Fabric Bows

If I had to choose a favorite neckline it would have to be the boatneck.  It’s just so feminine and classic, and looks good on almost anyone.

I’ve sewn a boatneck for myself, for Clara, for the dolls, and this weekend I sewed two for Lucy!
Specifically, I tried out the new pdf pattern by Wee Muses (from Aesthetic Nest) called:  The Bateau Neck Top!  And today I’m joining her pattern tour and sharing my creations.

Okay.  I LOVE this pattern.  Anneliese did such a wonderful job with it.  It’s easy to follow, easy to sew, easy to add your own twists.  It’s simplicity is what makes it brilliant.  It’s just—-lovely and cute.
And it works for many seasons.

Whether you’re headed back to school or still hanging on to summer, there’s a bateau waiting for you to sew.

This is one of those “under-an-hour” projects.  You gotta try it.
And if you’ve never sewn with knits, this is a great place to start.  (Read more about Sewing with Knits HERE.)

First I made a basic top.  It’s hard to tell in the photos but the fabric is a soft interlock knit (from Joanns) sprinkled with silver specks.   My instinct was to leave it plain, since sparkles are an accessory in themselves.

But it really needed a little something more—maybe a bite of polka dots?  Lucy approved.  How many treasures will fit in 2 x 2 inches?

This basic top came together very quickly, since the neckline is simply ironed under and sewn!  Even faster than the casing I used on Clara’s.  And the sleeveless version beats them all.  Super quick.

The tank top was Lucy’s idea.  We tried on the green shirt before the sleeves were sewn-on and she asked, ooooh, is this a tank top??  That’s really cute.
You’re right, we should make it a tank.
And…we should probably add a bow.  A big oversized shoulder bow.

“Mom! I look just like Lexi!”
Yes, yes.  I can’t get away from the bow!

And don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about making doll patterns.  I’ve just put it on the back burner since so many of you showed interest in the First Day Dress….which is currently in the works.

The sleeveless version is not part of the Bateau Neck pattern instructions but it’s pretty self-explanatory….you just iron the armholes under and sew them in place like you do at the neckline.  My recommendation is to iron and sew them in place before sewing the side seams.  This makes it easier all around.

Then add a big floppy accessory and you’re set.

If you’ve never made a bow I’ve got a simple tutorial HERE.

For this version I used knit fabric.  And the key to the shoulder bow is placement on the shirt.  Don’t sew it right ON to the shoulder, but handsew it slightly below the shoulder, so it drapes more over the front of the shirt than the back.

And just like that we’ve got more school clothes.  Yay!  I love finding patterns and clothes that are a bit more grown-up but still appropriate and playful for kids—-so that they still look like kids.

Okay, want to try out the Bateau Neck Top Pattern??
Today we’re giving away TWO copies!

• Leave a comment, that’s it.
• Only one entry per person.
• Open to anyone!
• TWO winner will be picked via random.org
Giveaway ends Friday 9/6/13 at 10pm (Central Time)
• Winners will be announced next week

Have a bateau-jour!

  1. 1) Heidi L

    This looks like an awesome pattern! I have not sewn with knits before but would love to make one of these for my daughter.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. How fun! I need to do more sewing for my kids.

  3. What a lovely pattern. I would love to sew these for my girls!

  4. Love the shirts you made for Lucy! Very very cute!

  5. 5) Laura J.

    So cute! I just know if I started making clothes for one doll, I’d end up outfitting every bunny, bear, and cabbage patch kid in the house. I’ll stick to sewing for the real little one I think!

  6. 6) Melissa

    How cute! I love to try this for my daughter!

  7. 7) Tracie S

    I would love to try out this pattern!

  8. 8) Cláudia Ferreira

    Love it!Want it!

  9. 9) Allison P

    This top is adorable! I love the little bow too. What a sweet way to add a cute accessory.

  10. I have always stayed away from knits. But this looks so easy I have to try it.

  11. 11) Molly

    That bow is the cutest!!

  12. I just love bateau necks and I’d like to sew one for my little girl. Thanks!

  13. 13) Emma

    That looks like a lovely place to start with knits

  14. 14) Janelle Dunn

    With 6 kids – THIS – is what I need. Easy, in under an hour. Yup.

