Scandinavian Gatherings

Scandinavian Gatherings book - review and giveaway from MADE Everyday with Dana

One of the things I love most about creating is inspiration. It can be found in SO many places….in nature, on buildings, on a grocery cart in Norway, while people-watching (one of my favorite hobbies when traveling).

beautiful fruit in Scandinavia - photo from MADE Everyday with Dana

And how often have you seen wrapping paper and art work that you wished were fabric??  Happens to me daily.

Scandinavian Gatherings book - review and giveaway from MADE Everyday with Dana

And it totally happened when I opened this book.  Ahhh!  The Scandinavian artwork on the inside cover is amazing, and inspiring.  And this is a cook book!  Well, it’s sort of a cookbook, meets craft book, meets DIY, and all things beautiful—it’s like all my favorite worlds colliding under one cover.
It’s called Scandinavian Gatherings by my friend Melissa Bahen (who you might know as LuLu the Baker)

Scandinavian Gatherings book by Melissa Bahen on MADE Everyday

I’ve always loved Scandinavian design. When I was in Oslo a few years ago, I felt like I was home. If you’ve ever experienced that, it’s a strange feeling (you can read more about that in my previous post here).  Of course in lieu of that, I travel there via IKEA every chance I can get…no passport required and it’s cheaper. Usually!

But there is so much to love about the Scandinavian culture, food, and design.  And this book totally captures that.  It’s one of those books you just want to crawl into….and smell the beautiful flowers, help set the table, slice off a chunk of the fresh bread.

OK, maybe the bread first.

Scandinavian Gatherings book - review and giveaway from MADE Everyday with Dana

A few of the recipes I can’t wait to try:

• Cardamom Marshmallows

• Spiced Apple Coffee Cake

• Blueberry Custard Pie (highest on the priority list!)

• Ham, Havarti, and Chive Breakfast Casserole

• Mom’s Maple-Pecan Rings

Scandinavian Gatherings book - review and giveaway from MADE Everyday with DanaScandinavian Gatherings book by Melissa Bahen on MADE Everyday

The subtitle of the book is “From Afternoon Fika to Midsummer Feast: 70 Simple Recipes & Crafts for Everyday Celebrations.”  Which is so cool.   I love learning more about other cultures and everyday customs….especially when it involves darling little mugs .

Scandinavian Gatherings book - review and giveaway from MADE Everyday with Dana

And Melissa shows you how to make them yourself.  All the templates for the same flowers are in the back of the book—including a template for that amazing tray on the cover. YES.

Scandinavian Gatherings book - review and giveaway from MADE Everyday with Dana

She also shares how to make hand-crafted candles, coasters, banners and flower crowns.  And there’s even a section on St. Lucia day, which you know I love.
Scandinavian Gatherings book by Melissa Bahen on MADE Everyday
Scandinavian Gatherings book by Melissa Bahen on MADE EverydayScandinavian Gatherings book - review and giveaway from MADE Everyday with Dana

Scandinavian Gatherings is one of those perfect gift books, that you want to give to everybody that you know.
And today I want to gift one, to one of you!

• Leave a comment! That’s it!
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• Open to U.S. residents only
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• Giveaway ends Friday, February 3, 2017 at 10pm Central Time

Good luck!

Scandinavian Gatherings book - review and giveaway from MADE Everyday with Dana

Thanks Melissa, and congrats on the beautiful book!

  1. 1) J

    I think the recipes sound wonderful!

  2. 2) L

    The food! My grandmother is Swedish and used to make the best desserts.

  3. 3) casey

    I would LOVE to see the templates for the flowers! That is one of my favorite designs.

  4. 4) sAMINA

    I love the idea of the inspirational& crafty stuff you’ve mentioned in the book3

  5. 5) Melissa

    Looks colorful and fun!

  6. 6) Jennie

    My husband’s ancestors are from Sweden and I would love to try some Scandinavian recipes. Also, his favorite treat from his childhood was Cardamom bread, so when I saw Cardamom mentioned above, I knew he would love this book.

  7. 7) Katie Mitchell

    The recipes sound amazing. I’m always looking for fun new recipes to try, and with Scandinavian roots, this is perfect!

  8. 8) Alice S

    Eeek! I would love this book. Like you, I feel “at home” with Scandinavian design and especially try to incorporate pieces of Scandi decorating into my Christmas and wintertime home decor. I enjoy winter so much more if our home feels cozy. Hygge is my favorite new word. I would love to try the crafts you mention such as the handcrafted candles, the banner and coasters. Hope I win!

