Seaside Stripes and Shirt Dress Tutorial

Inspired by Traci at Amazing Mae, this was an experiment to turn a men’s dress shirt into a summer dress for Goose. Some things I sew turn out fine. But some things work out wonderfully. And I’m in love with this little dress. It was the perfect light-weight dress for our seaside outing.
I started with this men’s dress shirt (asking my husband’s permission first, of course. His response, “I wore that all the time when I was single. Is that why I couldn’t get a date?”
Well, I’m not passing any judgment here. But seriously, it was 2 sizes too big for him. Thus, time to refashion):
I removed the shirt pocket (which was fine and didn’t leave any holes or marks behind). I kept the front buttons in-tact, though the dress doesn’t open all the way because the neck is sewn all the way around for the elastic casing.
and it’s also sewn all the way around at the waist. The dress needed some spice; and a yellow waistband seemed to do the trick. I created three casings and strung skinny elastic through two of them to gather the waist:
And finished it off with a new hem:
The dress fits great, my husband is pleased with the transformation, and it was so comfortably perfect for summer weather…..I want one too.
Want to make one?
You’ll find the complete Shirt Dress tutorial HERE (and in the Tutorials link at the top of the blog)
Let’s hope the weather stays this great.

  1. 1) Ally

    I love the mustard coloured belt on the dress, nice touch:)

  2. 3) Patricia

    Hi! I am in love with these shirt dresses. They are so gorgeous! The seaside stripes and the linen are my favorites but they are all so amazing. I would love to make a couple of these for myself as I think they would be equally awesome in an adult size version. I have an abudance of 3xl up to 5xl men’s dress shirts and some basic sewing skills but not much beyond the basics! Lol! Any suggestions, tips, or advice on converting these patterns to an adult size?

  3. 5) Reagan

    I am lost in the band. How do you sew the pieces together and still be able to string the elastic through? I’m new at this.

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