President’s Day Shirts

February may be a month of red hearts and valentines, but when I first envisioned Celebrate the Boy, I pictured it as an extension of our favorite February holiday: President’s Day. Here in the states, we enjoy a 3-day weekend holiday to celebrate former U.S. Presidents and most importantly two of the greatest, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

So choose an image of your favorite President, turn it into a Posterized Image, and stencil it to your shirt (You can find great inexpensive shirts like these at Walmart. Only $2/each for the short-sleeved ones, regular price! )

We have two FREE images to share with you.

and Washington. Wonder what he really told his dad?…..
These shirts are fun and easy to make,
and they’re a great way to give Three Cheers for our Presidents!
We have two tutorials to share with you. One shows you how to take an image/photo and turn it into a Posterized Image Stencil. Choose your favorite President’s photo or any image you’d like! You can find the Tutorial HERE:
Then we’ll show you how to create TWO President’s Day Shirts in our Tutorial HERE:
Now pick your favorite President:
And let’s Celebrate!
I hoped to have this up post up sooner but I got behind. So if you don’t have time to make these for President’s Day, try them for the 4th of July!
Go see what Rae’s giving away on her site. And read about the Big Boy in her life:

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