School Girl

Summer is great for making little girl’s dresses. It just feels like they should be wearing them all day long. This little creation, however, feels more like Back To School Night to me.
I started with a skirt I’d made for myself years ago. It had a good run but I rarely wear it anymore. So I turned it into a jumper dress and faux shirt for Goose.
I thought I would use the original zipper and waist band from the skirt but it proved to be more annoying than helpful. So I basically started from scratch and used the skirt just as fabric (saving the applique patch of course). Both the dress and shirt fabrics are cotton. The sleeves are simple puff sleeves with elastic sewn into the hem. My first plan was to have the dress with just sleeves but I miscalculated and the neck was huge on my skinny Goose. So I went back and added the collar area and it actually turned out cuter than I had envisioned. Thus we have a “faux” shirt underneath (sewn right into the dress). The cute patch was purchased at the Walmart sewing Dept and sewn directly onto the original skirt. I used the selvage of the fabric as the bottom of the dress. This is what I had done with the original skirt because I liked the fray.Some knee-highs and brown saddle shoes would compliment the outfit just right.

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