say Yes to photographing a book…

Hello friends!
I know it seems a little quiet here.
But if you could hear us in real life, it’s that same circus music on repeat.
It’s been a busy month!….and I’ve got lots to show you….but I can’t show you all of it yet.
How’s that for intriguingly annoying?
I’ll give you a few snippets of the set-up…

This past month I’ve been photographing a book!
A craft/sewing/fun project book!

You know, sometimes it’s hard to know which projects to say yes to and which to pass on.  But photographing a book seemed like a no-brainer, right?? Stylizing and photographing 40 projects, in whichever settings I choose?
Oh, and it has to be done in four weeks?

Gulp.  That’s a small time-frame.
But so far it’s been going great!  I’ve shot almost 30 of the 40 projects.

And when this box showed up on my doorstep, it was just like Christmas morning!   I carefully unwrapped each project and ooo-d and ahhhh-d, scheming about photo styling for each one.

The box was sent to me by the publisher, and is a collection of projects created by other crafters, bloggers, moms, people like you guys!  I have a few projects in there too.  And the book is about—-well, I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to disclose—but let’s just say it’s a fun craft book with some sewing, no-sewing, decorating projects, and even some holiday ideas.

Oh, and there might be some donuts.

And a pretend garden party in my backyard….(just waiting for the sun to set, and for the project to be thrown in)

You know you have a good husband when at the end of the work day, on a sweaty, buggy evening when he walks in the front door and you say, “hey, can you help me carry the table out into the back field so I can set up a faux wedding dinner?”…..well, he gives you that funny look and then asks where exactly it needs to go.

And as you’re walking down the deck stairs, MacGyvering the table around a curve (moments away from your arm muscles failing and mosquitoes eating your ankles) he asks “is this totally necessary?”
“Well, none of this is necessary….but it would be really cool.”
“Then it’s worth it.”

Thank you Casey.

Honestly, I never knew that photographing a book would be so fun.
Photography is really my favorite part of what I do with blogging and sharing.  And it’s exciting to take other people’s projects and make them come to life through stylizing and light.

Of course it’s tons of work too….with tons of different angles and set ups, trying all sorts of different things until you get just the right look.  And I’m sorry I’m not showing you the real photos here because they look so much better than these set-up pics and the process that happens to get the photos just right.
It really is an evolution of sorts.
And sometimes you take an hours-worth of photos and realize you’ve been in the wrong file setting on your camera.  Grrr.  And so you start over…..kind of like picking the seam out of that dress you worked on till 2am?
Yea. That.

And sometimes you have to wait days for the sun to come out so that at 2pm when Clara is home from preschool you can throw a garland in the frame, throw a Clara on the chair, and hope that she feels like blowing kisses to a 4 foot tall flamingo.

And then there are times when you don’t need a model, but your favorite Sleeping Beauty 3-year old jumps into frame, and refuses to leave.

Me again?
Did you miss me?

And while we’re at it, lets wrangle Lucy into the shot too.

Oh Lucy.
She’s been wrangled into so many photos and setups over the years.  And thankfully (most of the time) she still enjoys doing it, and gives it her own little kick.

So, that’s what I (and we) have been up to.
I promise I’ll be back soon!
In fact, I might have a new video ready for you very soon.
In the meantime…good morning, good afternoon, and happy Spring!

  1. love it Dana! and i know the pictures will be soooo amazing! yay for a family that works together. 🙂

  2. 2) Connie

    You are SO cool Dana!!

  3. 3) June


  4. You are the perfect person to style and photograph a book! Can’t wait to see the finished product. And I totally know that…kids wanting to be in pictures when you don’t want them to be, and them refusing to be in pictures when you want them to be in them…thing. haaaaa!

  5. so cool! congrats!! sounds like a lot of fun and a lot of work!!!!

  6. 6) Amelia

    I want that flamingo!!!

  7. 7) Hope Guerena

    i wanted to let you know. There is video ad in the middle of your blog. It is really obnoxious (someone addicted to the smell of trash bags?!?). I understand wanting to earn money from your blog, but please find a better way to do it.

    The book sounds neat. Hope to see it soon.

  8. 8) Stacey

    What an awesome opportunity! I know the pictures will be beautiful. My cousin recently photographed a sewing book; I’m so proud of her!

  9. 9) deeanna

    Your girls are darling. Can’t wait for a peek at the book!

  10. 10) Petra

    Sounds awesome 🙂 and great that you get to do what you love most! You’re a natural! Greetings from Melbourne 😀

  11. 11) ConnieG

    Tantalizing!!…and BTW thanks for the cute smiles!

  12. Oh WOW!! A book with your photography has GOT to be a fantastic one, and with fun DIY projects in it to boot? When it comes out, I’ll be all over that! Good luck with the rest of the project! 🙂 Lisa

  13. Ahhh, these are all amazing!! I want that flamingo! You really do take stunning photos. 🙂

  14. I love these!! What a fun project! Like the best part of writing a book, without all of the writing! haha. I can’t wait for you to come on over, whenever! xo

  15. How very exciting! Can’t wait to see the finished result. Love your beautiful web site, your patterns, and great video tutorials! I’ve learned so many useful techniques from your great tutorials.

  16. Hey Dana! I found you via your yarn/strong light pendant tutorial on Youtube. Wow, your book sounds all sorts of fun, intimidating, and lots of work all at the same time!
    I’m working on a book too, so feel your pain! Glad I’m not a perfectionist because otherwise it would never get finished 🙂 Best of luck.

  17. 18) Katie

    DANA! Photographing a book?!!!! That’s amazing. Wow, it looks so great. You are always so inspirational to me!! I can’t wait to see the book!

  18. 19) meg

    Excited to see what you photograph. How true is that about photography– you are waiting for the right light/weather to hit. Sometimes you make do with sub par lighting but yes it’s best to wait. I would love to hear your though process on how you decided to stylize the products. I love the behind the scenes– all the work/planning/prep that goes into the picture shots.

  19. 20) Kelci

    HI, this is way off topic but I love the chairs used in the outdoor dining pictures. Can I ask where they are from? Thanks!

    • 21) Dana

      The white chairs are from Ikea!

  20. 22) KD

    Congratulations!!! What an exciting project! This is a bit random, but where did you get those amazing lemon/lime shoes in the picture of the box? I can’t tell if they’re yellow or chartreuse but they’re fabulous!

    • 23) Dana

      Thanks! They’re kind of a neon yellow and I bought them at Old Navy, but a year ago 🙁 I have them in neon pink too! You can see them in the new leggings video at the end:

      Sorry that doesn’t help you much….maybe they’ll come out with them again!

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