With my machine in working order, I had a productive afternoon! (can you tell I was itching to sew?) Here’s what I came up with, a variation on the shirt dress. Refashioned from a man’s dress shirt, it’s the plaidtastic shirt/skirt combo. I started with this:
and turned it into this:
and this:
The idea for the top came from this lovely french blog (oh, don’t worry….there’s an “amazing french blogs I love” post in the works. I’m smiling over the stuff they make).

And since Goose was acting silly, I just kept snapping photos. She’s definitely building a repertoire of poses.
Sadly, this is the last time she’ll wear the plaid. This little outfit will be auctioned in our Church auction this Friday, to raise funds for our youth-age girls and their summer Girl’s Camp. Hooray for fundraisers! And….let the bidding begin! (on Friday, that is….at an undisclosed location… 7pm. Yea. We probably won’t see you there)

  1. 1) Tasha

    I love the shirt and skirt refashion, how did you do it? Do you have a tutorial fir that one?

  2. 2) Babitha

    Great idea…..the dress is looking great on her….. Definitely I am going to try this one for my little one….Thanks a lot for the idea….:-)

  3. 4) Lilimax

    This is beautiful. Great work Dana!

  4. 5) mary obaje

    amazing tutorials.i have being blessed.i will try my hand on these tutorials for my daughters. thank you.

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