Save, Spend, and Share Bank with GUEST: Smile and Wave

One of my favorite blogs these days is Smile and Wave. Rachel’s style is vintage with a modern twist, her photos are colorful and fun, and her projects are inspiring. If you’re not following her, you need to add one more blog to your list. You’ll never regret it!
Rachel has two boys in her life and a sweet daughter. I love peeking in on their family just to check out their cool clothing.

And her simple Before and After projects make me want to drop everything and head to the thrift store (of course, when do I not want to do that?….)
Recently Rachel purchased a Save, Spend, and Share children’s bank for her son. The bank concept was great but the look was too “blah” for her home. So in true Rachel style, she made her own using recycled bottles, cool paper, and a bit of glue. Educational for kids, cool looking for mom? My kind of project!

So let’s hear all about it from Rachel…..
Hi, I’m Rachel Denbow from Smile and Wave where I share about vintage finds, home decor, DIY’s, and general messes that my children and I like to make together. My entry into motherhood started out with a son. And like all mamas of boys, I realized there wasn’t much out there commercially that appealed to me. So if I needed something I was going to have to make it myself. Sebastian was born right after Etsy started gaining momentum and I was thrilled to have a place to find handmade things for my son that I could live with.
Soon after having my son, I started blogging and have been thankful to know there are many other mamas out there who want a little more for their little men! I stumbled upon Celebrate the Boy last year and was inspired all over again to be creative for my son. I hoped to make things for my son that I thought were more aesthetically pleasing and would also enhance his environment and encourage his imagination.
We’ve recently moved into a new house so I’ve been planning a few projects that fit the new space, one being a geometric mobile that rests above his bed, and another is a wall full of vintage chalkboards that I’ve been collecting for the last two years. I’ll share those photos in a room tour later this month so feel free to stop by in a few days!

Thank you, Dana and Rae, for hosting such an inspiring project and giving us all the encouragement and motivation to keep making for our little men!

Thank you Rachel for sharing your fresh ideas with us! What a simple, educational, and fun project. Click HERE for the complete Save, Spend, and Share Bank Tutorial on Smile and Wave.

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