Tin Can Crafts

Make a giant Planter on MADE Everyday

You guys know I love a good upcycle project.
And this one is perfect for the whole family to get in on.

So start raiding the recycle bin, your pantry, your friends’ pantries? (not to be confused with friends’ panties)
And let’s decorate!

Cool things to make from a TIN CAN on MADE Everyday

Just hit the Play button below and enjoy. You can also WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

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How to make a Tin Can Caddy on MADE Everyday with Dana Willard

  1. 1) Sheila Perl

    I really like this tutorial, it’s a great way to recycle!!

  2. 2) bdais

    These are always so fun! It’s been awhile since we did any tin can crafts…I think I see a Girl Scout activity in the future.

    By the by, goodness your hair is getting long girl! I love it! For once I’m not feeling the 5 year urge to hack it all off (mine is about middle of my back right now).

  3. 3) Sri


    I love the graphic pattern you used in this video. Can I know the name of it in graphic stock please? There are tons there!!

  4. 5) FAR


    Really love the geometric triangle shaped patterns pasted on the tin can. Also love the video of the cotton yarn used to make the lampshade.

    Thank you and I really hope to try making them one day.

  5. 6) kELLY o.

    It is our first day of spring break and you have saved the crafty day! This afternoon we dug through our recycling bin and all 4 of our kids picked a can and printed off a background suitable to them and we mod podged our hearts out 😉 Tomorrow we will be filling our cans with dirt and wheatgrass berries and hope to have a full lawn by Easter! thanks so much!

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