  9. 9) DeeAnna

    I had a nephew spend two years in Norway, the pictures he sent home were amazing. I love the clean, just enough color and imaginative design–the trolls in Norway are wonderful! And the food sounds so very good, I think that is what I would try first.

  10. 10) Kelly

    Love! ????

  11. 11) Hannah

    What a beautiful book! I am looking forward to browsing its pages. Thanks!

  12. 12) Barbara Garcia

    I would love this book, not for me (although I would love it too) but to give to my sister. She never buys things for herself and is selfless when it comes to her family, ever devoted to each of them. This book IS her!!! I love your website and the simplicity of your videos, and I share “you” with everyone I know who sews or does crafts.

  13. 13) Kelly

    Beautiful book! I have some Swedish heritage.

  14. 14) Annika

    I was looking for new sewing blogs since many of those I used to follow were so inactive, and then I ended up here on the day you are praising Scandinavia! Quite funny since I am Finish but living in Sweden! I can not participate in your giveaway, but still it is fun to notice someone being excited over things that are “normal” here. Good Luck whit the recipes and hope you will enjoy your fika!

  15. 15) Ruth

    What a lovely book! I could see my self forgetting chores to page through it.

  16. 16) TiffanY

    What a beautiful book!

  17. 17) Stefanie

    This looks absolutely lovely!!

  18. 18) Kristin M

    What a beautiful looking book. Some of my ancestors came from Sweden and I have always loved that part of the world.

  19. 19) Tracy

    As a good Scandinavian girl, I love anything that teaches me more about the culture. This book looks so fun!

  20. 20) erica

    Gorgeous!! My swedish friend was JUST telling me about Fika! Love it

  21. 21) Mary

    I’m kinda in love with Scandinavian design right now. This book would be perfect 🙂

  22. 22) laura

    What a beautifully, yummy looking book

  23. 23) Krista

    I LOVE the looks of that book!!

  24. 24) Jessie

    I am Danish and Norwegian and I am always looking for ways to incorporate the culture into my life. This book is calling my name.

  25. 25) Jeny

    Beautiful book! The recipes sound delicious too!

  26. 26) Angelique

    Ooh, pretty pretty! I want to play Scandinavian!

  27. 27) JeNny griggs

    Thank you for sharing this lovely book! Even with the social media craze, I still just adore a lovely book with beautiful pictures and ideas that I can’t wait to try. There is something about actually turning the pages that makes me so happy!

  28. 28) Sara

    Oh the recipes sound so good!

  29. 29) EMILY

    Your blog is an inspiration to me! (thank you)!
    I have Scandinavian roots as well and this books looks amazing.

  30. 30) Kaleigh

    Those do look like yummy rolls! And the art work looks super user friendly! I, too, love to find something inspirational and jump off from there!

  31. 31) Leann

    Love this!!!

    If you are ever in Utah over Memorial Day weekend there is a small town in central Utah (Ephraim) that has a Scandinavian Festival.

  32. 32) Torrie

    LooK’s like a fun book!

  33. 33) judy

    Gorgeous book! Wonderful photography and subjects!

  34. 34) Linda

    would love this book. I am full blooded norwegion so it would fit right in. Linda

  35. 35) Samantha

    The book looks so beautiful- I would love to make that tray on the cover. Scandinavian design is so lovely!

  36. 36) Beth

    Wow, such beautiful photographs. I would love to see the entire book. Those stencil patterns are a must have. Thanks for the chance to win.

  37. 37) Ruth

    Wow! Thank you for the opportunity to win such a beautiful and inspiring book!

  38. 38) Kayte

    My mother in law is Danish. I think my sisters in law wouldn’t love this book! (Me too!).

  39. 39) Tara

    Sounds like a wonderful book!

  40. 41) Kelli o

    Books and blogs are so lovely. Thanks for inspiring us and for the giveaway!

  41. 42) Maggie

    Being almost exclusively housebound except when I get a ride having a book that has recipes AND crafts is like being in heaven!! I love to bake , crochet, and do crafts. Thank you for this wonderful chance for everyone to experience this!! Good luck everyone!!!!

  42. 43) Kate

    oh how fun!

  43. 44) sandy Harsh

    I really like the Scandinavian aesthetic! So clean! The recipes sound delicious as well. Certainly would love to be lucky enough to win this book!

  44. 45) Dimitrina

    This is the book that would inspire me and my kids for cooking and making craft in Scandinavian way.

