Owen’s rainbow birthday

Yesterday my little Owen turned 4.
Lately he’s been into rainbows and enjoys coloring/decorating everything in the colorful pattern (pretty sure he learned it from Lucy). He’s even declared that our baby’s middle name will be Rainbow. Too bad it’s not the 70s.

So for his “party” I went with a rainbow theme and kept it reeeeeally simple. In fact, it was more like a playdate with the friends we don’t get to see often and cupcakes! (of course). At this age that’s all they really want to do–play with each other and jump on the trampoline (similar to Lucy’s Olivia party last year).

For some good rainbow-themed birthday ideas, check out Elsie Marley’s party here and here.
For our simple get-together, I used these 3 tutorials (click on an image):

And if you want to know the secret to good cupcakes–it’s all about the frosting (homemade or store-bought, doesn’t matter). What matters is the amount. Be liberal! It makes me sad to see a cupcake with just a thin layer of frosting on top. Buy two containers of frosting for one cake mix if needed. Frosting is cheap. And the cake is just a vehicle for us to enjoy it, right?
Okay, enough frosting talk.
Our rainbow boy is a very goofy kid. He loves to be silly and says funny things. But he definitely has a serious side and doesn’t always smile upon request.
even when this is happening.
But Lucy and our sweet friend Savannah can usually squeeze it out of him.
Such cute friends.

While the kids were at school, I got the house ready with treats and ruffled streamers.
I tried to snap a photo of the group when they arrived, before they dashed for the trampoline. But this is the best I got:
The kids jumped and played for an hour, we sang Happy Birthday, and then the kids dove into the food.
In the middle of kid-mayhem, Owen’s Primary teacher from church stopped by (she looks like Mrs. Claus and is the sweetest lady I know) and brought him a huge present to open….
a sunshine pinanta! It was perfect with our rainbow theme. The kids were totally excited. And then I couldn’t get the song “Oh mr. Sun, Sun, mr. golden Sun, won’t you please shine down on me….” out of my head.
We finished off the evening letting Owen pick our dinner spot–“old McDonalds”.
(Casey and I brought Chipotle tacos along for our enjoyment).
And that’s a birthday wrap.

Thank you Owen for being patient with your busy-body mom. I’m lucky I get to be around you every day. And I will never grow tired of kissing your sweet little head. You’re going to be a wonderful big brother!

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