Hello world! I’m alive, but a bit out of sorts. Life has been funny lately and not much sewing has gone on. So I’ll just share the randomness.

1. Our computer died on us. But we took it to the Apple shop, they said they’d fix it for free, and we picked it up today! After 5 days of silence/blog-free/email-withdrawls, I’m back to my comfy surroundings, here (yay!):
2. I thought my sewing machine was broken. But turns out that yep, I’m just an idiot. I couldn’t get the stitch length knob to turn. I was certain it was stuck (when in a hurry last week, I’d wound it real fast). I took my machine apart, couldn’t find a way to get to that knob, had my husband look at it, he was stumped, I put it back together, and was ready to take it to the shop. Then I realized….it was in the Button Holer mode. Um. Duh. I switched that off and everything works fine. Wow, our family is setting a trend for FREE machine repair these days.

Of course, (I shamelessly admit) that a week without a computer OR a sewing machine has meant more quality time spent with these munchkins:
How easily distracted we become with projects, blogs, and correspondences. I’m glad I saw more of my kids this week.

And in the mail came some lovely treasures…..

• In exchange for the Emory Skirt and bag below, Tara (Emory’s mom) made me this personalized necklace:
It’s simple, it’s sweet, it’s the perfect length. You can find similar necklaces on Etsy like this and this and this. Thanks Tara! I love swapping talents as payment.

• My copy of the Sugar City Journal Quarterly showed up. Those women are amazingly talented. I’ve skimmed through it but can’t wait to relax on the couch and read away:

And lastly, since I don’t often share much about my family (I have another blog for those day-to-day happenings)…just a little pat on the back here to my wonderful husband. A couple years ago he decided to get his Masters of Economics, while still working his full-time day-job. Life was busy and crazy for a while but on Saturday…..he graduated! Hooray for Master Casey!
We’re glad he works hard for our family.
And, I’m done.
While typing here….I have fabric dying in the sink….and I have a whole line-up of projects to be sewn this week (since my machine is now fixed).

Hi world. It’s nice to be back.

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