NewsBoy Cap with GUEST:

Well, our BOY month is winding down and my oh my, it’s been fun. Today I introduce our last GUEST blogger. Someone I’ve known since I started this blogging adventure. Someone with mad Refashioning skills and a clever style that’s all her own. Please welcome:
I met Antoinette when I first signed up on Wardrobe Refashion. She continued to post intriguing projects on there, so I continued to click over to her blog. And whadaya know, she’s as cool “in person” as her creations are. AND….she lives in Austin, TX! Another reason to be in this quirky city.
Though many of you continue to enjoy The Shirt Dress here on MADE (a girl’s dress made from a man’s shirt)…..Antoinette really is THE master of “what to do with a Man’s dress shirt“.
Her blog is full of cool ideas for turning a boring old shirt into….a tunic? a dress? tank? bag? ruffled shirt? hat? you name it. She can do it. She’s uh…..clever. Yes.
And today she’s sharing something I’ve been longing to learn (one reason I asked her to be our GUEST. yipeee!) Many of you have asked about the little Pageboy hats that Owen wears. I bought those at The Children’s Place. But guess what, you can make your own? Did you know that? Yep. I’m excited about the idea too.
So let’s get down to business and learn from the Clevergirl. Cause today it’s like Mother, Like Son…..
When my son was about 6 months old, when he could surely balance his gigantic head while sitting up, I took him out of the sling while shopping and put him in a shopping cart for the first time. And I remember putting a little store-bought driving cap on that gigantic head. Not one person walked by without a compliment, or at the very least a big smile. A baby boy with an old-school cap on is always irresistible!
Six years later, his body is much taller and the sweet head ever bigger (for that big brain, you know), and rather than a driving cap I find that a newsboy cap has new appeal. I’m still proud of his good-looking head and love it when he wears his newsboy cap. Do you know a special boys’ head that needs a newsboy cap? Click on the link below….You’ll find the pattern, details, and a photo tutorial HERE on
Thanks, Dana, for inviting me to participate in CELEBRATE THE BOY!
Thank you Antoinette! Your skills never cease to impress.
And THANK YOU to all our GUESTS for helping Celebrate the BOY in your own unique way.
Looking for BOY quilts…..

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