  15. I absolutely love everything about this. And, I too, “love finding patterns and clothes that are a bit more grown-up but still appropriate and playful for kids—-so that they still look like kids.”

  16. Ohhh! ME! I’d love to sew up a million of these for my girl.

  17. 17) Marie-Christine

    Love it, I want to try!

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    Yes please. I have been wanting to try sewing knits.

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    So cute! I especially love the bow! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway.

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  21. 21) Kate

    So fun! I hope I win!

  22. 22) Wendy

    So cute. I would love to have the pattern.

  23. 23) Lisa

    I have a daughter and two nieces who would look so cute in these.

  24. 24) Carol

    It’s been awhile since I have sat down at my sewing machine. This post gives me an itch to sew!

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    This is my favorite style neckline. LOVE THE BOW!

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    What a cute top! Awesome!

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    I would love this pattern! The bow is adorable!

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    I love basic – as you call “go-to” patterns. Thanks for the chance to win one!

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    So cute!! I would love this pattern for my girls!! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

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    I’m a total beginner with knits so I’d love this pattern to make basics for my daughters!

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    i totally agree… boatnecks are perfect! thanks for the chance (and yep, even if i’m not the lucky winner i’m sold! definitely need to add that pattern to my arsenal).

  55. 55) Amy P

    Oh, I would love to try this one out! I tried knits a while back and it didn’t go so well, but this looks like a great pattern to restart with them. My two year old would look adorable in a boat neck! Lucky little ones don’t have to worry about bra straps 🙂

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  59. Very cute. I love boat necks, too. Maybe you’re right…. This would be a great way to join the world of knit fabrics. (Oh, and I’m so happy that the 1stday dress pattern is in the works. I’ll be your first customer!)

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    Oh, I have two girls who would love these shirts…and can you imagine adding a twirly skirt to make it a dress? Oh, yes.

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    Love to try this one! I’m just learning to sew and it looks ideal.

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    LOVE this sweet pattern! I’d make a few for my oldest, she’s outgrowing everything in her closet these days!! Thanks for sharing such an awesome pattern!! (And an awesome giveaway!)

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    Cute little pattern.

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    very cute!

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    I’ve got some really cute knit fabric that I’ve been hanging on to for a couple of years because I couldn’t find the right project for it. I think this might be it! Thanks for the giveaway.

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    So cute! My daughter would love a few of these, especially now that she doesn’t wear a uniform to school.

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    What adorable shirts. I never know what to do with all the cute knits I see – looks like this would be a great option for my daughter!

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    I’ve never tried any of the Wee Muses patterns, I would love to! This is so cute!

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    Cute! This seems like a good way to dip my toe into sewing with knits.

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    I love boatnecks! I love Knit fabric! I would love to win this pattern :)! Thanks for the chance!!

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    Super cute! My daughter is starting to outgrow the toddler section of the store, and I HATE most of what I am seeing for little girls. These sweet tops are just lovely, and still appropriate and practical for my girly girl.

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    Great shirts! I hope I win this pattern!

  97. 99) Heidi K

    Very cute! I’d love a copy.

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    so cute! I love the boatneck neckline and not a lot of places have shirts with it! please pick me!

  99. Oh this looks perfect for cooler school days – and you spoil us by giving all the info for the bow as well. Thank you!! X

  100. 102) Cassie

    So cute! Would love this pattern.

  101. 104) Amy

    I have been watching the “tour” of the pattern, and the sleeveless bow version is my Favorite! I also agree with the boatneck – it is my favorite style for me and my daughter! Keep up the great work! I have sewn one top, about a month ago with knits – I am just a beginner anyways, but loved it! I would love to have this pattern to practice more! 🙂

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  148. Reason #6651 why I love you: the bateau is my fave neckline, too!! Always so flattering, and shows off the collarbone–both tasteful and classy. Am so getting this pattern–can’t believe how hard it is to find decent clothing for a second-grader. It’s shameful, really, how few things in stores are acceptable, and how few patterns are in their size that don’t look to young but aren’t too old. This will totally fill a gap!

