orange you glad I made houndstooth pants?

I think so.
But maybe I went too far.

I kind of love them.

Casey said it’s a bit like this:

“Let me put it this way….all the moms at church are gonna say ‘awwww’ and all the dad’s are gonna snicker, ‘Casey lets his boy wear that??'”

I see his point.
And yea, they kinda look like pajamas (similar to the Big Stick Pjs I made in February).
And they kind of look like polyester slacks from the 70s.
But, but, but….the boy loves orange!
And on Saturday afternoon I realized that all of his church pants were either too short or had holes in the knees.  So orangey and houndstoothy it was!

I used the Basic Kids Pants tutorial with the flat front, front pockets, and back pockets (click a button for details):

And then I sorrrrrt of made orange piping around the pockets.
I didn’t have piping, or piping cord to make my own.  So I thought, what if I cut the pocket lining slightly larger so when I sew the two pieces together and iron, the back layer sticks out a bit underneath to create a pop of color?

In theory it was gonna be awesome.
It doesn’t really work around the curves.  But it still looked kind of cool.  Make it work moment.

And when I was done he had some great-fitting flat front pants.  I love his skinny-bones.

And he loved the pants!

And he totally owned them.  That’s what style is all about, right?  Owning it and being comfortable in your own threads.

I feel a little silly sewing pants since summer has more than arrived in Texas.  But….I’m currently working on a Kid Shorts pattern to sell!  It’s top on the agenda!  So he’ll get plenty of those as well.

Boy oh boy, when did he start looking like a man?
A man who loves orange.
Happy Monday!

  1. He does TOTALLY own them, and from what I’ve seen of your kids on your blog, they seem to really fit his personality. I say keep whipping stuff like this up for him while he’ll still wear it. 😉 And the blue shirt is perfect with them. Thanks so much for all your sharing! I’ve learned a lot from you and your site is one of my favorites.

    And so exciting about your house. We built one about a year and a half ago (although, being from San Francisco, building a house was never even a figment in my imagination), and it was such a fantastic experience!

  2. 2) Michele Almstrom

    Can’t wait for the Shorts pattern to be available to purchase!!! 🙂

  3. I think they’re kinda awesome sauce.
    And you’re right–since we last saw Owen he does look more mature. Hate that! I like ’em small. And not mouthy, hahaha.

    • 4) Fernanda

      Yeah, not mouthy!

  4. those are just awesome! He’s totally rocking them!

  5. 6) Brenda

    Holy smokes the kid has gotten so much TALLER!! What a cutie – love that he loves them so much and wears them with confidence! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. 7) Erica

    I love the orange! I made my son a pair of wool, plaid flat front pants with knee pads for church this winter. My husband said “I don’t know why you would do that” , but my little guy got so many compliments on his pants!! Can’t wait for your shorts pattern!

  7. 8) bdaiss

    When I was probably about the same age as Owen I had a super awesome rockstar orange houndstooth halter top jump suit (full pants). I LOVED that thing. (Yes, it was the 70’s if you must know.) And so yes – I love these pants. And he is totally rocking them.

  8. No more baby tummy! He’s looking SO grown-up. Love how much he loves those pants!

  9. His legs have gotten SO LONG. He looks awesome in his orange pants. This mom loves them and loves him in them.

  10. 11) Naomi

    Those pants are awesome!! Reminds me of my little friend who is a bit older than Owen. His Grandma gave him some clothes that used to be his dads including a plaid suit and bow ties. He always looks so spoffy when he were them.

  11. Those are adorable. I have that exact fabric in my craft room and I’ve been staring at it trying to decide if I should make something boy or girl with it. Love it. Owen is looking older! Wow! He’s one handsome little guy.

  12. He is getting so tall! Love the pants and that he loves them.

  13. 14) Honora

    These are awesome! Casey is working them, and that means he is super excited about his happening new orange pants. All I can say is, who in their right mind wouldn’t love these?!

  14. Posts like this make me wish I had a boy!

  15. 17) Carolyn Baker

    I love them!!!!