    The illustrations look amazing!

  45. 46) Kirsten

    Yes, please!

  46. 47) grace clark

    This looks like a beautiful book! I would love to read it, cook some recipes and make some craft projects.

  47. 48) Kathy

    Looks like a fantastic book!

  48. 49) Kristin

    Love Scandinavian design! Those recipes sound delicious!

  49. 50) Stasha rondeau

    I would enjoy reading this book and getting ideas! You are fun to follow!!

  50. 51) Cara

    The color scheme alone had me! I would love to check this book out with a pad of sticky notes.

  51. 52) Susan

    What a beautiful book! I’ll have to look into it!

  52. 53) Christina lee

    OoOo I could flip through those pages for hours!

  53. 54) Tanya @ Greetings From the Asylum

    These are my people! I love it! Thanks!

  54. 55) Brianna P

    I love that this is a crafting cookbook!!

  55. 56) Brittany w.

    This is just beautiful!

  56. 57) Claudia

    Love all things Scandinavian!! Swedish roots run deep!

  57. 58) Leah Johnsey

    I love the clean, minimal designs with just a pop of color! I keep going back to the recipes-we love to cook and eat in my house!!

  58. 59) Michelle

    Someday I would love to go to Norway. But for now, this book would make a wonderful substitute. Thanks for the giveaway!

  59. 60) Cara

    I love this book!!!

  60. 61) Jackie

    This looks like a wonderfully fun book to add to our household.

  61. 62) KATHY

    Looks like a fun book with lots of great ideas.

  62. 63) Jenni arant

    This book looks amazing! I could get some great ideas for when we have smørrebrød for lunch… ????????

  63. 65) Sarah Brown

    Recipes AND crafts! If I don’t win, this is on the top of the book wish list!

  64. 66) Shannon

    the recipes sound heavenly!

  65. 67) Amy G

    That book looks amazing! Baking and crafts in one book, YES!!

  66. 68) Doreen@foxdenrd

    I’m convinced! If I don’t win this book, I’m buying it :). Those dishes sound amazing!

  67. 69) Natalie

    Would love to read & create!

  68. 70) Caron

    This book looks gorgeous and would make such a nice gift to give to my Swedish mother for her Scandinavian library.

  69. 71) Beth

    I’m half scandinavian and would love this book! (so would my mom and sisters!)

  70. 72) ann

    what a beautiful book!

  71. 73) erika D.

    That is a beautiful looking book. I would love to go and visit Scandinavia sometime. My great grandparents came Norway and my husband’s family is Swedish.

  72. 74) Heather

    We have a crew of Scandinavian fans in this house. This book looks like it would be fun for us all.

  73. 75) Paige

    I love beautiful books and your blog has given me so much inspiration and really helped my sewing grow. Thanks Dana

  74. 76) Kirsten

    What a great book! This would be a great gift for so many of my family members. Thanks for sharing!

  75. 77) Emily

    What a gorgeous book!

  76. 78) Magen

    This looks soo fun!.. my best friend lives in denmark, so i libe vicaresly through her & her scandinavian culture, design & foood! Good golly who doesnt like the food!! This would amazing to have! Yay & goodluck to the winner! Ps. Love your tutorials for the many skirts! My 3 yro is skirt obsessssssed!!☺

  77. 79) Meg R.

    I just saw this book featured in Molly Makes magazine!! How fun to see more inside pics from you.

  78. 80) Marilyn

    Looks like a fabulous book!

  79. 81) Sandy b

    Seems like a lot of fun!

  80. 82) Sally

    My mom was scandavaian but never had any recipes! I would love to pass them down even though they skipped a generation????

  81. 83) DyaNna

    Love it! Such whimsical beauty!

  82. 84) Joy H

    Oh my gosh, how do I loveeeeee Scandinavian design!! I can only hope to win!! Thank you Dana!

  83. 85) Susan Terrill

    I just had my DNA done on Ancestry and found out for certain that I am 59% Scandinavian. I knew I was 50% from my mother, but did not know that the Scotch-Irish from my father counted for 9%. I also love all things Scandinavian. We are mostly Swedish and Danish. But I love all of it. This book looks lovely. I learned about Cardamom rolls from my Great-grandmother in Illinois.

  84. 86) JOANNA

    Wow! Looks like an awesome book!

  85. 87) libby

    ah, i love everything scandi, and this book looks so fantastic! definitely going on my wish list.

