom of three girls, this would be perfect. So sweet.

  141. 162) Timea

    Beautiful book, I would love to have it and sew something for my little daughter!

  142. 163) Paola

    This book would be perfect to sew for my Little girl. Thanks for the chance!

  143. 164) Michelle

    Oh my, I would love this book! We have a new foster daughter that is looking like she might be permanent, and I’ve never sewed for a 4 year old before! 🙂

  144. 165) Jennie

    My daughter would look adorable in some of that, much of it looks like how little girls used to dress rather than the depressingly adult looks that have spawned of late. I’d be over the moon to win a copy of that book 🙂

  145. I love that book! Thanks for the giveaway!

  146. 167) Erin

    That coat looks so cute! I’d LOVE to try out some of these patterns for my daughters!

  147. Thanks for the chance! My 8 month old daughter and 6 year old neice would love it if I won this!

  148. 169) Tauna W

    Cool! I’m thinking this will get me sewing more 🙂

  149. 170) Stephanie Rose

    This book looks absolutely darling! It’s on my Christmas wish list. 🙂

  150. 171) JaMsb

    Everything looks great. My 3 year old is really gravitating toward girly styles so I think she’d love this!

  151. 172) Dianne

    Beautiful book! Thanks Dana!

  152. 173) Catherine V.

    Wow! I would love to read that bok… and try some of its ideas!

  153. 174) Amanda

    I’d love to win this book!

  154. 175) Julie H

    I love The Cottage Mama! She has such a wonderful knack for choosing fabric combinations. I would love this book.

  155. 176) Elyssa

    Super cute – my mom would love this.

  156. 177) cassidy

    So cute! Now that I have a little girl of my own I need to start sewing for her! cassidydawn(at)gmail(dot)com

  157. 178) Allison

    So adorable. Now I really need to have a baby girl!

  158. Would love to make some of these outfits for my Laila!

  159. 180) Stefani

    This is just what Ive been looking for! Super excited:-)

  160. I love these clothes! It’s perfect for my little two-and-a-half year old Ingrid!

  161. 182) Jess a

    So cute!

  162. 183) Anie

    What a lovely book!

  163. 184) Mary

    I have been wishing for this book!

  164. 185) Machelle Z

    My favorite thing in the world is to sew for little girls.

  165. 186) Carolyn Baker

    I have been eyeing this book up since it came out! If I am not lucky enough to be the winner of this great giveaway I may have to break down and buy it for myself as a Christmas present. Thanks for this opportunity!

  166. 187) Kelly

    Looks lovely!

  167. 188) Whitney

    This book looks amazing!

  168. I love The Cottage Mama’s patterns! I would love to make my sisters clothes from her book.

  169. 190) Karen

    Love it!!

  170. 191) Richa

    This would be perfect for my soon-to-arrive daughter!

  171. 192) Judy Thurman

    I love your style! So classic and precious!

  172. 193) GaGa

    I must get my hands on one of these books. My first granddaughter is expected in March after three grandsons. Love the boys, and excited about the girl!

  173. 194) Nick Cee

    This book looks gorgeous and so inspiring, many thanks for the chance to win it.

  174. 195) Sara k

    Pick me!

  175. 196) Andrea Sadgrove

    I would love this for my daughter who doesn’t want to dress like anyone else in the world, so I could make her lots of lovely and unique things!

  176. 197) Anita Rani

    Wow!!! So cute

  177. 198) Marianne Woodcock

    Would love to sew these, if only I had a little girl again….maybe grandchildren?!?!?

  178. 199) Maria

    I hope this is the one time my bad luck looks the other way lol
    I really want this book! Thanks for the chance.

  179. 200) Mindy

    PLEASE!!! I’d love this book and would use it all the time on my three little girls.

  180. 201) Kim

    Oh man, these are way too cute. My cousins and friends have to stop having so many boys so I can make some of these!

  181. 202) Mai May

    Love everything in the book. Cottage Mama has some of the most classic outfits for little girls they a timeless. Thanks for this giveaway!

  182. 203) Sarah St.

    Would be fun since I just had a little girl!

  183. 204) Jenny Egbert

    Love, love it. Need one for adults.

  184. 205) TerriSue

    Such a wonderful book. Thank you for the chance.

  185. 206) Muri

    What an awesome book! I love your blog Dana, it’s the only blog that I follow!

  186. 207) Shasta


  187. 208) Danita Courtney

    I so agree, “Thank you Lindsay for a wonderful book!” I have been eyeing it and really would like a copy. A signed one would be the BEST!!! It’s my jones!

  188. 209) Melissa Martins

    Thank you for the chance to win 🙂

  189. 210) Julie C

    Perfect winter projects to huddle by the warmth of the sewing machine light. Love it!