  16. 18) Cristin Vosburgh

    Okay…Seriously. I wish we could be real life friends. I mean, if we lived closer I would make sure I could be your friend! I have to make these for my kid…I have tried your pants before for him and they didn’t really turn out…and I have done many other things and they were good. Since it’s REALLY hot in Phoenix already, I’m going to have to make shorts version of those pants….but I am going to try.
    My little man owns the stuff he loves, too, but right now his favorite color is GREEN! If he loves something, he wears it EVERY SINGLE DAY…and then some!
    And it’s exactly the same with my husband and I! He kind of kindly tells me his real opinion of the stuff I make if it’s on the verge of dorky…but again, at church, all the ladies are loving it while the guys kind of giggle in snickers.
    Thanks for the continual inspiration. Both my kids REALLY need some new clothes to wear. They are growing like WEEDS!

  17. I love orange and those pants are just awesome! He is such an awesome model. I say, if he likes them, that is all that matters.

  18. Those are AMAZEBALLS!!!
    Seriously, and I am cracking up over here over the “hello my honey” pic, heeee!

  19. 22) Becky

    Too fun! Ironically I made some orange gingham shorts for my son to wear to church yesterday and a matching pair of baby pants for our soon to be family member and he told everyone at church that I was making “daddy” matching shorts too. I don’t think so, just not as cute on a grown man.

  20. 23) iHeartQuilting

    He is really rockin’ those pants! Adorable.

  21. Love them! Orange may be my favorite color too, and I love a graphic print like houndstooth! So nice he loves them on top of it all! I am not a stranger the to church snickers, or the need to sew something even if it seems a bit out of season…

  22. 26) British American

    I totally love these! And your husband’s comment made me laugh at loud because my husband said something very similar recently. I like to shop thrift stores, so my 5 year old son owns these 70s style red plaid pants (they have a suit jacket too, but he doesn’t usually wear that). And our 2 year old son owns these 70s style overalls in blue with a matching undershirt that has blue around the collar. (My daughter said it looked like he was wearing a necklace!) So my boys wear these outfits to church and my husband is so embarrassed! All the ladies think it’s super adorable, but my husband is apologizing to all the other Dads that his sons look super vintage. And telling them how it’s all my doing!

    I would love to make these pants, but I think my husband would freak out! I just made my first pair of kid pants over the weekend. Hubby thought they were “jammie pants” but then our 2 year old wore them to church. They are very bright and colorful with robots all over them. I’d like to make some pants for my 5 year old, but I need to find some bright fun fabric that won’t be too “out there” for my husband’s tastes. My son likes green, so maybe I can make him green pants.

  23. He can totally pull these off! I love them… And the faux piping idea.

  24. Little Mr. is lovin’ life in orange houndstooth! So why not!? These days don’t last forever, enjoy!

  25. maybe you should make an identical pair for his daddy toot? 😉

  26. 31) JS

    Real men wear orange!

  27. 32) Tami Brown

    Owen is so stinkin’ cute!!! He rocks the orange!!!

  28. Hehe I think they’re awesome! I’m suddenly wondering what all these little guys growing up wearing green/orange/yellow pants will dress like as adult men. Hoping they keep their love of color forever. 🙂

  29. Fab trousers! Just wait. Everyone will be turning up to church in a pair, just like them before long. Definite trend setter.

  30. Awesome!! Love the pants, and how cool your kid is, those pictures are priceless! And I’m thrilled to hear you’ve got plans for shorts! I’ll be on the lookout for the pattern’s release! Happy Summer!!

  31. 36) Annalia

    I think they’re amazing! …something my dad would have worn…pre-me….

  32. Don’t you love it when your boys are young enough to love & wear what you make for them!! The orange pants look awesome! You have inspired me to make some more funky pants for my boys (I have three of them)….they always love it when I make them something…which isn’t often enough! Thanks for the inspiration!

  33. Too awesome – the pants and the kid who loves to wear them! There should be more of this. My 5y.o. boy would own them too… and maybe even the 11y.o.!

