Party’s over – Thanks for celebrating with us!

I know you’re probably sick of hearing from me and Rae about boys. But just one final post to wrap-up the 5 weeks of….
I hope you’ve enjoyed all the boy ideas, tutorials, and boyish excitement as much as we have! If you’ve haven’t checked yet, the BOY Archives is filled with quick links to all the projects you’ve seen over the month:

Of course, we’d love you to keep filling the Celebrate the BOY Flickr group with your inspiring stuff! And make sure you check out Rae’s archives HERE.

A HUGE thank you to…
* Our Guests! Without them, it would have been one short week of me sharing pants tutorials (which I hope to share more variations on down the road…you know, those well intended plans that slip away from you during the month)
* YOU GUYS. Blogs are a win-win situation. I enjoy sharing, you enjoy sharing, you enjoy reading, and I enjoy checking your stuff out too! The circle of blogging life. So seriously, thanks for stopping by, for putting our BOY button on your blog, for posting about CTB, and well, for making stuff for your boys!
* Miss Rae. Can you believe that she and I have never met in person? We’ve talked on the phone a few times and done plenty of gchat. But I hope to change that this year because we just click too well. Love you lady, love your skills, love your humor!

Okay, I’m done with the self-indulgent writing. You’d think this was some small-time bloggy acceptance speech. Thanks for your patience.
Have a wonderful weekend!
And enjoy those boys!
We’ll see you next round.

* If you haven’t entered already, don’t miss the Bias Tape Maker Giveaway (plus my detailed review)
* Until Saturday night, I’ll continue donating and matching any pattern sales from my shop to the Japan disaster relief effort. THANK YOU to those who have purchased patterns this week! I’ll be making a big donation!

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