Runway Rundown–Episode 2: my pet project

Okay, I liked this episode so much better than the first. Mostly because I love the “unconventional challenge”. I still remember one of the first seasons I watched (season 2 or 3?), and the designers had to use materials from a floral shop. Chloe Dao made a gorgeous party dress out of fresh green leaves. I can still picture it in my mind. These kind of challenges get my creative mind churning.

So for this “outside-of-the-box” week, the designers went to the pet shop for all their sewing supplies.

Tim advised them to stay away from items that were fabric based and to really push themselves to be unconventional, “just don’t use a dog bed for fabric.

AND….cut to Bert, “Can you get that dog bed down for me?”

Great editing.

Bert was pretty annoying this episode. He didn’t like the challenge and since he had immunity, put no effort into the judging criteria. Come on dude, where’s your pride?! Kick butt, always!

And everyone though Falline had it in the bag since she’s such a crafty type. Well, she ended up on the bottom but I’m glad she didn’t go. She’s just so cute. I know more cuteness will come out of that sewing brain.

And this?? Wow. Josh got the boot and rightfully so. I don’t care if you sort of met the requirements of the challenge…who walks into the pet store and thinks that some gaggy puppy dog umbrella is going to make a cute dress?? Oh wait, it didn’t. His ensemble was way worse than Julie’s hot pink jammie fabric from last week….and he chose it!

The gem of the show for me was Anthony’s birdseed dress. Way to really take a risk and do it beautifully. It was fun watching him glue the final pieces on his model as she laid on the floor.

Let’s check out the final looks.


LEFT: Julie’s paper bag ensemble ended up in the middle but I loved it; thought it deserved higher praise. It was so creative and the back was really cool–interesting contrast with the stripes.

RIGHT: Joshua’s aquarium rock shirt was unique; I loved the 80s vibe and he had me laughing throughout the episode. I agree with the judges though….he needed to tone down the styling and just let the outfit shine.

LEFT: I thought Anthony’s bird seed dress should have won. But it was a showdown between Heidi and Nina–who’s biggest complaint with the dress is that it was too short. I agree, it would have been better with 4 more inches of “pencil skirt” on it. But come on. It was amazing!

RIGHT: Olivier’s hampster bedding dress won and it was lovely. Cool texture, cool muted colors. And funny, I seriously had a shirt like that from Express in college. EXACTLY the same style and very similar fabric. Anyway. I thought it was strange that they didn’t get on his case about using a dog bed for the shirt. It was never even brought up! I mean yea, he made a cool look but didn’t it seem easy to create that top?


LEFT: When Becky picked up those purple leaves I got excited (can you tell I like foliage?) I think the bodice is fabulous. But the green and yellow leaves totally ruined it for me. They look cheap and tacky–um…like they belong in a fish aquarium?

MIDDLE: Next up is Bert’s “nasty-a** dress”, according to one of the designers. I thought it was okay, in a bachelorette party kind of way. But again, step up to the plate dude. Be part of the challenge.

RIGHT: Fallene was torn apart by the judges for her dress but I didn’t think it was that bad. They hated her color palette. Really? It wasn’t anything that grabbed me but I thought the red/orange was kind of a pretty fall shade. And overall, it was a better dress than Anya’s “seen that before shirt” below. Just sayin.

LEFT: Who would have thought Viktor’s dress was made of wee-wee pads? Great dye job.

MIDDLE: Laura’s cardboard skirt was cool.

RIGHT: I really don’t like these shirts Anya’s putting out. Two weeks in a row now and a strange style to me. But I don’t really like halter tops.


LEFT: I couldn’t understand why Bryce didn’t dye the wee-wee pads or find some other way to mask them. They don’t look good in the blue. But I do understand what he was saying about getting so engrossed in the project and trying to finish on time, that you just don’t come up for air till it’s too late and you realize your dress is a mess. Better luck next week Bryce.

RIGHT: Josh totally deserved to go. Regardless of the challenge, that is one super duper ugly outfit. The sad part is, he was really proud of it. Bye Josh.

And that’s about it.

Your thoughts?

Is Olivier a vampire? Seriously he’s got Cullen written all over him…the hair color, the lack of smiles, his accent. Though what’s with the accent. Isn’t he from Ohio?…and Milan…and London?

And on an unrelated note, anyone watching Design Star?

I love Kellie and Meg but man, that Kathy drives me nutso!

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