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    Love that gappy smile 🙂 My daughter uses hers as a straw holder!

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    clbiehl @ gmail.com

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  491. Oh, I nearly bought this pattern two days ago -it’s on my wish list!

  492. 517) Betsy

    Im very desirous of branching into knits -and a well drafted pattern sounds like the nerve-soothing kickstart I need

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    Ooooohhhhh… pick me! Pick me! (you HAVE to say that like Donkey in Shrek!)

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    This looks like a great pattern that I’d love to have! I love making clothes for my three kids, especially because sewing is usually the only way to get cute brother/sister outfits that don’t cost an arm and a leg!

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    Cute top, love the neckline and your creative touch. I have been sewing for my grandchildren and this top looks like a must have for them.

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  515. Hello, would love this pattern, perfect for my two girlies aged 2 and 5. I might be a bit late with my comment though…

  516. 544) Marcela

    Sewing girl’s clothes are so much better then buying!

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    best to you~

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    I cant wait for your dress pattern to come out! I absolute love that dress!

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    aliben7 (at) gmail (dot) com

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  541. 569) Dana F

    OH! I spied this pattern the other day on Aesthetic Nest and I have been searching for the perfect interlock to sew up. It would be my first time sewing a jersey knit, but I am up for the challenge! thanks for sharing your ideas and for the chance to win!

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    This looks so simply and so lovely – I would love to make one of these.

  547. Omigosh way too cute, Dana. Love both versions! I actually think Delia used that sparkly teal knit to make some leggings for Em when we did that swap! She LOVES the sparkles. The little details you added are perfect, too.

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    I’ve had such fun over the summer with your shorts pattern (made 4 different ones) and I’m looking forward to rying this boatneck pattern! So… pick me!! (and here’s the magic word: plea-ea-ease?) 😉

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    Thanks for the inspiration!

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    And the pictures of Lucy are as beautiful as ever. You make me happy every so often I stop by here!

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  566. This is awesome!! I think that even with my limited sewing skills, I’ll still be able to pull this one off! 😀

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    Thank you for posting.

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  630. Love it, and would love to add this to my just started pattern collection for girls! And yes, the tank is awesome.

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  637. 671) Becky K.

    I’ve only sewn a couple of dresses for my daughters and want to start sewing more. I would love to try out this pattern as it looks like it would be simple and my girls would LOVE it!

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    Oh Dana, such a crafty mama you are! I absolutely adore this top with the boatneck and floppy bow 🙂 Your color schemes are always spot on! Its sophisticated yet still fun for a child. <3

  649. 685) Isidora Pierattini

    I love your website so much! I am only 17 and I have been sewing your bath robe, diaper covers, and your burp clothsfor my first Niece or nephew that is due is October and my sister absolutely loved it! And these look like amazing patterns!

  650. 686) RebeccaH

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    I am just putting my feet in the water with sewing clothes for my girls and this looks like a great pattern for a beginner.

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    A simple pattern for those rare moment of free time.

    Great post BTW! 🙂

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    Thanks for the chance to win it.

  670. Adorable! I love that you are sewing with knit, it gives me more confidence to try it.

  671. 710) Andrea

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  675. 715) Christine

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    Very Lovely easy pattern and i love how you match the colours.. love love love…
    regard form indonesia 🙂

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  699. 740) Lisa

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  701. Thanks for this giveaway! Love this pattern.

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    I´m from Germany and I love, love. love your blog and this very nice shirt. I hope to be in luck! 😉

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  707. 748) Divina

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  710. 752) Steffi Cowan

    I’m making this one, maybe several!!

  711. 753) Tanja

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  712. As a stitch a-holic, I have to say this is now one of my favorite websites. My Mother-in-Law found it and I’m so excited about this pattern. I have a 7 yr old who just started second grade.. and on the first day of school we had a major meltdown when a bunch of her clothes no were no longer appropriate for school. I can’t wait to try this with a some old t-shirts and sweat shirts to turn them into new clothes for her. 🙂

  713. 755) Elizabeth Batten

    I love your easy way of sewing. I can do a little bit of sewing, but have not done any in a long time. Using the dining room table, you always have to be moving the sewing machine and fabric for each meal, and that becomes a nuisance.

