Runway Rundown: Larger Than Life

Project Runway, Season 8, Episode 2: Larger Than Life

Well after your response to last week’s Project Runway post I guess some of you would like a weekly Runway Rundown post. Okay! We’ll see how it goes. If anything, maybe it’ll start a fun chain of comments. I love to see what you thought of it all too.

So first, the good and the bad (from my perspective).
Then a quick rundown of PR moments.

This first batch didn’t make it in the top 3 but there were things about them that I loved.
LEFT: The execution of the yellow dress didn’t totally work and bunched up in front. But I loved the color (shocker) and the whole look. Great stylizing. Very young and Marie Claire appropriate.
MIDDLE: The dress was very feminine and I actually liked the color palette.
RIGHT: Great ensemble. Everyone needs a black pencil skirt and the shirt was dainty yet mature. Of course I could never wear anything that low-cut but she looks like a modern lady. I like the hair too.

Next up…..
LEFT: Mondo’s outfit felt young and flirty. I’m not sure I like the ruffly bit stuff on the shirt. I can’t really tell what it is? A bow? But I love the way he turned tweed into a youthful bouncy skirt. Definitely thinking outside of the box. Great shoe choice.
RIGHT: I don’t care for the gray dress part but I love what she did with the top. Really cool looking.

The Judges Top pick of the night:
I really like the look too and it was brilliant looking on the huge billboard shot. But when I saw this shot from the side, holy moly. You’d definitely need a tank top under that. All in all, very unique, cool, cute, interesting. Gretchen has won two weeks in a row now! She’s way more interesting than I thought she’d be after hearing her description in the first episode. She talked about being a granola girl who loves organic fabrics and lives on a farm. Never would have thought that!

Okay, moving on to…


Seriously? Seriously.
LEFT: Oh Peach! We were hoping you’d reduce our stereotype of you and those toile capri pants from your suitcase. But man, you’re not making it very easy. The dress is something from the girl’s Easter dress Department at J.C. Penny. Yes, the fabric is a bit Hobby Lobby. But there could be a cute dress in there somewhere. I kept hoping she’d make a really elaborate collar or at least a bodice that was more flattering. Maybe some cool contrasting piping in the brown fabric? Oh well. Next.
RIGHT: Not even sure where to start. How about the designer? A bit cuckoo? Complaining about this, complaining about that. Using safety pins to close the dress? (not even done in a cool way.) and well just an ugly dress. Won’t miss you Jason. You really should have gone home last week for your stapled backwards kimono. Brother.

And a couple more I just didn’t like….
LEFT: I know, I know, the Red dress made it to the top 3. But it’s not working for me. I hate the top. It’s not very flattering, the collar feels floppy, and overall it’s too sporty for me. Just my opinion! I’m sure there are many who like it! And that’s perfectly fine too.
RIGHT: It’s not good, it’s not bad it’s just totally boring. You get a chance to make something that expresses your style, for a HUGE Marie Claire billboard and this is what you come up with?? Very drab and the model looks like she’s 50. Hmmm, not really their target audience.

And now, the RUNDOWN:

* I love that the show is now 1 1/2 hours! The extra half hour really adds good behind-the-scenes footage. I’m always curious about what it’s like living with a bunch of random competitors, how things pan out in the work room, what it’s like getting ready for the runway show. Now we get to see more of that!
* Tim time. With more time on the show we also get more Tim Gunn! Was it just me or did they show more of his designer chit-chat input than they usually do? They even had real interview bits with him! Tim, we love you.
* Heidi’s hair is bad. Let’s just say it. Bad cut, bad color, matronly. She looks 15 years older than she is.
* Casanova asking for pattern-making advice from A.J. Dude, I’m on A.J.s side. I mean, it’s a competition. If you’ve made it to the Project Runway level, you should probably know how to do that stuff.
* No one hugged Jason when he got the boot. Not to mention, Jason just walked out on his out without even waiting for Tim to do the requisite “clean up your workspace” bit. I guess when other designers are calling you “creepy” and making Pyscho-knife gestures behind your back, hugs are optional. Sorry Jason. This show wasn’t your platform.
* Crying scenes are always good. I really hate to laugh at someone’s expense. I’m not entirely laughing. But the tears are the reason my husband will watch the show with me (and for Tim Gunn too).
Speaking of, if you need more Tim Time, check out this short video called Under the Gunn:

And there you have it! A Project Runway Rundown.
All in all, some fun personalities this season!

So…….what are your thoughts????

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