I’ve noticed quilted potholders and coasters floating around the blog world lately….first on Amazing Mae and recently on luvinthemommyhood. And since I need a few thank you gifts, I gave them a shot! Traci from Amazing Mae links to this great tutorial on Craftzine. It’s perfect and easy to follow.
I actually took mine two steps back and did the bare minimums….with a quilted notecard, of course, to go along.

simple Potholder steps:
1. Cut two squares of fabric 9×9 inches
2. Cut a square of thin quilt batting 9×9 inches (in one set of potholders I experimented by adding an additional square of felt to give it more thickness. With or without felt works fine)
3. Sandwich them together with the right sides of your two fabrics together and then the batting on the OUTSIDE of one of those fabrics (it will end up on the inside when you’re done)
4. Sew around the edges leaving a small opening to turn it right-side-out.
5. Before turning it right-side-out, trim the corners of your potholder so that the corners will square out better.
6. Turn it right-side-out and top stitch around the edges, stitching the opening shut. Then quilt away in any way you’d like. Traci did lines, I top-stitched along the fabric pattern above, and I stitched a diamond look for the set below.
7. I didn’t add a ribbon/tie to the corner because, who really hangs them up on display? But now that I’m done, I wish I would have…..ONLY to add more accessory. This brown set below would look great with a lemon yellow accent. Next time.
7. Enless possibilities, endless gifts!

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