ready for more IKEA stripes?

Then here’s the latest project! I guess you could say I’m stripe-aholic.
We finally met this little guy the other day (our nephew Henry) and he is just a doll. Oh, sleeping babes; it doesn’t get sweeter than that!
It only seemed fitting that cute baby Henry should have a snazzy carseat cover to tote around in. So I whipped one up.
But first, a NOTE:
I was reluctant to share this project since every time I post a carseat cover, people feel the need to self-declare their safety concerns and leave comments about why and how it’s unsafe to make your own fitted carseat cover (though I still don’t understand the reasons and I know that saying that will just fuel the fire for you to tell me more). But PLEASE. Let’s leave those comments aside today. Let’s just enjoy cute design and let each other sew (at our own risk? I guess?). If you’re feeling the urge to leave a safety comment, resist! Or please find another forum for it. Thank you!
Okay, moving on….

So, yes. Those Ikea stripes. You’ve seen them wide on the Rollie Pollie and my Computer bag, and thin on the Table Toppers. And now, here they are in a lovely deep teal color. I can tell you guys love them too cause I’ve seen some of your creations using green, red, and other colors too. Mmmm, I think I need more…..

I don’t have a tutorial or pattern for making carseat covers at this time (maybe one day). But you can find a pattern here and already made covers here. Or, you can do what I did….deconstruct the current carseat cover, figure out how it was put together and recreate a new pattern and carseat cover, stamping your signature here and there.
Making a carseat cover isn’t always fun to do, I’ll be honest. Maybe it’s because I’ve made my share of them over the past 4 years. But I will say that it’s totally worth it and I just love seeing the finished result. Every time I put that cover on to the carseat, I’m glad that I took the time to do it. And I can just picture a little baby resting in there.
The cover doesn’t fit just right in this photo because it’s a Peg Perego cover displayed on my Graco Snugride seat. But you get the gist.
Happy riding Henry! Enjoy your stripes! I sure have.

You can see other covers I’ve done HERE in the Archives.

  1. 1) cherise

    Im going to be making some of these and was wondering how in the world do you do the back to make it stay on I always have a problem with ruffling.

  2. 2) ebby

    GOTTA HAVE iT…i’m so in love!!! (stripe fanatic also) what’s your pricing?

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