  714. 756) Kirsten

    Love it!! Pick me! Pick me! I adore that bow!!

  715. 757) Beth

    I just love that bow. I want that top in my size. Thanks Dana!!! You are amazing!

  716. 758) CARIDAD

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  717. 759) Valerie L

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  718. This is just what I need to sew for my kids more! Thanks for the give-away and the great website!

  719. 761) Jen

    I love it! The colors and stripes really make it! Love the treasure pocket:)
    The neckline looks great for kids with larger heads, like one of mine;)

  720. 762) Carrie

    My 2.5 yr old son told me he likes me to wear “polka-pots” so i would love to make one for me and my 3-month old! thanks.

  721. 763) Tiffany

    I love that sparkly fabric! And I love that boat neck!

  722. 764) Samantha

    I LOVE boat neck collars – I would love to be able to make some shirts for my daughters with that adorable pattern!

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  724. 766) Barbara Price

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  728. 770) Karen Meadows

    Boat neck is my go-to neckline. I would love to have a good pattern for them. Just dying to create a floppy bow tank! Nina Garcia would never question your taste level, Dana.

  729. 771) Lindsey

    i want that shirt with the bow for myself. I’m already thinking about how to make it happen and if it would be practical with a sweater or if I would have to wait until next summer to wear it…

    thanks for the giveaway!

  730. Love this pattern. I would love to be able to sew some of these tops for my 2.5 year old.

  731. 773) Ingrid v H

    Hope I am still in time from overseas to enter, c’est trop jolie!!

  732. 774) Christine Goodness

    Love this pattern! I really like the neckline since it seems so easy to pull over the head. it is very cute and looks versatile.

  733. 775) Meg

    Love the sparkles! My girls would adore it.

  734. 776) Elaine

    I’ve so far only made a few simple skirts, but this looks like something I can handle. Love the bow with the tank top!

  735. 777) Wen

    Hoping to become a winner and make this for my girl thanks!

  736. 778) Jen

    I would absolutely, positively LOVE to win! We have 1 Mom, 2 Girls and 2 American girl dolls would would love to be all matchy, matchy 🙂

  737. 780) WendyP

    My girlie is outgrowing toddler section clothes too, and ugh. My sewing machine is going to get a workout. This pattern is lovely!

  738. 781) karen

    This is brilliant!

  739. 782) Heather

    Looks great! I would love to try out this pattern.

  740. 783) Amanda

    So so cute! I hope my number comes up!

  741. did I make it in time?
    If I didn’t that’s ok
    Such a sweet pattern!

  742. 785) Emily A

    ooooh, the odds are slim, but this is so darling, I have to go for it!!!!! crossing my fingers:)

  743. 786) Katie A

    Would LOVE to make a few of these for my little girl! ADORABLE!

  744. 787) Ellen Magers

    LOVE this pattern, and love your choices of color combinations.

  745. 789) Kalli

    I love the shirts, the tank version, and I love that this giveaway hasn’t ended yet. Oh, I also love that you’re making a pattern for the First Day dress because I am a self taught crafter, and I don’t know dress liners…yet.

  746. super cute! And I can’t wait for the first day dress. I LOVE LOVE LOVED it.

  747. 791) Kalli

    whoops guess I missed it, I’m not central time…bummer

  748. 792) Lisabeth

    I would love to make my daughter some super cute tops with this pattern! It looks fun and easy – and a great way to get back into sewing again 🙂 love the floppy bow – btw 😉

  749. 793) Heather C

    Very cute! I’ve been sewing with knits a bit lately and would love to give this pattern at try!

  750. 794) Crea Do

    I would love to have this giveway with three small kiddo’s 🙁

  751. 796) susan

    I LOVE THIS BOAT NECK TOP!! Gives it a classier look especially when you add the ruffles on them!!! Love this pattern idea!! GENIUS!

  752. 797) julie

    that’s a very pretty shirt!

  753. 798) Terri

    Thanks to your tutorials, I have found a new hobby. My granddaughters will be the winners.

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