  190. 211) Faith

    This is the exact look I would love to achieve for my daughters clothing! This must be my first sewing book! Thank you for the chance to win it!

  191. 212) Stephanie

    I would LOVE this book to create beautiful pieces for my new niece!

  192. 213) Flavia Gaspar

    Wonderful book !

  193. 214) Cassandra Hale

    Gorgeous! I have all girls, and that coat is darling!

  194. 215) Bri

    Love the book! Such gorgeous pictures!

  195. I have two granddaughters and would love this book. Thank you

  196. 217) Jan Murry

    thanks – great book

  197. oh how fun! i’m due with my first daughter soon, this will have to go on my registry!

  198. 220) kim

    want this book so bad!

  199. 222) Kristina

    The book looks great! Thank you Dana!

  200. Looks like it’s full of all sorts of amazing cuteness!

  201. 224) Susan Terrill

    So many beautiful ideas and so little time!!!!!

  202. 225) Tegan Parnell

    What a gorgeous book. I could use this books projects for many years ahead for my 10 week old daughter Millie Margaret.

  203. 226) Ellen


  204. 227) shae

    love this!

  205. 228) victoria g

    yes please!!

  206. 229) Joy Zdeblick

    So many beautiful ideas for my beautiful granddaughter!

  207. I would love to learn to dress make. I sew for a living but have never attempted dressmaking yet so it would be amazing to win this book (especially as I have a 7 year old daughter who would look awesome in that coat!)

  208. 231) Maggie

    What a great book! Would love to sew that coat for my daughter.

  209. 232) Jeanie

    I could sew so many gorgeous things for my little girl with this book!

  210. 233) Michelle H

    What a lovely book!

  211. 234) Amanda

    this would be great to make pretty things for my girls!

  212. 235) gr81gkar

    I fell in love with making little girl clothes when it became a necessity for my Grand daughter because she was tinier than a preemie (born 1lb 5.6 oz’s). Anyway I’ve fallen in love with making things for her and other little girls in my life, birthdays, Christmas, Easter… what ever. God Bless and provide a Merry Christmas for you and yours

  213. 236) Jolene vdM

    Would love this!! Yay, for give-a-ways 🙂

  214. 237) Anya

    Where would you begin? So many great projects 🙂

  215. 238) Lindsey Bender

    The book looks awesome! I need something like this, as my daughter just turned 19 months. I’m excited to begin making “big girl” (tear) clothes for her!

  216. 239) Nadia


  217. 240) Raffaella

    Ohhhh would love this book!

  218. 241) Theresa

    Such beautiful looking patterns!

  219. wow…finally a giveaway that’s open internationally…then this book is gonna be definitely mine…InShaAllah…

  220. 243) Kristen Maxwell

    I love it! The book looks fantastic!

  221. 244) Megan V

    It is already at the top of my list but pick me!!

  222. 245) Tonya

    Me please!

  223. 246) Bethanie

    Oh boy another giveaway! I just saw someone else talk about this book on their blog the other day – cute stuff! 🙂

  224. This book looks wonderful!

  225. 248) Ab

    I wish I win this book so I can sew something for my baby girl!

  226. 249) Lindsay

    I love sewing for my daughter!

  227. 250) Jessica B.

    I love this book. It’s BEAUTIFUL!!!

  228. 251) RaeLyn

    This looks like an amazing book!

  229. Again a great give-away! Those patterns look amazing, I’ll be very happy if I win this one 😉

  230. I met Lindsey at Quilt Market and got to see the projects from this book first hand. Both were precious! Hope I win!

  231. 254) Jessica

    My first sewing project EVER was your simple skirt tutorial…though it’s still a favorite, I would love to try some of the projects in this book!

  232. 255) Erin

    It looks wonderful!

  233. 256) TARA

    Love it, need it, want it!

  234. 257) jo

    I would love to make some of those clothes for my girls.

  235. 258) Kristie Rosetti

    Soooo cute! Would love to try that coat for my girl.

  236. 259) Nikki

    My girls are in need of some new dresses. Would love to win this and get to work! 🙂

  237. You can never have enough sewing books… Thanks for the chance!

  238. Beautiful! I love sewing for my little girl. Thanks for the opportunity!

  239. 262) Tiffanie Berman

    So fun! Love the styles.

  240. 263) Mrs. P

    I would love a sewing book to make clothes for my daughter. I love putting a fresh spin on the classics!

  241. 264) Sabrina

    I would love to have this book. The stuff looks so cute.

  242. 265) April

    Amazing! Thanks for the chance to enter.

  243. 266) Rachel M

    Would love this book for my little girl!

  244. 267) Catherine Perkins

    Looks Amazing!! I love the style!

  245. 268) Pippin

    Oooooo pick me!

