Red, White, and Blue

I saw this fabric at JoAnns and decided it must become Jumper’s 4th of July outfit. Afterall, the 4th is one of my favorite holidays so it deserves new clothes.
The outer fabric is Satin, with a white cotton lining.
First I used red buttons but decided it looked like a clown outfit. So I switched to white and loved the disco finish.Satin and smoothFor Goose, I transformed last year’s 4th of July dress into a skirt. Simple to do and so cute. I made a waist band and added elastic.Here’s a before and after.

  1. 1) liliam martinez

    hola. sorry my english. please, send me the pattern of Jumper. Excuse me if i disturb you. thanks for your attention.

  2. 2) vera catlett

    Love the romper. Do you have a pattern for the romper. Would love to have it.


  3. 3) Ashley

    I too am in love with that romper pattern. Where did you find it??

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