I was at Jo-Ann yesterday and guess what…all the seersucker is on sale!
Only $3/yard.
Sale ends Saturday 6/25 (tomorrow).
Look under the “Shirting” aisle.
Next to linen, cotton seersucker is one of my all-time favorites. It’s playful, summery, lightweight and just fun. Typically we think of seersucker as a striped fabric (which is the most common type), but it doesn’t have to be. Fabrics can be plaid, solid color, printed with dots, etc.
The term Seersucker refers to its unique slack-tension weave–which means the threads are woven to create small puckers all over the fabric (photo below). When worn, the puckers hold small pockets of air next to your skin and thus, the fabric keeps you cool in the summer!
Like most cotton, seersucker will shrink, so always pre-wash your fabric. But don’t bother ironing. Seersucker has a wrinkled look, which adds to the charm. Of course it’s okay to iron out the major wrinkles and seams while you’re sewing. The puckers will always bounce back when washed again.

The only hard part is selecting the perfect sewing project–unless you buy 8 yards of fabric, like I did. Then you have plenty to go around because the possibilities are endless!….

Seersucker makes a really great pair of pants or shorts:
A Shirt Dress, using leftovers from Dad’s closet (though I’m not sure which man was wearing rainbow seersucker. A confident one I suppose):
It’s the perfect fabric for a bouncy Market Skirt
It works for Crib and Toddler Sheets:
No-Sew Flowers:
The classic Seersucker Suit:
And even looks cute with mis-matched stripes (above and below photos, Thrifty Finds: Boy Edition)
Seersucker makes a breezy Summer Vacation Dress:
And adds a touch of intrigue when used on the straps:
Use it to line a Beach Robe:
Or the inside of a Hobo Sack:
The list goes on and on.
Okay, two more days for the Jo-Ann sale. Head over and fill up your stash!
I’m off to sew little shorts for the family beach picture coming up.

  1. 1) GodsRN

    Really cute! I love the mixing of fabrics and textures.

  2. 2) Isabella Massi

    Hi Dana,
    I am amazed by every single post you make. Thanks for inspiring us!

    Also, I really want to purchase Fabrics A to Z, but I´m in Brazil… Is there a way to do it? Is it being distributed anywhere in Sao Paolo or Rio de Janeiro?

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

  3. 3) judy k

    any yellow and while striped seersucker?

  4. 4) Elizabeth Pate

    Thank you SO much for actually giving information on whether you can iron out wrinkles while sewing seersucker. It’s been such a beast to find this info.

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  6. 5) Justine

    What do you suggest when the seersucker is see through?

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