How to Sew

How to use a Sewing Machine and How to Sew on MADE Everyday with Dana Willard

TODAY is the day.
To pull that sewing machine out of the box….or from the bottom of that closet.
Cause we’re going to learn how to sew!

I’ve been wanting to make this video since the beginning of Dana-has-a-youtube-channel time.
And it finally came together!

How to Sew and How to use a Sewing Machine on MADE Everyday with Dana Willard Sewing 101

This is your Sewing 101, introductory class to using a sewing machine, understanding all those buttons, how to sew a straight line, how to sew a curve, how to fix your mistakes, etc.

I’ve made it as easy as possible.
And I’ll walk you through all the steps.

And then you’ll be all,
“I didn’t choose the sewing life…the sewing life chose me”….

How to Use a Sewing Machine for all ages on MADE Everyday with Dana Willard

Baby Lock sewing machines

So come watch the video here!
Or just hit the PLAY button below and enjoy:

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  1. 1) Windie D

    I really hope you decide to do a “how to use your serger” video next! I got a serger for my birthday last year and have only used it a few times because it kinda scares me! I would love to be more confident in knowing when to use the serger and when to use the sewing machine. Also how to know for sure my tension is right, and which way to turn which knobs when its not!

    • 2) Dana

      Yes! I definitely need to do one on sergers. I’ll add that to the next batch that we sew.
      Thanks Windie!

      • 3) Kari

        Yes, I second (third) the request for a serger tutorial. My mom just brought me her’s and I also feel intimidated by the tension, threading it, thread & fabric choices, etc. ???? Glad you’re considering it for the next shoot!

        • 4) Betty

          I too, would love to see a tutorial on sergers. I think you only do what you know and are initimidated to try other things until you see it done. Your videos are amazing!!

          • 5) Loretta

            I Too would LOVE to see a Tutorial on sergers.I have a Singer Mini server I’ve ha for YEARS and have only used it maybe 2 or 3 times, as I to have a problem when to use it and exactly how to set the tension.
            THANK YOU For Your Great Tutorials, there so Easy to Follow along.

    • 6) Maigan

      I was given a server from a friend before she passed away. It scares me. Lol would love a server tutorial.

  2. 7) Tara

    I love your videos, your blog, and you (in a non creeper sort of way). Thanks for being you and contributing to the world in such a positive, fun way!

    • 8) Dana

      What a sweet comment. Thank you Tara!

  3. 9) Glenda B.

    I too would love to see a class on sergers. I won a serger in a giveaway over a year ago and there it sits, under it’s plastic cover, glaring at me, wondering why I don’t use it. I have no idea how to thread it, because there are so many different places each thread goes, much less how to use it. I know I shouldn’t let it intimidate me and just dive right in but this thing looks like an alien sitting there. It scares me to death! I’m typically not the kind of gal to be intimidated and forge full steam ahead, but not with this machine. I don’t know if they all thread the same or not but I sure need help with this alien so I can use it. HELP!!!!!

    • 10) Dana

      Haha. You’re not alone Glenda! My serger sat for a couple of years before I pulled it out of the box.
      YES. I definitely need to do a video about using sergers. I’ll add that to the next batch that we shoot.

  4. 11) Sally

    Hi Dana, I love your site – you really got my sewing going, starting with the shirt dress, diaper covers, then 27 market skirts (after all, how many does a 4 year old need?) and you have given me the confidence to try to make anything the kids need – including T-shirts, shorts and pants. I only use my serger for edging, but I am sure there are other uses. (Several people have said to me they only use their serger and dont know how to use a sewing machine!! Love to know what on earth they use it for??!!!). So I would love a Serger video too! I think your tutorials, patterns, use of colour, etc are wonderful…well everything on your site really! Thankyou!

  5. 12) Patti

    That was an awesome video, Dana! I bought a Lyric about 2 months ago and I spent a very confused weekend trying to complete a project with a very definite deadline! I’ve since attended a beginner class on my machine and I’ll be taking another one next month. These classes are offered by the dealer and they teach you so much! But, I still wish I had your video that weekend just to get me through it! Thanks so much! (Um, maybe ya wanna do a video using some of those fancy stitches?) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. 13) Stacey Orange

    Hi, Dana! I love your video-tutorials!! You make everything fun (to learn)-and easy to learn!! I hope you’re designing more fabric! ????

  7. 14) Melanie Collette

    What an awesome video! Tip #1 was THE BEST and made all the difference for me- even if Mike hated my machine on the dining table! And I think people undervalue their owner’s manual- I have mine handy all the time, even though I’ve been sewing for a decade on my machine. That made me feel old, saying that ๐Ÿ˜‰ Great video, perfect tips, and now I want a Babylock. Mission accomplished ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. 15) jUDY

    Any way to have a transcript available of the videos? I’m a much faster reader than watcher, but would love to get some quick tips!

  9. 16) Emma

    I have just found you in the Internet & I have just completed my first pair of kids shorts using your pattern, your tutorial was fabulous and so easy to follow, I can’t believe I have actually succeeded in making something !

