Changing Pad Cover

How to make a Changing Pad Cover on MADE

It’s a new week my friends!
A new day to sew a little something. Or not.
Or to just watch videos of cute babies.

And I’ve got a new one for you….
How to make your own Changing Pad Cover from a TOWEL

Yep. Let’s make a new changing pad cover to spruce up that baby room!
All you need is a towel, and a bit of elastic.
It’s so easy.
Cause just like making Crib Sheets, you don’t have to settle for the basic options you see in the store. YOU can make what you want!

How to make a Diaper Changing Pad Cover video on MADE

And surprisingly, it took me till my last child to do it.
Why? Do we do that?
Please don’t follow in my footsteps. I wish I’d made one with baby #1.
Ahhh. It’s so cute!

I’ll even show you some tricks to make that perfect towel, to fit your perfect style.
Cheers all around.
(and cute baby by Miranda)

How to make a diaper Changing Pad Cover on MADE
baby lock

Okay just hit the Play button below and enjoy! Or you can WATCH IT HERE.

Just can’t find the towel or stripes that you want?
Check out my FOLLOW UP POST – DIY Stripes + Changing Pad Cover


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  1. 1) michele robbins

    Such a great idea. I am crying since my twins are 5 and I didn’t see this a few years ago. I will hold onto this for a great gift idea!

  2. 2) Lauren

    Great idea! Thanks!

  3. 3) Mrs. P

    Dana, I love your videos and tutorials, they’re so clear and direct. One tiny little thing. I do with you’d use a contrasting thread in your videos so we can see what you’re sewing!

  4. 4) Elena

    Dana, I love this and I really want to try it out but I am wondering if you think it will work on my changing pad. The one I have, instead of a standard rectangle, comes to a point at one end so that it contours to a corner changing table. Do you think it will work or do I need to modify the pattern to make it work?

    • 5) Dana

      I’m not sure I understand the exact shape of your pad….but if it comes with a cover already, I would examine how that pad cover was put together and use that to recreate a new one, as your guide/pattern.

  5. 6) Amanda

    Hi Dana
    I can’t wait to get started on this project!! Can I use my serger for the entire project, in lue of the zig zag function on your machine?

    Thanks so much!!

    • 7) Dana

      Great! Yes, you can do that to attach the elastic.

  6. 8) Francesca Tiongson

    I love your crafts and would like to try it too on my own. You really inspired me doing things like baby stuff and it’s not too late for my second baby on the way. I was thinking of making a fotted crib sheet rather than buying but use a different kind of fabric and would like to do the changing pad cover put of the towel.

  7. 9) Leire

    Very easy and quick. Thank you!

  8. 10) Jessica WIRZ

    what are the dimensions of the towel

  9. 11) Lisa Wilcox

    Hi Dana. Thank you for all of your wonderful tutorials!
    I have a towel that is only 27″ wide. If I reduce the size of the corners, do you think this will work?
    I appreciate your helpful ideas!

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