Runway Rundown: What’s Mine is Yours

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Well, overall a decent episode. There were only two looks I really liked. But hey, a little Ivy drama (while toooootally annoying) is pretty entertaining. And how great was the farwell to Casanova? He even got his own American Idol montage at the end! “Exaaaaaactly”.

So, this week the designers were challenged to create Resort Wear. It could be anything from a bathing suit to a flowy dress to whatever you yourself would wear in a resort environment. Mondo was at a quick a loss, claiming that going to a resort was like sitting in his underwear in his front room. But he managed to whip up a colorful swimsuit. Unfortunately, no one really liked it. But before I get too far ahead of myself….the big twist came when Tim pulled out the velvet bag and paired the designers up with each other! Each designer had to be a tailor for the other designer’s work and sew their garment just as they described and envisioned. The goal was to help them see how it works in the real fashion world, with getting samples made and outsourcing your work.

Man, these challenges where you pass your hand of cards to the person on your right would be hard! Each designer knows their own strengths and where they’re going with an idea. So to trust someone else to complete your work takes real patience and trust.

So, here we go…

LEFT: Andy’s one-piece suit with flowy wrap was my favorite. The purple was gorgeous, especially with the color gradient. And it just rippled its way down the runway, billowing with each step. Did you notice how effortlessly the model tied the skirt back on when she posed at the top of the runway? Impressive.
RIGHT: Two weeks in a row for April! The girl likes black and I think she did a great job. It’s fun and playful, without looking cheap. And the top neckline adds intrigue. My husband thought it looked like lingerie and well, it definitely could be. But if you’re talking “resort wear” from a girl with dark style, this is it.

What the Judges liked:
This linen dress came from Michael D and was beautiful but it didn’t grab me like it did the judges. I thought the side bra/swimsuit? part was weird looking. And it didn’t seem to fit very well.
Of course the real irony was that Ivy was the sewer here. She made his dress look perfect. Yet, Ivy’s garments that were sewn by Michael were a complete mess and ended up on the chopping block.

There weren’t any other looks that I really liked. How about you?
Okay, moving on…..

LEFT: Casanova! Bye bye latin lover. Seriously though. Okay, his outfit wasn’t all that horrible but it really wasn’t “resort wear”. I like that the shirt is feminine in a very extreme boatneck kind of way. But it’s very strange the way it’s sewn next to the shoulders. Overall, the colors are drab, the lacy belt is very matronly, and his model looked so uncomfortable with every step. I kept wondering if her top was about to slip down or something. She just looked awkward. Michael Kors’ summary, “She’s a hooker or a Grandmother? Going up a wheelchair ramp.” Classic.
So, Casanova got the boot. And everyone was sad to see him go, even Tim Gunn, “Casanova, what are we going to do without you??”. “Well, I just live down the street Tim!” (heh, heh, heh, heh).
RIGHT: Ivy’s mess. I think Michael D described it perfectly, “she looks like the Statue of Liberty”. The clothes weren’t horrible….they were just boring old clothes. When their team challenge started, Ivy was worried about Michael’s ability to complete her design vision. So she kept dumbing it down and eventually it was just a bleh ensemble.
Ivy is very proud of her Parson’s school education. But not all designers have the same background. Some are self-taught and don’t know certain terminology and jargon, though they can beautifully execute a garment. So I can see where Michael D. was coming from. I’d be terrified to have Ivy sitting over my shoulder, watching me sew and critiquing my every move. “You don’t want to see a Korean woman get mad.” Yea, probably not. I was glad the judges pointed out that while she may be educated, so far she’s nothing more than a fine seamstress. A designer needs more ingenuity and surprise.

Okay….these two outfits made it to the next round but? (scratching my head)
LEFT: Christopher knows how to drape well and his model looks fine. But that fabric print is just strange to me. I don’t get it at all. The whole outfit is kind of well, not PR looking to me. I can’t pinpoint it. I just don’t like it.
RIGHT: Valerie. What’s going on? Two episodes of strangeness.
This week, instead of the standard Tim Gunn walk-around in the work room, Michael Kors gave his input. When he got to Valerie’s table he was bold, ” You keep going back to colors that quite honestly, no one likes. The addiction to this cadet blue and the bordeaux….I’m telling you, just move on.” Well, I gotta say that blue would have been way more interesting than the drab brown that looks nude next to her skin. The whole ensemble was just weird to me and kind of cheap. And really, I love me a good chevron look (got something coming at you next week!) but I just don’t like those shorts. Oh well, I would have been sad if Valerie had gone home. Especially since she said she would literally DIE if she didn’t make it to Fashion Week. Wow. Dramatic. I hope she picks up the pace a little bit.

* Did you notice the cute red/white striped pillow on the boat where Gretchen was sitting? Reminded me of the growing stack of IKEA stripes I need to use.
* WHAT was Heidi’s Halloween witch look on runway day? My husband glanced up and said, “she looks like a broom”.
* Mondo and Michael C: from designer disgust to BFFs! I mean, seriously….did you notice them sitting on the couch with their arms draped tightly around each other?? They almost looked conjoined. Everything about the dynamic duo was awwwesome.
When the designers were paired, of course no one wanted to be with Michael C. But Mondo was the lucky duck and he quickly told Michael to his face: “I’m not excited about this at all because your construction is awful. I can’t believe you don’t have a ruler.”

He then told the camera, “I think I should quit right now because I know I’m going home.”

And after letting Michael C. prove himself by showing that he could actually sew and execute the vision, Mondo revised his tune, “After working with Michael C. for a few hours, I can tell he’s a good guy, and he wants to learn and he wants to grow and I was just being a D*@%. I was such a jerk at first but now we have two beautiful garments to put on the runway.”

Well stated Mondo. It’s nice to see someone fess up to their own jerkiness and turn it around. From there on out, Mondo and Michael were chummy elves, hopping around the workroom together. Funny.

Other good quotes of the night from Michael D and Casanova:
Michael D:
* It would be great not to feel like you’re a complete doo-doo head.
* My piece looks fabulous. Ivy’s piece looks like S*%$. And I feel horrible.
* I’m handing over what I do best to Ivy and she’s handing over her neurosis to me.

* Gretchen really thought I was retarded

* In the end I have to say I grab one ball of NY and NY grab one of mine.
Bye Bye Casanova.

Not much Tim Time this episode but let’s hear what he and Casanova talked about….
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And that’s a wrap! What are your thoughts?

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