Runway snippets

I haven’t done a Runway Rundown in a while.
To be honest, there’s just been waaay too much drama on the show to get me motivated. Seems that every week is a team challenge, which only fuels prima donna fires.

But this past week the designers were on their own and I absolutely loved two of the looks.
At first they thought they were creating men’s wear, since Heidi brought a line of men onto the runway. But instead, they were taking input from the guys on what their wives or girlfriends would like. It was funny to get the men’s spin on things.

These were my two favorite looks….

From Joshua, a simple black dress. Darling! Gorgeous! And really, the blue shoes were the perfect touch. Josh was super worried when his client said “keep it very, very simple”. It was kind of fun to see him squirm in his seat since he’s been the source of a lot of drama. But he pulled it off! I would love to wear this dress and twirl around a bit.
From Viktor–a colorful ensemble. It totally helps that his client is super forward-thinking in her style and look. Her hair really tops off the outfit. But wow. I LOVE this! I want to wear it. In fact that’s what I love most–it’s unique, yet so wearable. That’s definitely a fine line since sometimes the judges frown upon things that are too wearable (or ordinary).
And oddly enough, I pinned this skirt on the right last week., thinking it would be fun to make. Viktor read my mind!
There wasn’t anything ghastly or horrible, in my opinion. And I didn’t care for Anya’s kimono at all, though the judges loved it. Just not my flavor.

And that’s it; short and sweet this week (watch the full episode HERE).
What did you love?

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