  86. 88) Holly

    As a person of Norwegian descent, I absolutely get that feeling of home when I see Scandinavian artwork, foods, and color palettes. This book would be a perfect addition to my home to further show off my Norwegian pride!

  87. 89) Sarah

    It looks like a lovely book!

  88. 90) Lydia

    I really enjoy Scandi-style…this book looks really interesting!

  89. 91) Laura

    Fingers crossed that I win! have been waiting forever for this book to come out! I can’t wait to see how it stacks up to my Scandinavian recipes, and adds to my Scandinavian celebrations!

  90. 92) rachel M.

    What an amazing book. It would be fun to have a mom’s night in and make those mugs!

  91. 93) Helen

    I would love this book! Thank you for the chance????

  92. 94) Karen Black

    My daughter just bought her first house and this would be amazing to start her collection off with. She is doing a lot of designing throughout her house that mimmicks the scandinavian culture. Wouldn’t mind having it myself. Love you work.

  93. 95) Joanne wright

    My son’s birthday is December 13th – Saint Lucia day. I have made Saint Lucia bread on his birthday many times. I love the simplicity of Scandinavian designers such as Lotta Jansdotter and the concept of hygge.

  94. 96) Nancy Jo

    I would absolutely love to win this book. It would go great with the collection I have going in my sewing room! Thanks for the opportunity.

  95. 97) Marnie Peck

    Would LOVE this!! Beautiful book!!

  96. 98) Lisa

    What a beautiful book! I would love to give it to my mom.

  97. 99) Amy Oliver

    I would love this book!

  98. 100) Beth

    What a beautiful book!!

  99. 101) Rickie

    The book looks beautiful! I love how bright the colors are.. Would love to pick out a few of these crafts for my home.

  100. 102) Heather

    What a lovely book!! ❤????

  101. 103) Marjory W

    This so reminds me of my dear Swedish friend Maj, my best gardening friend, who sadly passed away 10 years ago. I know I would love the book.

  102. 104) Cindy

    I also felt like I was HOME when we spent a week in Norway a few years ago. I’m half Norwegian with my grandparents born and raised there before coming to this country. I would love to have this book to give to my daughter who lives out in the Mts of Colorado and is in the process of remodeling their little cabin in the woods to look like it’s right from Norway! My Granpy always said, “You could always tell the difference between Norwegian meatballs and Swedish meatballs, the Norwegian were bigger!!” Also of course the ‘sEn instead of ‘sOn at the end of the names!

  103. 105) Becky

    My husband’s grandmother was Swedish and I love bringing that into our home.

  104. 106) Melissa

    My husband’s family takes such pride in their Scandinavian roots. I would love to win this book!! ????????

  105. 107) Lisa

    Love Scandinavian style SOOO much! Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  106. 108) Mandy

    Looks like a fun book!

  107. 109) Rachel B

    I love everything about this! It sounds like a great book!

  108. 110) Catherine

    What a great book! My family is deeply Scandinavian, and this looks like such a great book!

  109. 111) Jennifer

    Ah, this book looks relaxing. In this day and age (when I make myself step away from the screen), this looks like a welcome break/creative feast.

  110. 112) Tara

    As a descendent of Swedish Ancestors, I LOVE this!!!! I totally understand the “coming home” feelings to somewhere you’ve never been!

  111. 113) Stephanie

    Oooh,pick me!,, Thanks for the offer,Dana.

  112. 114) Margaret

    I lived in Stockholm as an exchange student a very long time ago….I saved a few hancradt magazines with stitching patterns. This book reminds me of them!

  113. 115) Tiffany

    This book looks so lovely. Full of inspiration!

  114. 116) Annie dee

    It would be a joy to read this book. Thanks!

  115. 117) NANCY w

    What a lovely book! Thanks for the chance to win.

  116. 118) Kelly

    Beautiful book!

  117. 119) Abby

    love this! so much inspiration in one place 🙂

  118. 120) Jacy

    Ooh, my Swedish grandmother would love this!!

  119. 121) Shelly

    Fun! I love Scandinavian design.

  120. 122) Addie

    The patterns for the mugs and tray are great!

  121. 123) Barbara

    The waffle cookies and the straw wreath look amazing. Thanks for the chance to win this lovely book!

  122. 124) Lydia

    The book seems to be full of ways to learn about and enjoy Scandinavia.

  123. 125) Jean Thompson

    I love the Cover of the Book… All the Recipes and Crafty Ideas are right up my alley.. Love How To books… and if there is Food there too all the Better.. ! ! 1

  124. 126) Demaree Johnson

    I love the pictures you showed! Would love to see it in person!

