prizes in the mail

Two months ago I was very flattered to be voted the Favorite Handmaking Blog at the Handmade Olympics. My lovely prize was to select a few treasures from 3 different Etsy shops. That may have been more fun than actually winning! It was a shopping spree!

This week, 3 prize packages showed up in my mail box:
Here’s what was inside:
From Block Party Press, I picked out two necklaces. And she threw a pretty magnet in there too. I love little surprises like that. And that sky blue color just makes me smile.
Did you know I had so many freckles on my skin? (and btw, I first wrote that word out as “frecklaces”. Haah. I guess that’s the kind of necklace I wear.)
Next, I had a really hard time choosing from the STRAND shop because I wanted everything! Have you been there before? She’s got the coolest earthy designs, T-shirts, bags, and eco-friendly stuff. And she’s from Norway. For some reason that makes her even cooler…you know, like when a TV show host has a British accent? Cool.
Anyway, I’m a sucker for cute packaging. So I was excited to open this up.
Inside was this hand-printed recycled tote.

(left photo from the Strand listing * right photo compliments of 5-year-old Lucy)

And lining the tote is a really gorgeous 70s print.

The bag is so pretty, I almost don’t want to use it for anything ’cause I know it’ll get dirty. But I think it might make the perfect knitting bag! Since uh, I’m such a knitter. But my friend Katherine retaught me how to knit this week! So I may have a rekindled love, for my newly kindled bag.

My last treasure is from Amy May.
Speaking of knitting, she does beautiful work with yarn.
Look at this hand-knit Merino wool cowl:
It’s now sitting on my dresser!
It is so soft and so pretty. I think that next to yellow, this is my favorite color (especially for clothing).
I can wear it double wrapped or as a single loop. It has a cool twist in the stitching also, so I like how it lays.
And those are my winnings!
Thank you Block Party Press, STRAND, and Amy May. I love my prizes!
And thank you again RikRak Studios for hosting the Handmade Olympics.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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