You knew this would happen. And I’m so glad it did.
$3 for my favorite spray paint, named raspberry? Destiny.
The acorns are starting to show slight wear and tear. A couple cracks and splits, and one actually fell off (though it was likely due to curious Lucy hands). But overall, as Clark Criswold says, it’s the gift that keeps giving all year long.
I love my wreath! I really do! Never knew I’d be a wreath girl. I guess simplicity works for me. So….pink for Valentine’s Day is definitely in the running. What do you think? (for other Acorn Wreath shades, click here)
And if you never got around to making your own acorn wreath and now all the acorns in your area are gone, Check this out! Try it with LIMA BEANS!
Created by All Things Thrifty, she shares her steps here. Totally stinking cool!

You can always find our Acorn Wreath Tutorial by clicking on the Tutorials tab at the top, or by clicking on the button below:
Have a great weekend!

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