  34. Brilliant! Can I ask where the fabric is from? I NEED some!

  35. 41) Catherine

    I second the question of where you got that AWESOME fabric! My 4-year-old string bean of a son is obsessed with orange, and I know would adore some of his own! Also, did you line these?

  36. I’m always just amazed at the variety of fabric you seem to have! It seems good quality too. That fabric would make a great a-line dress too!

  37. I love these!!! I agree they have a polyester feel to them. Awesome! And I am very much looking forward to the pattern!

  38. I love them!!!! My husband would say the exact same thing as casey.

  39. These are superfantastically awesome!
    He looks very cute and stylish.
    You did a great job!

  40. 46) Alisa

    They are gorgeous! You are so clever!

  41. 47) Adele

    They look fantastic!! Love it, he totally owns it… Go Owen!

  42. 49) Ashley

    Awesome, Dana! love the shirt, too. I am sure your shorts will be amazing. I bought a “Jaden shorts” pattern from Lillygiggle and I have made 6 pairs already. So fun to upcycle knit. I am taking your friend Meg’s course “Sewing with Knits” on Craftsy and love love love! Please join your bloggy buds Meg and Vanessa and jump on the Craftsy train. I would take your class in a heartbeat!! Btw, it has been so fun watching your kids grow up on Made. What happened to the little toddler boy wearing the 90 minute shirt? I must confess, when you sewists have babies I think it is the end of the blog and then you shame me. Very impressive to keep sewing with a baby.

    • Totally agree! Can’t wait for some Dana-Love on Craftsy! I got the “Sewing with Knits” too and haven’t gotten to it yet. I’m inspired now to tackle it this upcoming long weekend.

      Dana, do a “Kids Clothes” on Craftsy and I’ll sign up!

  43. 51) Paige W

    Those pants are LOUD! And so awesome.

  44. 52) Katie

    I also want to know where you found that fabric. Orange is my favorite and I just adore offbeat houndstooth.

  45. My son loves orange, too. I made him a pair of pants using your tutorials, the same style as Owen’s, and they fit him perfectly. I’m really looking forward to the shorts pattern, as I know they’ll fit well. Boys need fun and great-fitting pants and shorts to wear!

  46. 54) WendyP

    My alma mater Pepperdine’s colors are blue and orange. New student orientation tees for students are frequently OBC – “orange by choice”! Loud and proud!

  47. I seriously love the pocket trim. I’m stealing that!

  48. 56) Camille Eisenbise

    Hi! I’m so happy to be on your blog today. Cute fun pants for Owen. I love those pics of him owning them. haha. so cute. And I can’t believe how old he looks.

  49. I absolutely adore the cut of those pants. They fit great, hang great, and look like they were sewn just for him. (ha ha). But as a South Texas girl, I have no choice but to take Casey’s side on this. ‘Course, you DO live in Austin…(so there you go). 🙂

    Can’t wait for the shorts pattern! I’ve got some skinny bones myself who will need some!

  50. 58) rachel pines

    Those are totally RAD!! They remind me of Brady Bunch pants! Beautiful job, both on the pants and in pleasing your kid, regardless of the peanut gallery. 🙂

  51. 59) Kimberly

    They are awesome…I have a 5 y.o. boy who LOVES orange too. He would just love those pants. Very cute. And yes he is getting very grown up looking…it goes by all too fast!

  52. 60) melisa

    I am new to the world of sewing and everything involved. BUT a huge thank you to you because i got inspired one day took 4 year old son into fabric shop left with a neon/aqua check thing and a purple floral with some stripes….??? I tackeled the aqua check first and whipped a pair up that night. I have som many great comments more fabric has been purchased and more to come. I need to figure out how to make the purple floral look…. a tad more masculine (i think it was chosen because his little friend at kindy has a skirt out of same fabric). I love the houndstooth. But i love the shirt too, as i need more plain dressy shirts to go with our very bold pants!! Though it is winter here in Christchurch NZ. Thank you for giving me a new addiction!

  53. 61) melisa

    OOHPS sorry about typo’s -infa red or blue tooth not communicating well to PC.

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