painting progress–no more YELLOW

Some of you have emailed asking what’s going on with the yellow room??
You know, the mountain dew nuclear disaster?
I’m so glad you asked!
IT’S NO LONGER YELLOW. Thank goodness.
I took advice from many of you and went back to soothing white, with a bit of style on one of the walls. A surprise paint color just filled in those gaps.
No more of this:
and more of this:
It’s a work in progress and there are piles of fabric everywhere.
I’m starting to lose steam with the project but I know I will love it when everything is put back together and organized. And a few Billy bookcases are the perfect place to start….
Casey just loves an evening of Jon Stewart, and piles of Ikea furniture to put together.
Thanks for humoring my projects my dear.
I’ll share the finished product with you when it’s done!

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