Rice Pudding

I made a bloggy resolution last week to share more savory and somewhat healthy recipes with you, rather than the sweet line-up currently in the recipes section.

But then I had a craving for this yummy treat.
So I guess that makes me 1 for 1 right now. Fajitas recipe last week; Rice pudding this week.
But, guess what? This recipe is somewhat healthy afterall! The pudding is made of rice, lowfat milk, and raisins if you want them. Okay, there’s a bunch of sugar too. You knew that was coming. But compared to a stick of butter and cups of brown and white sugar, this is a healthier treat. In fact when I make a batch, it becomes my breakfast for the next few days. I eat it cold from the fridge. And with a dash of vanilla and nutmeg in there, it’s dreamy.

Danish Rice Pudding is similar but it’s usually made with whole milk and tastes super silky with whipping cream folded in. It’s a Christmas tradition to hide an almond in the Danish pudding and whoever gets the nut in their cup is the winner! But back to the more simpler stuff here…..

Growing up, my mom made two different rice puddings for our family. One used left-over pre-cooked rice, with an eggy custard on the bottom. I loved that one too. But over time this recipe become more common at our house, since it was an egg-yolk-less version.
I really should make this every week. That’s how often I want to eat it.

3/4 cup long-grain white rice (other rices may work, such as brown or medium-grain but I haven’t tested them; they may require more or less amounts of liquid)
6 cups low-fat or skim milk
1/2 cup sugar (I’ve never tried honey but I’m curious to test it)
1 tsp vanilla
dash of cinnamon
dash of nutmeg (ground or fresh grated)
* 1/4 cup raisins (optional)

Combine the rice and milk in a large saucepan.
A trick my mom taught me–warm up the milk just a bit in the microwave first, before pouring in the saucepan. You don’t want the milk to become hot. You just want to take off the cold edge and bring it to room temperature. This will cut back on the amount of time you spend standing next to the pot, stirring.
Bring the rice and milk to a boil, stirring constantly. This will take a while; 10-15 minutes. Reduce to a very low simmer, stirring occasionally, and cook until the rice is soft and the pudding becomes thick (30-35 minutes).
Remove from heat and add sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg. If you like raisins, add 1/4 cup of any variety.
Note that as the pudding cooks, a film will coat the bottom of the pan (photo below). This is important in most milk-based, white sauce recipes because it creates a slight barrier that keeps the rest of the sauce from burning. As you stir, be careful not to scrape the bottom of the pan too roughly or those burned bits may mix into the pudding.
Cool the pudding and spoon into serving dishes.
Breakfast is served.


  1. 1) Ruchie

    Thank you for the recipe, I tried it yesterday and it was great. I used jasmin rice and soya milk (I’m lactose intolerant) and it worked great. (Sorry for my weird english, I’m not very good at it.)

  2. 2) Shannon

    I’ve got mine on the stove right now! I’m using fresh made coconut milk. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  3. 3) Amber

    This is one of my favorite recipes ever! I am pregnant and we make it about once a week. My four-year-old LOVES it! Making it right now. Haha! Thanks for the great recipes and love everything you do!!

  4. 4) Sharon

    great simple recipe! gluten free too! my mom used to add a little hot cocoa mix in to make it chocolate rice pudding! give it a try. 🙂

  5. 5) Kris

    Yum! I LOVE rice pud, it’s my fave dessert of all time! And actually short or medium grain rice makes a much better pudding than long grain, it’s much creamier & has a better texture! Try it! Calrose and Arborio rices both make wonderful puddings.

  6. 6) Kris

    I’m sure the long grain is delicious too tho!

  7. 7) Moira Elms

    I am going to try this today and as my husband loves the skin on rice pudding am going to put it under the grill for a few mins so hope that doesn’t spoil it .

  8. 8) Kathy

    OMGosh! Love Love Rice pudding! I will be making this tomorrow! My favorite childhood thing to do was to put a bit of maple syrup on top! Try it-I bet you’ll love it too! Enjoy!

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