  125. 127) Nan Wilson

    So beautiful! Need to make the breakfast casserole. I love havarti! And I’m Swedish!

  126. 128) anna

    I’m in a HUGE Danish culture phase right now- love it all!

  127. 129) Fran

    I would love to win. Thanks for the opportunity.

  128. 130) Nancy Curtis

    My great parents came from Sweden and so did my husband’s. My great aunt taught me a few words in Swedish. and I love recipes with cardamom

  129. 131) Kodi Smith

    This looks awesome! I’d love to have a copy on my bookshelf!

  130. 132) Debbie Mc

    Looks like a wonderful book!

  131. 133) Donna

    You have such great ideas

  132. 134) Janine

    I could see that design appliqued on a dress.

  133. 135) MaryEllen

    Scandinavian here!!! I’d love to win!!

  134. 136) Kerry

    Oh this looks delightful!

  135. 137) Pat l.

    Recipes, projects and color–perfect.

  136. 138) Kimberly F.

    Thank you! Fingers crossed!(:

  137. 139) Karen

    It is all about living simply, but with style, grace, and wonderful foods. The simplicity of furniture, decorations, food, is appealing to me and many others.

  138. 140) Miss Becky

    Such a delightful , charming book!

  139. 141) MaryJo

    I would love that book! My paternal grandparents came from Sweden and Norway and I’m from Minnesota, so I absolutely love all things Scandinavian.

  140. 142) Ann

    I would love this book. We are decorating following Scandinavian style currently.

  141. 143) Chatti

    I love the color combinations on the pictures.. This book sounds so fun!

  142. 144) Andi

    This is perfect; I’m always looking for more ideas to incorporate Scandinavian touches into my home.

  143. 145) Lissette Knight

    Those mugs are adorable. That’s book looks magical!

  144. 146) Aly

    Wow. What an awesome book!

  145. 147) MeghAn

    Before I finished reading your whole post, I had alreafy jumped out & onto my library’s website to see if I could reserve this book! Then I finished reading your post & realizd there’s a (small) chance I can actually win it!

  146. 148) Allison Neterer

    Scandinavian everything, please!

  147. 149) Allyson

    What a pretty book!

  148. 150) Sylvia

    Love those heart waffle cookies! So perfect for Valentine’s Day. What a gorgeous book!

  149. 151) Heather

    I have really been wanting to see this book in person. It looks gorgeous online!

  150. 152) Cheryl

    Thank you for sharing this book. It is not a book I would have gravitated to in a book store. Yet, what an awesome book I would be missing out on. It’s refreshing to see and experience new things I didn’t know I would like!

  151. 153) Alix

    Because of you, I am now sewing matching skirts for my daughter and myself. I feel so happy and inspired. Thank you so much as I never thought I’d ever be able to make something so fun and beautiful. I would love your book. It looks elegant ♡

  152. 154) Emily

    This book looks lovely!

  153. 155) Linda Hardwick

    This book looks awesome!

  154. 156) Stargirl

    I would love love love to go to Scandinavia someday. France used to be my top spot if I ever go to Europe, but now Sweden has claimed that!

  155. 157) Roxanne

    Ooh, I’m going to check this book out as soon as I get a chance!

  156. 158) Ellen Taylor-Barth

    This looks like a fabulous book! Hope I can win! Thank you for the giveaway!

  157. 159) Kim

    This looks like a beautiful book! My grandpa’s family was from Sweden and I’ve been trying to incorporate more family heritage in our home and this would be perfect! PS I love your blog and craftiness. 🙂

  158. 160) Liz

    Sounds wonderful. Thanks for the chance!

  159. 161) Tiffany

    hope i win!

  160. 162) Nettie

    I love Scandinavian design!

  161. 163) Amelia

    I would love this book! I would go great with the rest of my Ikea home :).

  162. 164) Becky

    The book looks like great fun!

  163. 165) Sonya

    what a beautiful book!! My Swedish family will love as a gift! thanks for introducing us to it!

  164. 166) hillary P.

    The food! I want to make ALL the desserts you mentioned.

  165. 167) Karen Bearss


  166. 168) Jancy

    So lovely! This looks like a perfect book for some mother daughter crafting and cooking. Thank you for the chance to win!

  167. 169) Cindy cope

    What a beautiful book! I want to make everything!

  168. 170) Jeanine

    If I win this beautiful book, I will gift it to my daughter. Then we could use it together.