  246. 269) Julie C

    beautiful pictures !! love to win it !

  247. 270) Rose E.

    Would love to sew something for my little sis!

  248. 271) Yula

    Would be delighted to have this pretty pretty book with its pretty pretty clothes

  249. 272) Megan

    I would love to win!!! My first little girl will be here in March!

  250. 273) Taryn B

    I love that you’re reviewing it! Your style seems different than hers, but the patterns transcend. Awesome! Inspiring.

  251. 274) candice

    so cute! i def need to add this to my library!

  252. 276) Tiffany

    I would love this!

  253. 277) Heather L.

    Beautiful, and would be such a welcome addition to my bookcase! 🙂

  254. 278) Michelle F

    Yeah an International Giveaway – Thank you, thank you. Little lady loves having new creations, shes only 2 and has a wardrobe bigger than all the boys in our house.

  255. 280) Brenda

    I love your giveaways!

  256. 281) Nicki

    What a cute book! I LOVE making things for my little girly.

  257. 282) Charisse M

    With four cute girls of my own, this book would be amazing! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  258. 283) Renee E.

    I would love to will this!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  259. 284) Deanna

    beautiful!!! After 3 boys, I’m SO excited to be sewing for my little princess….this would be such a fun book to have and make items from! Thanks for the chance!!!

  260. 285) Bree

    Oh YES PLEASE. I really really want this book 🙂

  261. 286) Beth

    This looks like such a fun and inspiring sewing book, I would be thrilled if I won it.

  262. 287) Pascale

    Oh yes, so lovely, would love to read it! Thank you!

  263. 288) Sarah

    What a great giveaway! I would love to win.

  264. 289) Marie

    Love this book!

  265. 290) Carrie Simpson

    That little embellished ruffle tee is darling! I’d love to win a copy, thanks so much for the giveaway!

  266. 291) Kathie

    Always looking for inspiration and motivation. Looks like this book offers both. Thanks for the giveaway.

  267. 292) Jennie Caminada

    That book looks right up my street. Would
    Love to win it!

  268. 293) Emily

    So cute! Need to add this to my Christmas list!

  269. 295) Jess


  270. 296) Christy Berry

    Can’t wait to try these cute projects!

  271. 297) J

    Very classy-looking clothing!

  272. 298) Whitney C

    This book looks so amazing!

  273. 299) marcela

    sewing for my daughter is my favorite thing to do!

  274. 300) LAK

    Looks amazing – thanks for the giveaway!

  275. That book looks amazing! I’d love to sew some of those patterns for my daughter!

  276. 302) Jo Batey

    What a lovely book, and I have just the girl to try the patterns out on!!

  277. 303) Karen

    I would love a copy – looks like a gorgeous book!

  278. 304) Starly

    Such a nice book! Thanks for the giveaway!

  279. 305) Juanita in OH

    This reminds me of “days gone by”, I LOVE classic clothing and sewing for a girl is so much fun. TFS.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  280. 306) Christine

    OMG! TOOOO cute!! I love the boots and bowed socks!

  281. 307) bronwyn

    Looks awesome!

  282. 308) Marybeth

    So pretty!

  283. 309) Clare

    So adorable! Thank you 🙂

  284. 310) Andrea

    Would love to have this book!

  285. 311) Tiffany

    Beautiful book! Would love to win a copy!

  286. 312) Valerie

    This is just my style. Thanks for the giveaway!

  287. 313) fern

    that book looks phenomenal! 🙂

  288. 314) Mary Ann in Vermont

    How honored I would be to win this incredible book!

  289. 315) Veerle Pauwels


  290. Oh how my wee monkey would love some clothes from those patterns.

  291. 317) Amanda

    Yay! Open to international readers!!

  292. 318) Meagan Cook

    This book looks awesome. I was thinking my mom would love this, but the more I looked at it, I think I might like it more! Haha. Maybe we both need one!

  293. 319) Meghan

    Inspiring! Would love to try some of these patterns!

  294. 321) Little E

    Wow what a beautiful book. Looks awesome!

  295. 322) Donna Lee

    I’ve been hoping for a copy of this book since I first heard of it!

  296. 323) Rachel Z

    I would love to win a copy as I have 2 little girls that I love sewing for.

  297. 324) June Gilbert

    Great Book!!

  298. 325) Danielle

    i would love this!!!

  299. 326) Erika

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    I am new at sewing. Earlier this year I made my daughter a DRESS!!! (I loved a certain dress she already had and needed a dress for a special occasion) The dress turned out BEAUTIFULLY and I was hooked! I just finished a Christmas gift for my little sister, a cowgirl vest. I’m hoping to make some doll clothes for my daughter for Christmas, this book would be a fun way to get more serious about sewing!

  600. 643) Mindy


  601. 644) Mindy

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