Runway Rundown: A Rough Day on the Runway

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Okay, I loved the title of this week’s episode. It was nothing that describes the challenge such as, “Sew, sew, sew for Jackie O”. Yet it totally summed up how the runway went (for half the designers)…..a rough day.

Inspired by the famous fashion icon, Jackie Kennedy Onasis, designers had to create a look with their own personal take on Classic American Sportswear; something that Jackie O. might wear if she were here today.
Sorry for all the photos. They were all too lovely to share. It’s like doing an image search of Audrey Hepburn. You keep scanning and scanning thinking “oh that’s my favorite, no wait that’s my favorite….”. The lady clearly had style and class.

In addition to creating their look, the designers were thrown a curve ball and had to create a piece of outerwear to go with it. Thankfully they had an extra day to design and create. And though some of their looks were very questionable. I absolutely LOVED the winning piece(s).
So, here we go!……

Oh Mondo! It was YOUR week!
Not only did he strut his own stuff in funny little outfits (with a tap-dance to go along).
But he made a killer outfit for his model! I love, love, LOVE what he did. The houndstooth, the stripes, the boatneck, the jacket, the shoes. I want that entire outfit. I would totally wear it. And as the judges stated, he clearly understood the challenge better than anyone. Jackie Kennedy would have approved. Congrats Mondo and thank you for keeping me intrigued. You’re a total wild card. We never know what’s coming next.

Okay, in 2nd place was a lovely ensemble by…Ivy. Yes! Ivy was in the top.
I have to admit, the moment I heard her say “silk organza jacket” I thought “ugh. Sounds horrible, and SO Ivy”.
But it really turned out beautiful (though it was in her favorite drab lavender color). I’m not really into sheer “jackets” and I didn’t care for the geometric cut. But I loved the shirt and the whole ensemble was classy. Very Jackie.

What the Judges liked:
I thought this was pretty but I just wasn’t into it like the judges were. I did enjoy Heidi calling his wrap a “dirty old rug” though. If she only knew how torn up Christopher was about using real animal fur instead of synthetic.
“I breezed through the faux furs and they all looked so tacky and cheap, so I went down to the leathers. This is the first time I’ve ever picked up animal fur.
I feel a little bit bad.

and speaking of BAD:
Andy, oh Andy. Thank you for giving me a reason to say M.C. Hammer twice in one week. But seriously. That is not something that a First Lady would wear. I don’t have the close-up shot here but how horrible did the undershirt look at the neck? I’ve liked some of his stuff in past weeks, so I would have been sad if he went home. But I kind of think his outfit was the worst.
I really loved the dialogue on the runway between Andy and the judges. They were perplexed over his thought process. And Heidi could not understand how Andy didn’t understand that his pants fit so horribly. At one point she asked him if needed to come get a view from their angle. He snippily declined.

Andy:Well, I don’t normally consider myself an American Sportswear designer.
Michael: So what are you a grand couturier? Did I miss something? I mean, come on. If someone said to me the inspiration was M.C. Hammer meets the Beverly Hillbillies’ grandmother…I mean, that’s what it looks like. The fit is horrific. And with those ankle boots??…it’s like she’s making soap or something. It doesn’t make any sense.
Andy: I wanted to take a risk
Michael: OH. You took one.
Michael: why is she wearing Nicole Kidman’s boots from Cold Mountain??
January: and the hair from Far and Away.
Michael: YES. Maybe it’s a Nicole Kidman challenge

Next up, Michael Drummond:
You know, I didn’t think Michael D’s outfit was all that bad. It definitely was NOT something Jackie O. would wear. So in that respect, he lost the challenge. But I didn’t hate it as much as the judges did. I loved their commentary though.
Michael Kors:
This is schizophrenic Jackie Kennedy. She’s an old lady on top and she’s a cheerleading ice skater on the bottom. I’m mesmerized that you can take the inspiration from a lady that looked fabulous for 4 decades and now suddenly, she’s in a mall. It’s like oh, sign me up. I want something that’s going to look like my waist fell, that my hips are growing….everything is just ill-fitting.
Oh Michael. You have a talent for critique.

And two of these made it through to the next week, but I did not like any of them.
LEFT: When Michael C’s dress walked out, I shook my head. WHAT is that army green-colored jacket doing with a royal blue slinky dress? Totally strange. Then he referred to the jacket as denim. And I found the whole thing even weirder. Those fabrics just don’t mesh together.
MIDDLE: Gretchen. Well, it’s good to have your own style, right? But I’m getting a little sick of this saggy hippie look. I just don’t like this look; not cute to me at all.. But then again, I usually hate halters.
You could tell exactly where it was going as she draped muslin on her model….
And finally RIGHT: Dear Valerie is lost. The cool girl from the first few weeks has turned into Dr. Jekyll. Her outfit was totally drab and boring. I mean, this is your chance to design for Jackie O.!! And that’s what you come up with?? Her original outfit was the skirt and the jacket (which she was passing off as a shirt). But when Tim said they needed to add a piece of outerwear she was a bit stuck. So she made this random vest to go her already existing jacket. I was sooo glad Heidi called her out about it:
“Why does she need a vest over her jacket?”
“Well, it’s more like an undershirt.”
“It looks like a jacket.”

It was a jacket.

But aside from all the strange outfits, there were definitely some great moments and fabulous quotes.


* I finally figured out why Michael C is annoying. Yes, the designers give him a hard time about his sewing skills. But that’s not the issue. I think he’s missing a backbone and confidence. He tells people what he thinks they want to hear because he probably wants them to like him. He was ooohing and ahhhing over Andy’s pants to his face but I have to wonder if that’s what he really thought. Next he tells Gretchen that he loves her outfit, that it is very Jackie O. And then he flat out says to the camera that he was lying about it.
I mean, yes, he as all sorts of reasons to dislike Gretchen. She totally took the fabric he was looking at (which btw, is that SAME OLD BORING CAMEL COLOR. What is up with that??). It reminded me of my own kids….instantly interested in the other person’s toy only because it’s not theirs and they want it. Gretchen glances over, claims her property,
and then butts right in, literally.
But here’s where Michael bothers me again. Why doesn’t he say something? He’s way too passive. He claims he doesn’t want to stoop to that level. But there’s a fine line between being rude and just sticking up for yourself. It was the same thing the week everyone threw him under the bus. Dude, stand tall. Get some confidence. I mean, grow a pair.
Oh and also, he stares at people for too long. Bugs me.

* Continuing on the Gretchen note, I loved this wisdom:
“I don’t see Ivy as one of the more fashion forward designers in the room.
And not everyone needs to be!”

Um, in order for you to win, yes that is true.

* April, referring to Andy’s crazy pants:
She’s more like Jakie-YO than Jackie-O”
* Mondo:First Lady, First Tranny
* Michael D:If you took Jackie Kennedy to the desert and gave her some mescaline to eat, then you would have Jackie Kennedy and Mondo. Does that make sense?
Not at all. But I will miss your humor! However, I will not, not, NOT miss your mousy, squeaky voice. Sorry dude.
* And finally, the best quote of the night….Tim Gunn (referring to Andy’s pants):
Jackie Kennedy would not have cameltoe (sorry if the photo bothered any of you. It was just too good to pass up).
He finished off the episode nicely too.
Tim to Michael D: You did! You stood by it! And it was your Waterloo.
Michael: And I like, have to go look that up now.

And that’s a Runway Wrap.
Your thoughts?

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