quick Easter bits

* If you still need Easter ideas, check out the FREE Easter eBook over at Fave Crafts. My PEEPS Bunting made it in there!
* BlogHer also posted about my PEEPS. Yipee! I think I’ve ODed on bunny sugar. Check it out HERE or on their main site.

* Need a BOYish look for your Easter Basket? Check out what Emily at Saltwater Kids did. I absolutely love it:
She bought an empty Gallon Paint bucket at Home Depot for $4, painted grass on the outside, and DONE. Totally cool. Totally Emily. Totally doing that next year.

* Saw this photo on the BLOOM Spring photo contest and just smiled. Made me feel like I was there. Taken at Pike’s Place in Seattle. Photo by Sara.
Reminds me of our trip to Seattle (only it wasn’t quite blooming then).

* While you’re on the BLOOM site, check out this gorgeous home tour with Jayne Wells. I adore the window-in-a-wall look. Gotta do that some day.
Here’s what’s on the other side:

* And lastly, many great PEEPS creations in the You Made It flickr group. Keep em coming! I’ll be doing a roundup at the end of the week!

I’m done.

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