Runway Rundown: Race to the Finish

Okay, this season of Project Runway is funny. The personalities are all over the board and great for entertainment, which I love. Some past seasons (Irina and Carol-Hannah?) have been quite dry as far as personal charm goes. That being said, the season seems to be missing those one or two designers that just continue to wow us over and over again (like Christian or Seth Aaron always did). I mean, I’m totally rooting for Mondo and I like Andy’s flair. But man, that’s about it. Christopher is adorably cute but I don’t love what he makes. And Gretchen? If I have to see another “sleeve” draped over her model, a la Anna Maria’s Museum Tunic (which is gorgeous btw) I’m gonna barf. Okay, that’s a little much. That sleeve style is pretty. But come ON. ENOUGH OF THAT LOOK. Michael C? Eh. Valerie, you need to go. And Ivy, hasta la vista!!!

I guess what I mean to say is: I love this season. It’s super fun. But the creations aren’t as amazing as some past seasons. Phew. Got that off my chest.

Okay, let’s see what the designers were up to this week.

THE CHALLENGE: Create a high-fashion couture look that incorporates a Loreal eye-shadow finish and will appear in a Loreal Paris Advertorial. The designers had 2 days to work on their creations.
The BIG Prize: $20,000 for the winner!
The curveball: After working hard the first day, Tim announced that they each had to create a 2nd look that’s a “ready to wear” version of the expensive couture look. Everyone groaned. But I loved some of their read-to-wear looks better than the originals! In fact, there was only ONE look that I really sort of liked. So let’s check it all out….

A very dramatic look from Andy and the only one I liked. His eyeshadow finish was “metallic” and I think he accomplished that perfectly without being obvious.
It’s not something I would ever wear but I was super impressed with the craftsmanship and creativity. Definitely a “wow” kind of outfit. And the boots built into the pants were awesome! The ready-to-wear look was beautiful in a simple/stunning way.

Mondo’s eye-shadow finish was: Bright. No shock there! And though Mondo won the challenge…..eeeeesh…..I did not like this. Is anyone with me?? The fit was horrible! I was so glad that Nina pointed out the “inexpensive” black fabric on the skirt because I thought the same thing when it came out on the runway only my brain said, “looks cheap, like Claire’s accessories”. Yikes. I think the stripes and plaid are really fun together I just hate the design and fit of the dress. I was actually kind of shocked that he won! Sorry Mondo. You’re still number 1 in my book.
The ready-to-wear look on the right however was darling; very sell-able. I’d like one! With sleeves.

NEXT, Gretchen’s finish was: Velvet. And the judges loved it.
Um, my head is raw from scratching. What tha? Okay, the sewn on feathers are cool/pretty. But I DO NOT LIKE THIS. It’s a glam-hippie halloween costume! Again, am I missing something?? Even the ready-to-wear look was boring. Please show us something else Gretchen. Of course maybe you guys think that about me. Haah! It’s a hard line to draw. Every designer has their own look and should be true to their aesthetic. I guess I’m just bored with hers.

The judges put this ensemble from Michael C. in the bottom. I didn’t think it was all that horrible. However it doesn’t feel fashion-forward. It’s a bit stuck in the 80s, in a not-so-good way.
Mostly though, I loved Michael Kor’s review:
I think you had a big problem with this gown, a ball gown. You know, it’s not the most modern thing. So, to wire the hem like that and give us this ridiculous train and then to style her like Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Wind?? It’s not a costume challenge. I mean hello! she’s got all the curtains from Tara ripped off the wall and put into the one dress.
Tara! Well stated.

This was a wreck. And I’m so glad Ivy’s gone. Is it bad to want someone off like that? I feel mean. But it was her time (actually 3 weeks ago was her time).
Her eyeshadow look was: Bright. And in her mind that meant “Hawaii and waves”.
Ugh. This is so bad. The back is pretty and definitely the best part. But that front?? The “waves” aren’t even spaced evenly. What is that big gap on her right thigh? Bye Bye Ivy.
In Ivy’s words: I think that I’m a really good designer.
In Michael Kor’s words: I think they look like Bridesmaids dresses from under the sea. If you look at this dress, it’s doing everything wrong that you could do to a woman’s body.

Next train wreck…..Valerie.
I don’t think there’s a comeback for her; her days are numbered (next week?). You know, I would have perfectly fine if Ivy and Valerie had both gone home. Rude?
Okay, her eyeshadow: Crystal.
I hate both of these dresses. And I especially hate that black dress with the slightly diagonal front. It looks off. And the chunky model is back! Okay, she’s not chunky, in fact I’m sure she’s skinnier than me. But compared to the other models, she looks funny on the runway…like a buff athlete trying to be a model. She walks so odd.
Michael Kor’s summary: You’re trying to make a structured dress out of soft fabric. It’s like trying to make a winter coat out of kleenex. And the only possible accessory she could use with this is a wand. It literally looks like (motions like he’s a fairy) “I love you, and you, and you. ding!”

Nina: I think this looks like a beauty pageant dress. It’s like she’s Miss Guatemala.
Valerie: My family is from Guatemala

Michael’s overall summary of the 3 bottom looks:
I think it’s an unbelievably tight race for hideous today. It was My Fair Lady, Gone with the Wind, and Little Mermaid.

And Christopher’s look moved through without any comments but…..yew. Weird weird. Ugly? I don’t like this. I’m not into the nude fabric that highlights her boob in white. Her hips look way bigger than they are and it’s all just strange.
There just wasn’t much to love this week. Did you feel the same?

On a brighter note….

Who knew Mondo was Celebrating Yellow with us?? Rad boots.
And though he looked like a woman for most of the episode (must have been the headband), I liked watching him drink a Capri Sun. He’s so cute, no matter what he does.
Unfortunately for him, the sipping involved blah, blah, blah from Mother Hen.
UPDATE: Two of you just pointed out THIS fabulous commercial for Mondo Fruit Drinks from the 90s. Awesome. How did I miss that trend?

Tim chasing the dog around Mood made me chuckle:
And I loved hearing everyone’s thoughts on winning $20k!

Mondo: Wow, I haven’t made over $12,000 in a year, and to win $20,000?! Wow, that’s amazing…..
(After winning the Challenge): I have $20,014 in my bank account now.

April: I hope I win because not only would I pay off my student loans, but I would buy a miniature pony!

Gretchen: I’m so sick of money collectors calling me

Other Quotes of the night….
Tim (talking to Valerie about her look that wasn’t working): Listen to me, listen to me, listen to me. This is an issue that every designer faces. You have a vision, you don’t want to compromise it. But you don’t have the time. So you’re now released from it.
SO true. Sometimes it feels so wonderful to be freed from your creative brain.

April: I need a Redbull.
It’s a good thing I have long legs and can run a lot because Mood is…..huge.

Gretchen (watching her own garments on the runway): Oooo I love the side slit action. Holla!
Does it get more annoying than that?

Michael Kors: The slits….they were “heidi high”

And that’s a Runway wrap. Did you like the looks??

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