Not as good as Heather’s, but trying

I haven’t been able to sit still since seeing simple Analogy’s fabric flowers. I had to try them out. These were the perfect project to fiddle with while sitting at Lucy’s dance class.
I have to admit, they look nowhere as nice as Heather’s. But, baby steps.
Something that definitely helped was: rubber thimbles. I use these whenever I have a hand-sewing project that requires pushing through layers of fabric. Can’t remember where I got them. Probably Joanns. They grip the needle so well and can push through (almost) any amount of fabric layers. My first flower attempt was made without the thimbles and my finger tips were raw from tugging that metal needle.
The purple flower is my favorite of the set.
And Lucy grabbed on to the yellow one.
Not sure where they’ll end up, but they brought an extra bit of sunshine to our day. I love it.
Have a wonderful weekend! I’m giving away one of Lucy’s old costumes tomorrow, so check back Saturday morning! And on that note….we’re off to the beach! Yep, the beach on October 1st. I guess you can do that sort of thing in Texas. Talk with you soon!

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