I know what you’re thinking….she left out the “D”! Sorry folks. There’s no dancing involved in this competition…..other than maybe a nervous dance, or a why am I up till 2am finishing this project? dance, and hopefully a victory dance here or there? But that’s up to YOU to decide.

When Missy contacted me two months ago (right as we were loading our moving truck) with her idea for a Crafter/Sewer online competition I wanted to drop everything right then and get sewing. Since becoming an avid Project Runway watcher I’ve always thought it would be fun to post some weekly challenge ideas on the blog and have everyone participate with their interpretation of it. But that was the extent of it. It was just a thought.

Enter: Missy with her fabulous blog, her fabulous competition idea, and a group of very fun crafters to get it all going. Missy, you’re genius! Thank you for making it happen.

10 crafters
10 weeks
10 weekly challenges

* A Theme will be posted at the beginning of the week.
* Crafters create their interpretation of that theme (we already have this week’s theme in the works).
* Projects will be posted on SoYouThinkYou’reCrafty and YOU and ANYONE can go online and vote for your favorite! (all projects will be anonymous).
* The Winner will be announced on Monday and their project’s tutorial will be on the SYTYC website. (and the losing project crafter will be eliminated).

And that’s how it works! Sounds fun right? I agree. And look at this great group of ladies we’re talking about:
A talented bunch! I just pray I can keep up with it all. A challenge each week? Okay. Baby steps to the next week. Baby steps. And in the middle of that week…try to throw in a bunch of handmade Christmas gifts and upcoming craft boutique inventory. ‘Tis the season to be busy!

The first challenge will be posted THIS Monday, 11/2 on the SYTYC website. I’ll have a reminder here on MADE and I always have the SYTYC button on my sidebar.

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