Yarn Pom Poms

Yarn pom poms might be the cutest thing….since babies, that is.
Which I guess means that cave women were making them out of grass and straw?
(Omg….that’s a fantastic idea….)

lucy13I’m sure you’ve been making them since the beginning of time as well.
So you know that they’re easy…and addictive!
And you don’t need a fancy pom pom maker to make them.
(You know I like to keep it simple.)
You just need to your hands and some scissors!  And some yarn of course.

So come watch a few minutes of fun!….and see it all in action.  I’ll show you how to quickly make a pom pom; then ‘ll show you a variety of ways to use them—like this.

Just hit the play button below and enjoy! You can WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

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  1. 1) Jodi F.

    Just made a couple of pompoms. Those are fun!

  2. 2) Jacqui Kennedy

    Hi Dana, love the video – and so does my 21 month old, she could watch your videos all day! Simply riveted. Thanks for great pompom tute – I saw pompom makers the other day and was thinking about how to make them that wouldn’t involve an expensive gadget, we used two card circles when I was little but using your hand is much easier!

  3. 4) Erin

    Hi Dana,
    I just read a letter sent home with my six year old telling the parents that there is a case of lice in her class! Just curious, did you use an alternative treatment to the over the counter pesticide treatment? If so, did it work? Thanks! Loved your last post. Hope you are in the clear. We had the flu too! No lice so far. Keeping fingers crossed!

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  5. 6) Terri Miller

    Loved this video. We made some…thank you! They were fun. You are our favorite inspiration! 🙂

  6. Thank you! My kids and I have tried to make pompoms many times and they would hardly ever come out right….we were tying the string through the hole where your hand was instead of around the entire little ball of yarn. Can’t wait to show them the right way! We gave a pompom bookmark as a gift last year….just leave the tying strings long, and they can mark your page.

  7. My kids watched this video yesterday and now are on a quest to make every bit of yarn in the house into pom-poms. I have quite a bit of yarn because at one point, I was learning to knit and crochet and someone gave me a ton of yarn. The knitting and crocheting didn’t go so well (sewing is more my thing, apparently). Nice to have all that yarn used for something!

  8. 9) Pat

    So soothing how you show & tell, and take intimidation out of all your videos!
    Love them!

  9. 10) LIS

    I learn so much fron these tutorials. What a great teacher, Dana makes learning fun even at my age. I’m soon to be a first time grandma, I can’t wait to try these pom-poms for the baby’s hat on your other great video. Thank you for sharing your goodness and talent, Dana!! 🙂

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