pinning and pinning

So, I finally joined Pinterest.

And it’s fabulous.

You’ll find me HERE.

Like many of you already know, it’s such a valuable resource for pinning your favorite ideas, looks, colors, recipes, tutorials, etc….in a very visual way.

Bye-bye internet bookmarks and cork-board bulletins (though I still want one for my sewing room, for all those pretty pictures I tear our of magazines). But hello virtual boards and pinning!

I must admit, I was reluctant to join for a few reasons:

– Do I really need one more time-sucking resource? Of course not. But it sure is handy to use and helps me categorize my thoughts and inspirations better. So in that sense, I probably save more time? (yea, I’m justifying).

– I don’t like everything being public. I wish there was the option of “private boards”. Maybe one day.

– They want access to your FB acct (or Twitter) when you sign up. I don’t like handing over my info and contacts like that. But it wasn’t as invasive as I thought. And it was nice to be linked up to everyone.

So there you go.

I’m on. I’m pinning. I’m loving it.

Here’s a preview from my boards….

Stop on by if you’re in the mood!

I’ll add a pinterest button to the blog so you can find me that way too.

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