Ice cream cookie sandwiches

If you’ve ever lived in LA or visited UCLA, then you know of the mind-blowing Diddy Riese cookie shop….where they sell cookie ice cream sandwiches for only one dollar (or is it $1.75 now?)  Who makes money off of $1 treats??? And in LA?!

I guess the line is always 40 people long, all night long.
Because they are that yummy.
And ever since I had one (and also a pizookie from BJs across the street) they are now my favorite way to eat cookies and ice cream.
They’re also my favorite treat to take along to a friend’s house or a picnic at the park.
They start with that yummy Classic Chocolate Chip cookie recipe:
Scoop out a few dozen, keep the cookie size small and smash them down a bit so they bake flatter than normal.
Place the finished cookies in the freezer for a few minutes so they’re firm.
Then start assembling with your favorite flavors (mint ‘n chip is ideal).
Let the ice cream sit out for a few minutes so it’s soft enough to scoop, but not melty.
No rocket science here…
Place a small scoop of ice cream on one cookie, place another cookie on top, and gently press down. Keep the ice cream scoop small or it will be hard to bite through the sandwich. Return the finished sandwiches to the freezer for an hour or more till ready to serve.
Now I just need to try dipping the finished cookie in chocolate (like an It’s It).

If the final destination is your own home, then start chowing.
If you’re taking them along to a party….
Place each individual sandwich in a square of wax paper and fold it up. Then carry them in a small ice chest with a good ice pack. I’ve taken these to an outdoor bbq multiple times and they stay pretty firm in there.

When the time comes, devour and savor.
Leave nothing behind.

  1. 1) Leigh Anne

    Dana, those look delish! My mouth is watering right now…..wish I had one for breakfast…..haha! Your pics are always fantastic too 🙂 Thanks for some yummy inspiration!

  2. Those are positively sinful. Oh gosh… and we have bj’s up here in north texas if you aren’t in the mood to make your own. I can’t go in them anymore, because of the pizzookie temptation.

  3. 4) ira lee

    can i have one for breakfast?!?! like now!!! lol

  4. I love Diddy Riese. Will definately try making these at home since it is an hour + drive for me to get some.

  5. We referred to it as “The DR!” (the doctor) back when I was was an undergrad at UCLA…many, many years ago.

    And I love that it’s still there after so many years and so many changes to Westwood Village! I just stopped by on a trip through LA a few months ago.

  6. oh yum! Seriously I wish I could take a bite!

  7. The perfect summer treat-these look SO yummy!

  8. 12) Shelly

    BJ’s pizzookies are good, but they don’t do them exactly right. The best way is to half bake the cookie dough and then put the ice cream on top – way better than just a baked cookie!

  9. 13) Sharon

    I LOVE Didy Riese!! And I’m so happy that I’m movin out to the west side come February!! Where are you doing your book signing in California, Dana? can’t wait to meet you!

  10. 14) Kat

    If you love a good ice cream sandwich you have to head north to the Bay Area. Get yourself an “It’s IT”. Oatmeal cookie ice cream sandwich dipped in chocolate.

  11. Oohhh I used to work at the UCLA Hospital and I had forgotten all about those delicious ice cream sandwiches! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Mmm… I’ve made cookie sandwiches like this before with chocolate-walnut cookies… so yummy. I love ice cream like this!

  13. 19) alisa

    Diddy Riese is worth going out of your way for … like from anywhere in Southern CA. They are THE ONLY ice cream sandwich worth eating IMO! 🙂 Salivating.

  14. I have to make these! It will probably be the best day of my 3 year olds life (do far) haha 😉

  15. 22) Allison Hansen

    We miss Diddy!

  16. 23) Tatjana Schultz

    Dear Dana,
    oh my goodness – you Americans sure know how to celebrate life :-)! I just told my kids about this creation and their eyes turned gigantic. I was just wondering how far in advance you can make them. Will they still taste good if you keep them in the freezer for a couple of days? I mean, if you make so many that even three sweet-toothed kids and their friends have to capitulate…;-)
    Thanks a lot for the idea and the recipe,
    love from Germany,

  17. absolutely yummy! I am so waiting for the sunny weather to try this ice cream n cookie goodie. Thx for sharing the recipe.

  18. Looks yummy. Love that last shot. Great depth of field.

  19. 26) kristie

    Love that place! Happy summer!

  20. 27) Leslee

    I know that this post is older, but what kind of mint chip ice cream is that? I love the kind with the thinner slices of chocolate chips and I haven’t been able to find it where I recently moved.
    Trying these tonight by the way!

  21. 28) Jennifer

    Ha,ha,ha!! I love your last two pics and mottos! I’m literally snickering here.! Anyway, can’t wait to try these!!

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