Runway Rundown: Episode 13

Okay, that has got to be the most awkward ending to a Project Runway episode, ever. I mean, sure…be bummed about not making it to Fashion week….but crying like a baby, for 10 minutes??
There’s obviously some deeper issues there with Michael and his family and feeling accepted by his parents. So I hope he’s worked through it now. And I have to think he’s embarrassed now as he watches the show. Wouldn’t you love it if someone calls him on it next week during the reunion? Seriously, it was uncomfortable….for everyone.
It’s a bummer he’s gone because I was actually looking forward to his collection. They showed this for a moment and I thought, oooooo!
Whereas, when this popped up on screen I thought….ew.
So, this week was the first part of the finale; the episode where Tim goes to each of their homes, meets their families, and checks on their progress. It’s always my favorite episode because I love to see the designers in their natural environment. And I love to see funny Tim moments like this:
…totally freaked out and disgusted by Andy’s fish.
But how cool was it that Andy was so industrious and had an entirely hidden skill set? Right before Tim showed up at Andy’s house Casey said to me, “man, that Andy guy is really just a woman, right?” And then they showed Andy working on the farm, caring for plants in the greenhouse, cultivating fish and Casey revised his comment, “wow, I’m really impressed by him. I can’t believe he can do all that stuff.”
I really like Andy. He’s very low-key, honest, and just a good guy.

So let’s see what the designers created.
Since the final four designers were competing for three spots at Fashion week, they each had to show two looks from their collection and then had to create one final look for the collection. So, they had to show three things to the judges.

MONDO was my favorite. I could have done without the weird bows on their heads. But I loved the colors and the tailored fun in his clothing. And I LOVED his added look on the left (though I wish the girl was wearing a bra, which is why I’m showing you the back of it.)
I thought the long dress was really cool and was glad Heidi liked it, though Nina snubbed it. It was obvious he would move on to Fashion Week. We would have rioted if he hadn’t!

I can see why the judges were on his case about showing them a bunch of bare-skinned outfits. And while I don’t care for the bikini, I really love the other two looks. Very beautiful. He’s through to the next round too.
He got the boot! I was bummed for him (until the bad crying spell) and didn’t mind his orange/copper palette at all. I liked what Michael Kors said though…that simply having all your models in the same color does not make a collection, a collection. But I thought it was pretty. And I really liked that feather dress. I’d wear it! (with a better looking top). Sorry Michael. Best of luck in Palm Springs.
Wow. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Okay, I think the dress on the left is okay/cute for a casual stroll at the beach or shopping on Melrose. But the other stuff? The Janet Jackson side-boob jacket?? I do NOT get that one and thought it was completely ridiculous.
The judges moved her on to Fashion week. Ugh. But at least they gave her some input about how granola and simple her stuff is.
Michael Kors: Michael’s girl wakes up at midnight and your girl?…when the sun goes down she locks the door.
We’ll see what she brings next week.

MOMENTS from the Finale:

* How funny was this hug? Wouldn’t they make an awkwardly great couple?
* Mondo plays the piano! And he has a hot pink room! I love him even more now.
And he gave some great advice…
Mondo: you might doubt that you’re cool because you draw or you paint and you’re not outside playing baseball. You are cool….it just might take a while.
I’ve often thought about this too. It’s just a matter of time before you find your niche group and before the mainstream hobbies realize you’re doing something cool and interesting.

* Tim: Well Mondo wouldn’t be Mondo without being surrounded by Flotsam and Jetsam
Well stated Tim and thanks for all the great faces this episode.
And that’s a Runway Wrap. Your thoughts?

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