Runway Rundown: Episode 12

Well, I think like Gretchen, I’ve lost a bit of my steam. It could also do with the fact that I’ve got a cold and that the electrical power went out Thursday night in our neighborhood (which was a fun excuse to eat dinner at Chipotle and stay out late with the kids). Thankfully our DVR captured PR later. Woohoo! So, here I am. This is going to be a fast, unorganized, “here are my thoughts” type of rundown.
Make a look inspired by a New York City landmark.

Bye Bye April. I won’t miss your potty mouth. I will miss your bun. And you still have plenty of years left to make it big!
Tim warned April while picking out fabrics at MOOD: Given your palette of the season you may want to think about just a little bit of surprise.
She sounded like she was going to, but, nope.

And I’m SO glad Michael Kors called her on it. He did it so well:
The sameness is so numbing. You have made a version of this garment so many times I can’t even count. There’s never any joy in your clothes. And the asymmetry. She’s a pregnant witch. I don’t know what else to say.

Michael C’s winning look I thought was really pretty. Effortless looking and classy. Though the back is way too low I think, and makes her body look strange. And I thought he would get reamed for making a dress, inspired by…a Dress! The moment he said “Statue of Liberty” I thought, well that’s kind of easy and obvious.
But the judges loved it, You wanted a showstopper and you got a show stopper.
He’s moving on to Fashion Week!
And I don’t think it matters that he didn’t know what his fabric was exactly. There are so many blended fabrics out there that it’s hard to decipher sometimes. At least he knows what to do with it.

Mondo’s look was, okay. I hate the dart up in the front toward her collar bone. Looks weird. But the look was very Mondo and I’m glad he’s moving on to Fashion Week!
Andy and the Matrix. Didn’t like this but loved the back. Very cool.
He’s moving on to Fashion Week as well!
And though Gretchen moves on to Fashion Week too….what tha? This was the weirdest look of, the past month? I mean, so strange. That skirt and top are so cheap looking and the skirt bunches up in front. I don’t get it at all. And that jacket is doing no favors either.
The judges weren’t really sure what to say either.
Michael Kors: I’m so confused. I think you really lost your steam. I don’t think it looks downtown. I don’t think it looks uptown.
I feel like another designer took over your body.

We’ll see what she brings to the runway with her Fashion Week collection.

So, FOUR designers moved on to Fashion Week, which means that they go home for a few months, are given a budget, and they create a whole collection of looks to share at Bryant Park. Tim Gunn will stop by their homes to check in on them and give advice (my favorite episodes) and then they show up in New York with their wares!
But, only three of them get to share their collections on the runway. When the designers get back to NY, the judges will decide which three are the best and which designer is….OUT. How grueling to create an entire collection and have it snubbed right at the end. Seems like a shame not to show all four. But, that’s reality TV.

Okay. A few more gems from the night…

* This moment totally made me smile. Mondo is so cute.
* Happy to see Christian again. And he was so nice! I thought he’d be all tranny/hot mess in everyone’s face. Not at all. I thought he had the best constructive criticism of the night.
* Micahel C’s impersonation of Michael Kors. DEAD ON.

* Gretchen about Michael C, That’s the thing with Michael C, he’s either an Idiot Savant or, an idiot. You never know till you see the runway.

* Mondo to his model: Heyyyy Tina. Get undressed girl.

* Andy shaking his head at his first dress designI gave birth to a Chinese prostitute. I was inspired by Central Park because I saw an Asian lady who looked like she’d be good in bed?
* Gretchen and Tim’s little moment. First the awkward touch and shake of her elbow. Then a sweet hug.
And that’s a Runway Wrap. I’m sure you have more to share!

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