How to make your cake mix low-fat (and still taste great)

Need cupcakes for school? Have a sweet tooth craving?

My mom taught me this trick years ago and I use it every time I’m make cake from a cake mix. If you’ve ever had my cupcakes and haven’t been able to tell, then they’ve passed the test! My husband can’t tell the difference and he’s a big supporter of “Full Fat” recipes. So here it is. You can fool your husband too!
How to make a Cake Mix low-fat:
Take a normal cake mix and disregard the normal ingredients you’re supposed to add (the oil, etc). Instead add the following to the cake mix:
* 1 3/4 cup water
* 2 Tbl flour
* 3 egg whites (I’ve also done 2 egg whites and 1 whole egg and found good results)

Mix all together and follow normal baking temperatures and cooking times on the box. Baking this way makes me feel okay about slathering all sorts of (full fat) frosting on top!

To make mini-cupcakes:
* Purchase a mini cupcake pan at most stores (Target, Walmart).
* Use Candy Cups for holders (found at craft stores such as Michaels and Joanns).
* Place about 1 Tablespoon of batter in each cup and cook for about 8-10 minutes.
Now, for the proper method of eating mini-cupcakes….

Pick your favorite color:
Take off the wrapper:
Split it in half:
Stick the stump right on top:
And you have the perfect cupcake-to-frosting bite!
And when you’re done with Yellow, might as well see how Pink tastes:
Now go share them with your friends! And don’t feel so bad about eating 4. Remember, the cake is Low-fat. We’ll pretend that the frosting is too.

  1. You can also use a regular boxed cake mix and add one can of clear soda (I used half regular Sierra Mist, half diet Sierra Mist). No oil, no eggs!

  2. Great idea! I would have never thought of adding extra flour too. Those cupcakes are absolutely beautiful with their vivid colors! So perfect for spring:)

  3. 3) Destin

    It’s easier to just replace the oil with applesauce šŸ™‚

  4. My mom and I were in a pinch and needed a cake fast, so we grabbed a box of cake mix and I remembered your low-fat modification. Worked like a charm! No on could believe we hadn’t added oil and neither could I. Very cool Dana!

  5. 5) rebecca

    Will this work if i make a 2 layer cake or only cupcakes

  6. 6) andrea

    I made this yesterday and it was by far the best low fat cake I have ever made. (And I have made them ALL, including the suggestions in the other comments. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing this.

  7. 7) Jenny E

    I have used this modification for birthday cakes of all shapes and sizes for my kids the last four years. It works great! No one can tell any difference, and it has worked in various quantities- cupcakes, layer cakes, bowl cakes, etc. Thanks!

  8. 9) Crissy

    Thank you for this! I used this recipe for my husband’s birthday cake yesterday and it was great! I’m currently on Weight Watchers and although I could afford to splurge a little, I just felt better about making it a low-fat cake so I bought a box of Duncan Hines Swiss Chocolate cake mix and did exactly what you suggested (I used one whole egg and three egg whites) and NO ONE could tell there was no butter, oil, shortening, milk, etc in there! It was moist and delicious! Even my brother who’s a chocolate cake FREAK ate three pieces – despite complaining when I told him it was a ‘lower fat’ recipe, haha. Thank you!

  9. 10) DJ Love

    I just happened across this recipe looking for a low fat recipe. Thank you so much! I don’t feel as guilty! šŸ™‚

  10. 11) irene

    delicious thank you!

  11. 12) Anne

    Came out great! I have been very ill and have to follow a very low fat diet! I have missed having a satisfying dessert! Many thanks!!

  12. 13) kitkat

    My box mix called for 1 cup of water, but I added the 1 3/4 as posted and it looked way too runny. I hope it will be edible.

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