Ruffled Hobo

Lucy has an obsession: The Princess and the Frog
She saw the Disney movie 3 times in theaters, she loves the DVD, she has the songs memorized, she dances around the house in various princess dresses that might resemble the different dresses Tiana wears in the movie. Yesterday her yellow Belle dress became Tiana’s “waitress dress”.

I love the music and movie as well, so it’s a nice balance. I’ve said this in another post…but the movie is great. A good message to kids about following your dreams and working hard for something (instead of simply searching for a prince). And the music is so lively. Makes me want to dance! And I love that Art Deco sequence, when Tiana dreams about her restaurant. Cool nod to the older Disney animation days.
Since Lucy adores playing with small figurines, she got the Princess and the Frog figure set for Easter. Here’s how she looked when she found it. “Oh! It’s just what I wanted!
But Lucy can never decide which dress color is her favorite…is Tiana a blue-dress gal? Or a green one? I think she leans toward blue.
Yep there she is. Coloring her Tiana coloring book while the blue Tiana watches.
With so many pieces to the Tiana set, I thought she should have a special place to store them. So I made her a hobo sack! With ruffles. And a fabric that’s perfect for a green or a blue princess. Everyone female has some sort of Amy Butler print lying around, right?
I used the Hobo Sack tutorial, found HERE:
I added a liner this time so it’s nice and finished inside. I gathered a piece of blue knit ribbing for the ruffle (finished the edge with my serger. But not necessary, it was just for the look). Then I sewed the ruffle right in-between the outside sack and the liner (leaving an opening for turning it all right-side out). Sewed a line for the casing, and top stitched around the top of the sack. Voila!
In the future I’ll add some real details and ruffled pics to the tutorial. But you know, some days you just feel like sewing and not documenting.

So there you have it. A Ruffled Sack. Fit for…..a hobo Princess? I guess she was on the road for 1/2 of the movie. She probably would have liked a cute sack to store her treasures.

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