  10. 17) Michelle

    I have been sewing for many many years, but you know what? I have been threading my bobbin the hard way. I gave your way a try, and it is a total game changer!! Thank you, Dana. I love your videos.

  11. 18) Eliza

    Hi Dana,
    Thank you so much for these helpful tips! I can’t wait for start sewing! All the best!

  12. 19) Betsy

    You have inspired me to get back into sewing and I love it. I would like to get a serger. Can you offer any suggestions on Brand or features which are best for sewing clothes?

    Thank you so much.

  13. 20) Julie

    Did you make that fabulous red and yellow shirt in the first picture? If so, what’s the pattern? Love it!

  14. 21) Lucy

    Hi Dana, thanks for this video! Your explanation of straight stitch width possibly explains why a hat I made didn’t quite work out ???? I hadn’t noticed that before. Love your videos!

  15. 22) Delia

    This is so great Dana! I love your cute little sewing machine cat walk at the beginning. You’re adorable!

  16. 23) Von Herda

    Try a simple project. When you have made an assortment of test seams and start to feel comfortable with the basics, try sewing a pillow , pillowcase, or cloth gift bag . No, you can also learn how to use a sewing machine through online videos after you buy the machine. Most machines come with an instruction manual on how to use them or even an instruction DVD for the specific model.

  17. 24) Amanda

    I’ve been watching your tutorials and learning to sew for some months now. I started from scratch and still have SO much to learn, but I’ve had so much fun sewing my daughter dresses and leggings, and thrifting old pieces at Goodwill just for the material. Just wanted to thank you for ALL your tutorials. They are so fun, easy to follow and when somebody asks “How did you learn to sew?” I say, “Dana taught me.” Thank you!!!

  18. 26) JosEe

    Hi Dana! Thanks for this video!
    I know practice makes perfect but knowing the basics is always good, and that’s what this video is all about!
    I would love a part 2 of this video, where the tension (and pressure foot button) would be explained depending what kind of stitch we are using and what kind of fabric we are sewing! I would also love to learn when and how to use all the different types of stitches! I am well aware I’m not using my machine to its full potential!
    Thanks again!

  19. 27) Michelle

    Is investing in a serger machine worth it for a beginner sewer?

  20. 28) Carol

    Which baby lock sewing machine do you have?

    • 29) Carol

      NVM. It’s a Lyric. Finally got the video to load????

  21. 30) YANA

    Hi Dana,

    Really like your video. simple and easy to follow..
    can’t wait to start sew for my children pants.
    thank you for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. 31) Julisa

    Hi Dana,
    I need help. I would love to start sewing but I’m having trouble with the measurements. My machine is brand new but I don’t know how to measure and the basics of it. Could you do a quick tutorial on it please.

    • 32) Dana

      I don’t have a tutorial for measuring, but that’s a good idea! I’ll put it on the list. In the meantime, I’d suggest searching on Google for “how to measure for sewing” and that will give you a ton of information. Best of luck!

  23. 33) Izzy

    I love your videos so much I can’t believe that she replied to you I never ever get to do this and it’s past the time you made this video so you love if you please reply to this I really love your videos I think I already said that but that’s okay I’m 7 years old and my name is Izzy I love your videos so so so much can you please give me a baby like I really want and I have no other machine at me whenever I’m with you stupid dumb other machine but I really wish that you could give me one and I really love you I live in America and love your videos by

  24. 34) Angela

    I have learned so much from watching your tutorials. I absolutely love them. Thank you and keep them coming!!!

  25. 35) Carola Fuertes

    Dana, you’re awesome, you absolutely rock!

    Cheers from Chile!

  26. 36) Mia

    Ooooh Dana ur soo cool u make these things look soo easy … thanks a lot ..
    I have my igs coming up nd all I want to do is stitch
    Just stitch …
    But I’m literally forcing myself to studying now
    Thanks a lot

  27. 37) Marcus

    Thanks so much for your tutorials. As a 30-something man who had never before touched a sewing machine I have now produced some pretty good first attempts at bias tape, bottle bags and cushion covers!

  28. 38) Leah

    Are you able to sew leather with your Baby Lock Lyric ?
    Thank you!

  29. 40) Stacie

    Hello Dana,
    Just came across your website and videos. Just curious why you chose a Baby Lock? I want to upgrade my current sewing machine because of the very things you talked about in the video. My machine is very basic and I tend to sew think items. I made a diaper bag that required fleece interfacing and a woven interfacing which made it very difficult to get through. So far I have watched 3 of your videos and love how you make it seem so easy.

    Thanks Stacie

  30. 43) Stacie

    That was supposed to say โ€œthickโ€ not โ€œthinkโ€

  31. 44) Stacie

    Thanks for the info!

  32. 45) Lily

    Hi Dana I love your videos they inspire me so much to sew and to be as creative as I want I had a project and your video helped me so much Thank You So Much!

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