  169. 171) Dianne MacDonald

    This looks like a book I need! Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  170. 172) Jennifer

    I have always loved Scandinavian art AND I just received the results of my DNA profile. Lots of Finland and Norway! Would love to get a copy of those book. As always, I look forward to your posts.

  171. 173) Eleanor

    I love this! My teenage daughter would too; she always says that she should be Swedish, given her love for IKEA, Pippi Longstocking, and H&M. 🙂

  172. 174) Danita Courtney

    Simple elegance!

  173. 175) Katy

    How fun! Would love to win a copy!

  174. 176) Nicole

    I would LOVE a copy of this book! It makes me smile!

  175. 177) Vicki

    Yummy Yummy Yummy! Not just the food & recipes, but I love Scandanavian ANYthing! Thanks for the opportunity! Love you blog and visit it often!


  176. 178) Jenny

    I love this! I love the additional decor ideas – so it’s more than a cookbook. Genius!

  177. 179) sydnie florence

    I love Scandinavian design! This book looks beautiful.

  178. 180) H Osborn

    Love this…will purchase one if I don’t win it! Thanks for sharing!

  179. 181) Rachel E

    I would love to get a copy of this book!

  180. 182) Cristina Vidal

    I already love this book!!!! 🙂 Thank you!!

  181. 183) Elizabeth G

    This looks like a LOVELY book! Thanks for the giveaway.

  182. 184) Jessie

    Yes to your comment about making that inside cover into fabric! Would love this book and may need to buy for gifts.

  183. 185) Britta

    This book speaks to me and my Swedish heritage. I have mastered my grandmas Swedish pancakes but have never been able to make cardamon coffee cake that tastes as good as hers! I would love this book!

  184. 186) Emily Obrovac

    Oh my golly, this book is beautiful! I would love it, but it might get me into trouble (and over my head with an 8 week old!)

  185. 187) Britta Hughes

    This book looks amazing! I’ve been wanting to include more traditional things from my ansestors. This would give me a great start!

  186. 188) Marianne

    Love Scandi designs!

  187. 189) gerd

    Denne boken ser veldig pen ut og med masse spennende innhold. Virkelig en bok som inspirerer.

  188. 190) Erica

    You had me at that gorgeous inside cover. LOVE!

  189. 191) Lynda Nollau

    Scandinavian cooking is so warm and homemade looking. Sure wish I had this cookbook!!

  190. 192) berthamae

    A comment!

  191. 193) Kristie

    I need to add this book to my home just based on the few pages and ideas you’ve shown. It’s beautifully designed and I know it would be used often.

  192. 194) Mary Jo

    Just so pretty. wold Love this book. please pick me!!!

  193. 195) Amanda shuler

    I, too, love all things Scandinavian!

  194. 196) Hillary shemes

    Love it! Must visit!!

  195. 197) Shae

    I love Scandinavian design too, beautiful book!!

  196. 198) RIkki

    Great giveaway! This book looks amazing!

  197. 199) Crystal B

    I love Scandinavian design. Especially how clean the lines are and how uncluttered everything feels. This book looks great!

  198. 200) Kaylin

    Love this! I love scandinavian rosemailing! thanks for the giveaway!

  199. 201) Emily Camenga

    What a beautiful book! Would love to win!

  200. 202) Tiffany

    I’ve been loving Scandinavian recipes lately as I just got a fika book for Christmas and am doing my best to wear it out! 🙂 Now I have a new book to add to my list and love the craft ideas it contains.

  201. 203) Lisa

    This book it just adorable, I want those mugs…will have to try making them asap! Thanks for the giveaway

  202. 204) Debbie

    Everything looks so sweet and lovely! 🙂

  203. 205) Kelly

    What a fun and interesting Book!

  204. 206) Alaina

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  209. 211) Kandice Nelson

    This book looks so fun. Fun pictures and colors.

  210. 212) Lena Crow

    I see the waffle cookie recipe and remember eating these long time ago. So many different topics of interest to me. What an interesting and teaching book.

  211. 213) Julia

    What a wonderful give away.

  212. 214) Christy Haggard

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  216. 218) Lucia

    Love it! Scandinavia for ever!

  217. 219) Jackie P

    Thanks for the chance to win a copy of this book, it looks like a great read. Even better though were the pics of your girls from the sewing a journal post. They are adorable.

  218. 220) Glenna Williams

    What a beautiful cookbook, I can hardly wait until Fr i day to see if I win the cookbook,craft book,diy book.

  219. 221) Liz Nicholson

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