Red Carpet Rundown

Back in my film days I used to watch the Golden Globes and Oscars every single year. Now it seems I’ve only heard of 1/2 of films up for nomination…and of those, I’ve seen about 1/3 of them. So I may not know the nitty gritty producer/director stuff but I never, ever, I mean, ever tire of watching dolled up celebs walk the red carpet. It’s the best runway show!
So how about a Runway Rundown, a la the red carpet?
Here are my favorite looks, and a few “really”s?

I love, love, loved Natalie Portman‘s red flower in the front of her gown; my favorite of the night. The rest of the dress was beautiful as well (and perfect for a pregnant beauty) but the flower was really the eye catcher.
Left: Sequins and puffed sleeves? Done. Anne Hathaway can look lovely in anything (as could almost any of these ladies). Stunning, fun, I want it!
Center: I’ve never seen so much blue chiffon look so classy. I’m gonna guess this was the look Ivy was going for on Project Runway when she made that horrible under the sea gown. Mandy, you look lovely and you were fabulous is Tangled. How great was that movie? When it comes to the dollar theater, Lucy and I must see it 2 more times.
Right: Classic black with a very fun but elegant party twist. I adore the gorgeous train and over the shoulder fluff on Julia Stiles. In my mind though she’ll always be the girl getting down to Hypnotize on 10 Things I Hate About You.
My other favorite overall look of the night is Dianna Agron. Love the hair, love the simple beauty. Just gorgeous.
Right: Kyra Sedgwick is bold to wear orange and she totally pulls it off. The whimsy is beautiful and looks great on her.
And she’s got one degree to Kevin Bacon. A little jealous over here. If I could jump into one scene from a movie, I would be shaking my stuff down the line, in the closing scene of Footloose. Seriously, why were so many amazing films made in 1984??! It was an explosion!
Okay, back to 2011.

Green made a statement on the red carpet. Christmas-y mix? Perhaps. But I thought they were both lovely.
Left: Along with Kevin Bacon I will almost never say no to a Michael Douglas film. The Game, Traffic, Jewel of the Nile, Wonder Boys, Wall Street–he plays the “jerky rich guy” character brilliantly. And that’s what I love about him. And yea, we were talking about dresses here….
Catherine Zeta-Jones is always a knock out. And her dress is amazing. I can’t tell the texture from the photo but it almost looks like crushed velvet terry cloth. Is there such a thing?
Right: Brangelina. Looking dapper as a couple, as always. I love how modestly elegant the dress is but with a peek of skin in the back. Very, very lovely. And who’s cute yellow heel is that? I’d like to see the dress that accompanies it.
And to finish up the night….a look at the three Worst dresses.

Right: Heidi, oh Heidi. You would have torn any Project Runway designer to shreds if they threw that court-jester gunny sack on their model. I mean, really? REALLY? And the makeup is frightening. Sorry fraulein. You are a gorgeous lady. This is just a horrible look.
Center: Okay, for an actress who’s made a career looking dressed to an impeccable 1950s T…what is January Jones wearing?? It’s like a naughty Alice In Wonderland apron. And she looks sooo thrilled to be there. Please bring back Betty Draper.
Right: Helena, we all know you’re cooky and we sort of love that about you, and Tim Burton. But uh, Duckie called and wants his glasses back. Oh yea, and the dress is a mess. Sorry. Just stating the obvious. And those shoes? I guess the thrift store only had satin dyed-to-match pumps in single feet?…two left feet? This whole ensemble belongs on the worst list of 1984. And I really love the 80s. I hate to do this to them.

And that’s the rundown. Did I miss any favorites or misses?

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