quick KNITerview, then I’m catching a plane

Two things are happening today.

First, knit fabrics….
So often I hear people say they’re scared to sew with knits. Don’t be! They’re your friend, they’re fun, they’re cute, and guess what?…..You can sew them using a standard sewing machine. Yep, yep.
Made by Rae has been hosting a series of KNITerviews on her site, asking sewing bloggers to share tips, secrets, and expel any myths about sewing with knits. And today I get to share my thoughts! So come on over and check out my KNITerview.
I’m catching a plane in 3 hours.
I know.
I’m very pregnant and very past the “you probably shouldn’t travel” mark.
But today is also the first day of the Alt Design Summit in Salt Lake City!
Totally excited about that.

I’ve been running around like a crazy lady this week getting everything ready for the Design Camp class I’m teaching on Saturday. But I think I’ve got it all.

(image sass & bide via Alt)

And I think I’m going to love the line-up of speakers….
Pilar Guzman, Editor-in-Chief of Martha Stewart Living
Maxwell of Apartment Living
Ben Silbermann, co-founder of Pinterest
Emily Henderson of HGTV’s Secret’s from a Sylist
and about 80 more creative designers and bloggers.Ā  Seriously, I’m totally humbled to be mixed in with it all somehow. Especially since Alt just announced another new speaker….Anya from Project Runway!

This conference is going to be one big party (actually Friday night is a line-up of parties. YAY).
Now if my baby girl can just stay put….and if I have enough energy to talk and do all the things I need to this weekend, we’re in good shape.

Talk to you soon!
  1. 1) Lisa P.

    You. Amaze. Me.

  2. 2) Camille Eisenbise

    Hi! So fun you’re off! I’ve been thinking about you wondering when you would be heading to Utah. I hope it all goes well and you have the energy you need to enjoy your time there and do all you need to! Such a fun line up of speakers. Love that Anya’s there. How awesome to be a part of it all!

  3. 3) Ashlie

    Sounds like so much fun! I hope you are bringing your umbrella, it has been a rainy day. And I am sad to say there is no snow, we were supposed to get some, but we got rain instead. Welcome to somewhat ugly Utah, focus on the mountains, they are still beautiful. Hope you still have a great time.

  4. Oooh, sounds fun! Good luck at Alt!

    And I already read your Kniterview. It was a fun read. šŸ™‚

  5. 5) MelindaB

    been a long time follower of the blog…and hope to continue! I can’t get the new site to load into my reader. When I click your feed button it just goes to a page of code…any thoughts or help?

  6. 6) Monica

    Hi there…found your blog a looong time ago and was inspired to sew…then I decided to have a third baby, and well, sewing got put on hold. I just found my way back here (yay for Pinterest!) and just wanted to say I really love your blog. It is bookmarked, never to be lost again, and I’m researching sewing machines now. After all, if I’m going to sew, what more inspiration do I need than a 4-year-old, a 9-month-old, and a circle skirt! šŸ™‚ Looking forward to many more posts. Congrats on the baby-on-the-way too!

  7. 8) Faith

    Totally and completely jealous! But hope you have a blast. Seriously? How could you not! Take pictures and bring back some great stuff. You always do so no need to take my advice.

  8. 9) Lauren

    Am I dumb or did I previously miss the fact that you’re having another girl? That is awesome! šŸ™‚

  9. 10) Subhadra

    Umm…the reason you are not supposed to travel late in a pregnancy is the same reason you should not stand by microwaves: increased radiation. Flight attendants have to limit their hours in air above a certain height to comply with standards for safe exposure rates. That is fine for an adult…an in-utero child has much less physical stamina against dangerous rays. Please be careful with your child. One flight can be harmless, especially if you are loading her up with healthy endorphins from being excited about your trip. But I encourage you to eat extra extra healthy and avoid any more exposure to radiation!

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