Purple Bird

After the bright colors of the Mercado Skirts, this little piece feels more like June Gloom. But my Goose loved it nonetheless. “Let’s wear it all day long,” was her response.

Made of slate blue cotton and lavender tule, this is a revamp of the Orange Bird skirt (inspired by this skirt from Pink Pickett Fence).
While the orange version was bright and fun….it wasn’t executed quite right. And it’s been bugging me for months (each time I see it in her drawer and decide that it’s too crocked and bubbled for her to wear). So, I gave it another go.
This time I made a 4-tiered, gathered skirt (similar to many of the skirts here on the blog). I gathered the tulle a little tighter this time and sewed it on with contrasting green thread.
HUGE NOTE for the future: Sew tulle on LAST, not first. Would have been SO much easier to make the skirt without that bulky frill in the way.
I do love the updated look, but…..I’m still not satisfied. I’ve decided that tulle is too stiff for such a simple cotton skirt. So, I ordered some nylon chiffon from this great place today! Something a little softer might do the trick.
This bird hasn’t migrated yet….

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